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  • Education
  • Specialization
  • Treatment
  • Hospital Attachments
  • Work Experience
  • Training Programmes and Conferences
  • National events organized
  • Awards and Accreditations
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Dr. Alok Sharma

  Dr.Alok Sharma


He is a beacon of hope for a better future.

He who can make a difference in the lives of many patients.

The one who treats with compassion and assures to provide complete care.

Well! he is none other than Dr. Alok Sharma. He is a boon for people suffering from Neurological disorders. You will be also surprised to know that he has treated over 6000 patients from about 60 countries.


One of the foremost neurosurgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Alok Sharma is an expert in the field of neurosurgery, neurosciences and stem cells. You all will be surprised to know Dr. Alok is a well-renowned neuroscientist and a professor too.

And it doesn't stop here! For his exceptional work in the areas of neurosurgery, he ranks among the list of the best neurosurgeons in India. With an experience of 26 years, he is one of the top-most neurosurgeon to consult in Mumbai.

Also, Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute which is his own foundation has been doing exceptionally well in varied neuro treatments like Neuro Regenerative Treatment for all the patients suffering from neurological disorders.


Dr. Alok Sharma is an alumnus of the prestigious college of Mumbai named  Seth G. S Medical College and KEM hospital.

He pursued a degree in MBBS, MS in general surgery and Mch in Neurosurgery from the same college.


  • Neurosurgery
  • Stem cell therapy

 Treatments offered by him

  • Skull based surgery
  • Sleep disorders
  • Craniotomy surgery
  • Stereotactic Radio Surgery
  • Gamma Knife for AVM or Brain Tumor
  • Neural Stem cell therapy
  • Autism- Stem cell treatment
  • Blood clot brain surgery
  • Radiofrequency Rhizotomy  Neurotomy
  • Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
  • Cerebral Palsy - Stem Cell Treatment
  •  Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's Disease
  •  Parkinson's Disease - Stem Cell Treatment
  •  Surgical Clipping
  •  Brain Tumor Surgery
  • Hemispherectomy
  • Temporal Lobectomy
  •  Lesionectomy
  • Corpus Callosotomy
  • Multiple Subpial Transections MST
  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • Ventriculostomy
  •  VP Shunting

Hospital attachments

1. Neurogen brain and spine institute - 

NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute is a set up with a vision to treat patients suffering from varied incurable neurological disorders like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Intellectual Disability, Spinal Cord Injury and Brain Stroke. Their multi-disciplinary approach attempts not only to treat and cure these conditions but also to restore health. This clinic in Mumbai has its own uniqueness and its ability to combine the latest developments.

Sector 40, Nerul West, Near Seawoods Grand Central Railway Station, Seawoods West, Navi Mumbai, 400706

Facilities provided:

  • Neurosurgery
  • Stem Cell therapy
  • Neurorehabilitation

2. Fortis Hospital

Fortis, Mulund is a top-multi-specialty hospital with 300 beds. It has a panel of expertise neurologist and neurosurgeons in India on board. In addition, doctors here are highly experienced and trained who aid various neurology related ailments. Since many years Fortis group of hospitals has set a benchmark for providing the medical services. 

Mulund Goregaon Link Road Mulund, Mumbai, 400078

Facilities provided: Neurosurgery

3.  LTMG hospital

LTMG municipal hospital is situated in a suburb of Mumbai (Sion). It is currently equipped with 300 senior staff members and 550 postgraduate students. This hospital provides services in all specialties and many super-specialties, inclusive of many Intensive care units and special clinics, it takes care of complex health problems at very affordable cost. 

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Road, Sion West, RB2 Central Railway Quarters, Jain Society, Mumbai  - 400022

Facilities provided: Neurosurgery

 Work experience of Dr. Alok Sharma

  • If we had to talk regarding his work experience Dr. Alok Sharma previously served at Karolinska hospital at Stockholm Sweden in 1995 where the neural transplantation was performed for the first time in the world.
  • Way back in 1998, Dr. Alok Sharma worked at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Centre in Denver, USA. During this period the world's first randomized trial for cell transplantation was done for Parkinson's disease.
  • Then after, he also worked with LTMG Hospital and LTM Medical College as a Professor of Neurology.
  • In addition, Dr. Alok worked as Consultant Neurosurgeon at BAM Central Railways Headquarters Hospital and Wockhardt Hospital.
  • Currently, he is the Director and consultant neurosurgeon at NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute. Dr. Sharma also is a visiting faculty at the University of Mumbai for varied departments like Occupational therapy, Physical therapy and many more.

