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Natural remedies to cure Pancreatic cancer


Are you suffering from pancreatic cancer and you are under its treatment? Whatever it might be, in today’s world, which is full of pollution, it becomes compulsory to fight against deadly disease such as cancer. Do you want to prevent yourself against it or you want to be its victim? Pancreatic cancer is one of the most virulent types of cancer. What makes it more difficult is its ability to go un detectable, without showing any symptom. If you want to know more about it, then this post is a must read for all of you.

What Is Pancreatic Cancer?

  • Pancreatic cancer is a kind of disorder that occurs within the tissues of the pancreas, it is a vital endocrine organ that is basically seen behind the stomach
  • These pancreas plays an important role in digestion by producing enzymes, required for the body to digest the fats, and proteins, carbohydrates
  • There are also two important hormones produced by pancreas and they are Glucagon and Insulin
  • These hormones have the tendency to control the metabolism of sugar
  • Moreover, insulin helps the cells to metabolize the glucose to increase the energy whereas, glucagon helps to raise the level of glucose when they are extremely low
  • Due to the existing place of pancreas, it becomes quite difficult to detect the disorder, if it even gets detected, there is no cure to it because it is diagnosed in more advanced stages
  • What are the causes of pancreatic cancer?

  • Its causes is still unknown
  • The pancreatic cancer occur when abnormal cells initiate to grow within the pancreas as a result, it forms tumour
  • Basically, healthy cells grow as well as die in high numbers
  • There is high amount of abnormal production of cells in the case of cancer, and all these cells overlaps the healthy cells
  • Risk Factors associated for development of Pancreatic Cancer

    As discussed above, the causes of cancer is still unknown, there are various risk factors that may increase your risk of getting affected to it, if you:-

  • Smoking cigarettes— 30 % cancer are related to cigarette smoking are obese
  • people who don’t exercise regularly are at risk
  • eat fruits and vegetables
  • people having diet that are rich in fat content
  • people addicted to high amounts of alcohol
  • person suffering from diabetes
  • people highly coming in contact with pesticides and chemicals
  • people with chronic inflammation of the pancreas
  • liver damage
  • people having pancreatic cancer in their family history
  • Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

    Until and unless it reaches the advance stage it does not show any symptom, of the disease. Moreover, the symptom include:-

  • loss of appetite
  • unexpected weight loss
  • lower back pain
  • clotting of blood
  • jaundice
  • depression

  • Pancreatic cancer that spreads in the body may get even worse by the pre – existing symptoms.

    Diagnosis cancer

    Early diagnosing may increase patient’s chances of recovery. That is why it is best to visit your doctor for check up if you are experiencing any symptom it occurs regularly. Your doctor will review your symptom as well as the history. They will recommend more than one test to check the disorder such as:

  • CT scan or MRI scans to get the complete image of your inside body
  • an endoscopic ultrasound, in which a thin, flexible tube is inserted in the stomach with an attachment of camera, in order to get the images of the pancreas
  • biopsy, or tissue sample
  • blood tests for the detection of tumour marker CA 19-9, that can indicate pancreatic cancer
  • Treating Pancreatic Cancer

    There are several ways to treat cancer like Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery, apart from these, many of them opt for the natural remedies, if the cancer is not so advanced, and the remedies are as follows:-

    1. Broccoli:Broccoli contain anti – oxidants that eradicates the carcinogenic free radicals
      Broccoli is rich in phytochemicals that attacks cancer cells
      It is also considered as detoxifier for the blood
    2. Red Grapes:Grapes, especially the red grapes, helps to provide relief from the disorder of pancreas
      Grapes contain proanthocyanidins
      This proanthocyanidins helps to decrease the production of estrogen and helps to cure disease like pancreatic and lung cancer
    3. Green Tea:Green tea is considered as one of the most popular natural remedy
      It is completely herbal and it is crammed with anti oxidants
      Intake of green tea on daily basis can helps to cure pancreatic cancer
    4. Fresh Fruit Juice:Drinking fruit juice as it is very beneficial for all of them
      It is completely herbal and it is crammed with anti oxidants
      It contain essential minerals and vitamins that helps to fight cancer
      Fruits such as apples, cherries, mangoes, orange are the most beneficial ones
      Juice helps you to increase your immunity and its tastes great also

    All these remedies are ideal things to do; these remedies should be taken into consideration along with the cancer treatment.