Breast-lift procedure overview

A breast lift procedure, also known as a mastopexy, is a surgical strategy used to lift and fix listing breast or tighten them. The surgery is by and large looked for after by ladies have experienced pregnancy, have had breast implant removed, or have lost a great deal of weight, which has brought about the listing of the breast.
The surgery includes the repositioning of the nipple, and also removal of any excess skin. The breast tissue is then lifted and repositioned, making another and firmer shape. The surgery is frequently performed with breast implant surgery.

Recommended for

A breast lift procedure may be offered to patients with sagging breasts as a consequence of age, weight change or pregnancy, or to patients who have extended their breast skin because of breast implants.

Time requirements

A person will need to spend at least 1-2 days
in the hospital.

Sometimes patients can leave the hospital the
same day.

A patient may be required to stay in India for
about 1- 2 weeks.

Many patients who seek a breast lift also get
breast implants as part of the surgery.

Before your treatment

After consulting from specialist, it is wise to have a mammogram before surgery to get a pointer of breast wellbeing. In the event that the patient is likewise having breast implants embedded as a major aspect of the surgery, then they ought to examine the measure of the desired implants.

The patient will probably be encouraged to quit taking certain solutions, for example, aspirin, and to avoid smoking in front of the surgery.

How is breast-lift procedure performed

There are diverse techniques for breast lift surgery which may be performed. A standard breast lift includes making an entry point at the base of the breast which reaches out up to the nipple. This strategy for surgery can leave obvious scarring.

Another strategy for surgery includes making an entry point at the nipple and evacuating a patch of skin and whatever remains of the skin is reattached which makes a firmer look. This sort of cut leaves less visible scarring.

The entry point might likewise be made at the nipple and stretch out down the breast which additionally causes less scarring when contrasted with a standard breast lift.

Once the cut has been made, the specialist will remove excess tissue, and reposition the nipple. Numerous centers offer the strategy in conjunction with breast implants if desired.


General analgesic.

Procedure duration

The Breast Lift takes 2 to 3 hours.

The surgeon removes excess tissue and repositions the nipple, which changes the appearance of the breast. You would also like to know the best skin specilaist for breast lift.

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Post treatment Methodology

Post procedure care

After the strategy patients will normally spend the first night in hospital, and may have surgical channels to expel liquid from the surgery site. These are typically removed after 24 hours or somewhere in the vicinity. For the first week patients may have bandages around the breasts, and after that the specialist will usually suggest to wear a sports bra for the first month.

Conceivable uneasiness

Quickly after surgery, patients ought to expect some swelling and wounding. The waste or drainage tube is typically removed the day after surgery, however there can be uneasiness for a while.

Good to know

Not Recommended for

Substantial smokers, or exceptionally overweight patients who are more inclined to experience surgical complications. Patients ought to consider whether they need to breast feed after the procedure, as now and then the nipples are isolated from the milk channels during surgery. Notwithstanding, numerous ladies are still ready to breastfeed after a breast lift.

Potential dangers

Regularly a breast lift method will bring about a few scars which are truly recognizable at first however ought to blur slightly over time. Different dangers incorporate irritation, contamination, wounding or nerve harm, and also unhappiness with the new position of the breasts and the shape and size of the nipple.

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