Body Lift treatment in India


Healthy and maintained body is always attractive. Our body is the most important thing to maintain in our life. It adds charm to our personality and confidence in us. It’s important to look good as people also judge us by our looks.

In the young age, the skin of our body is beautiful and tight but as we start growing old day by day the skin starts losing its charm by getting saggy. This is something you had never thought of and has become a very frustrating situation for you now. You just feel that you are looking old now and lose your confidence when you see someone of your age has a well-maintained body than you.

Many people tend to lose massive weight through heavy exercises, strict diet or bariatric surgery are left with saggy skin and deposits of fats in some area of the bodies especially around the midsection. Unfortunately, this leads to discomfort and they struggle to find clothes that fit them properly. Fortunately, plastic surgery provides a highly effective and trusted solution in the form of body lift treatment.

So, you don’t have to worry about it from now onwards and just relax as we have a better solution for your problem. As body lift treatment is now available in India with highly effective results.

Why body lift in India?


India is a developing country and is growing in medical sector too. Body lift is one of the biggest crazes in India nowadays. People are very satisfied with the results of getting the treatment done in India. Especially, Skin specialist in Delhi are very well experienced in their field and have the depth of knowledge on Body lifting treatment. Advanced techniques are used in the surgery. Body lift is the most cost-effective treatment and recommended the solution to undergo in Delhi.

There are various clinics in Delhi, who are specialized in cosmetic treatment for body lift surgery. You can find skin specialist in Faridabad as the surgeons are licensed and certified professionals. They have a good review and testimonials from the customers. They patients are well satisfied and the clinic provides best them successful result. Most of the clinics infrastructure in Delhi are well constructed and have well equipment’s and technology. Skin specialist in Ghaziabad are well focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of all types of skin problems with the modernised technology.

If you are somewhere around southern part of Delhi, you can even opt for Skin specialist in Gurgaon they provide quality treatment and comprehensive health in the field of skin. The clinical assessment and their hospitality are very good. They maintain highly qualified staff to provide quality service and treatment.

Most of the clinics nearby to the northern part of Delhi provides free consultation before the treatment and provides you beforehand information about the treatment and its cost. The clinics here are affordable and skin specialist in Noida are well experienced.

Also, Skin specialist in Janakpuri, Kalkaji, MayurVihar, DC Chowk, GreenParkMain, and R.K.Puram are dedicated to providing you with personalized, quality skin care that you deserve.

These are some of the clinics listed below:

  • Anantanand Skin, Aesthetic & Laser Clinic, Hari Nagar, Delhi
  • Maya Clinics (Gynae & Skin Care), Indirapuram, Ghaziabad
  • Crimson Clinic, Faridabad
  • LA Skin Clinic, Sushant Lok, Gurgaon
  • HCL Healthcare, Noida

Apart from Delhi Skin specialist in Mumbai and Bangalore also provides treatment with advanced technique and affordable costs in India for body lift surgery. They also see to it that you do not experience any major side-effect.

Also, Skin specialist in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, and Chennai are well experienced, high-quality and result-oriented surgeons in India for body lift surgery.

What is body lift?


Body lift is an extremely effective plastic surgery procedure for patients with excess skin, fat, and other reasons making skin saggy after massive weight loss. Depending on the location your surplus skin you have a choice to undergo either an upper, mid or lower body lift. A combination of these techniques is called full or complete body lift and this may be the best option for patients with significant amounts of excess skin throughout the midsection, lower body and upper body.

Some of the points mentioned below are important to note before the body lift surgery.
  • If you are suffering from drooping skin, fat, and tissue around your midsection you need to lose more weight before pursuing a body lift.
  • The overall health of yours should be good and able to undergo general anesthesia.
  • After the surgery avoid pregnancy as this may reverse the outcomes of your body lift.
  • You should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol excessively.
  • Mentally and psychologically you are fit since plastic surgery can be a long and emotional process for some patients.
Lower Body Lift

Lower body lift is performed in areas such as the abdomen, waist, buttocks, thighs, and hips. Skin and tissue tightening in all areas are performed in a single procedure. Initially, you will be placed under anesthesia inside the operating room. Thereafter, the surgeon will make incisions in tactful areas to perform the plastic surgery.

An incision will be placed in the lower waist area to tighten the buttocks and the thighs. This procedure may be combined with a traditional tummy tuck, which will involve a circumferential incision around the waist.

Once the procedure is accomplished, the incisions will be closed in multiple layers over drains to reduce stretching and swelling. Incisions may be closed using removal or absorbable sutures.

Upper Body Lift

In upper arm lift, the surgeon will place an incision under your armpit or along the back of your arm. If a substantial lift is needed, the incision may be placed from the elbow to the armpit, and if needed extension will be done along with a part of the upper chest wall and toward the back. Excess skin of yours will be removed through the incision.

If you require a breast lift, it may involve an incision around the areola, which extends from the lower border down to the inframammary fold, and another incision below the breast crease. The surgeon will remove excess skin and tissue of yours to tighten and reposition the breasts to a firmer position.

Mid and lower back lift will involve incisions placed on both sides of the middle back, or close to the bra line for women. Through the incisions, the excess skin and tissue will be removed by the surgeon. The last step will be wound closure, which can be done using sutures or skin adhesive.

What would it cost you for body lift in India?
Body Lift 150000.00 - 400000.00 [$2325.34- $6200.90]
Lower Body Lift 125000.00 - 250000.00 [$1937.78 - $3875.56]
Upper Body Lift 125000.00 - 175000.00 [$1937.78 - $2712.89]
Full Body Lift From 200000.00 [From $3100.45]

The cost of body lift surgery mentioned above may vary widely on these factors:
  1. Surgeon's experience
  2. Type of procedure
  3. Location of the clinic.

I would like to bring to your notice that most health insurance does not cover body lift surgery, but many plastic surgeons offer patient financing plans so confirm it with them.

Body lift costs may also include these:
  1. Anaesthesia fees
  2. Hospital or surgical facility costs
  3. Medical tests
  4. Post-surgery garments
  5. Prescriptions for medication
  6. Surgeon's fee

When choosing the best plastic surgeon in your area for a body lift, remember that the surgeon's experience and your budget are just as important as the final cost of the surgery.

After undergoing the treatment these are the Post-treatment effects:

During your body lift surgery bandages will be applied to the incisions after the procedure is done. Small, thin tubes may be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any excess blood that may collect.

You will be given specific instructions that may include:
  • Medications to apply or take orally to help to heal.
  • Specific concerns to look for at the surgical site or in your general wellbeing.
  • How to care for your drains.
  • When to visit your plastic surgeon.

The results of body lift surgery are quickly visible. Some scars will be visible, but the overall results are long lasting if you maintain a stable weight and general health. It is natural at some age if your body is losing firmness. In some situations, it may not be possible to achieve expected results with a single surgical procedure and another surgery may be required. Following your surgeon’s instructions is necessary for the success of your surgery. It is important that the surgical incisions are not subjected to excessive force, motion or swelling during the time of healing. Your will be instructed by the doctor on how to care for yourself.

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