Wrinkle Treatment


Wrinkle treatments are recommended for patients who want to eliminate wrinkles and creases in the skin

Overview of the treatment

Wrinkles are formed as the skin ages and loses its normal versatility. Wrinkle treatments are intended to minimize the presence of wrinkles to give the skin a more youthful looking appearance. There are various wrinkle treatments for example, chemical peels, dermabrasion, laser reemerging, and Botox.

Prior to your treatment:

Time requirement for the treatment :
1) Patients may need a follow up appointment
2) A patient may be required to stay in India for about 1- 2 weeks.
Patients ought to consider all the choices for treatment and consult with the specialist to set up the best course of treatment suited to their needs.

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How is it performed :

Depending upon the kind of treatment picked, the method will be performed in an unexpected way. A chemical peel includes the use of consolidated acids to the face, which peels the top layers of skin off. The new skin which develops back is smoother in appearance. Dermabrasion includes the use of a scraped spot gadget to the skin, which removes the top layers of the skin and when the new skin develops back, the skin is more younger looking and smoother.
Light/laser reemerging uses vitality from a light or laser to remove the top layers of skin which wounds the skin and advances collagen generation. When the injuries healed, the skin develops back smoother. Botox includes the injection of Botulinum poison An into the skin, which relaxes the muscle underneath the skin and makes the skin smoother.


Botox is one of the most popular wrinkle treatments and is a simple procedure.

Possible Discomfort
A few methods reason swelling, delicacy and numbness which should pass within a few days.