Training programmes and conferences

Over the years he has attended some of the most amazing conferences and training programmes that further enriched his knowledge.

You can go through the list of the same provided below:

  • Attended a training in Microsurgery by participating in a "5-day course in microsurgery" at the department of neurosurgery in University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland, February 2012.

  • In the same year, he attended "11th Symposium on Intracranial pressure and brain monitoring" which was held at Cambridge in the UK on July 22-26.

  • Dr. Alok Sharma took part in "Leksell Gamma Knife training course" which was held at the Karolinska Gamma knife center at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden from May 29th to June 9, 1995.

  • He was also a part of "Neurosurgery Update for young neurosurgeons of Asia (NUYNA)" held at Sapporo in Japan from December 1-5, 1995 Osaka, Japan.

  • Participated in "The 2nd annual International Symposium and hand on the course on cerebral revascularization" held at the Saint Louis University of Medicine in St. Louis, the USA from November 30-Decemeber2, 2001.

  • Next, Dr. Alok Sharma took part in "Indo-US Program to share best practices and latest developments in Neurosurgery" held at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona, USA, from 16 to 18 November 2004.

  • In addition, Dr. Sharma visited Detroit in the USA for attending the 6th 2010 Annual World Stem Cell Summit which was organized by the Genetics policy institute.

These were just a few of his international conferences. The actual list of his training programmes is never-ending. Not only did he attended these conferences but also organized many. Furthermore, you all will see we have listed some of the national events organized.

National events organized

Dr. Alok has always been a dynamic identity when it comes to organizing international/national events. Over here you will find the list of some of the workshops organized by Dr. Alok:

He was the course director at many workshops namely:

  • "Endoscopic brain and spinal surgery hands-on cadabeveic workshop"which was held at the LTMG Hospital.

  • "Neuroendoscopy workshop" held at LTMG hospital with Dr. Hae-Dong Jho in Mumbai on April 2007

  • "Workshop on Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery" which was held jointly at the Bombay hospital and LTMG hospital by Overseas faculty- Professor Shizuo Oi at Mumbai on January 2006. 

  • "Neurotrauma Update" which took place at the LTMG Hospital on August 2003 by International Faculty, Professor Motoi Shoda from Japan.

  • "Scientific session on acute spinal cord injury" on September 2001 by an International faculty Dr. Wise Young and Ms. Patricia Morten from the USA.

  • "Symposium on Spasticity" March 2000 along with an International faculty:  Barry Rawicki from Australia.

  • "Neurostimulation Workshop" which was conducted by an International faculty Dr. Tetsuo Kanno and Dr. Yoko Kato from the Fujita Health University, Japan on March 1999.

  •  Dr. Alok Sharma conducted the "Hand on the workshop of the Leksell Stereotactic Frame" at the Annual Conference of the Indian Society for stereotactic and functional surgery at Vellore on October 2009.

  • Moreover, he was the Workshop Coordinator of the "Workshop on advances in spinal surgery - Single balloon Kyphoplasty" which was jointly organized by the LTMG Hospital and Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai on September 2007

  • As a Course Director at the LTMG Hospital, Mumbai he organized a very productive seminar on Lumbar Stabilization Techniques & Nuances.

  • He was the Coordinator of the "live operative demonstration on cervical corpectomy and reconstruction with titanium cage" at the 9th National Neurotrauma conference held in Rajkot on August 2000.

  • Furthermore, he also conducted a Teachers training workshop for medical teachers of the MET cell of the LTMMC.

Awards and Accreditations

  • The Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute founded by Dr. Alok has been recognized with the award of "The Best Stem Cell therapy in India" by National Healthcare Excellence at New Delhi, India.
  • His hospital was awarded as the "Best Hospital" by Europe Business Assembly (EBA) the United Kingdom in 2017 at Dubai.
  • Received the "Rose of Paracelsus" award by EMA and Socrates Nomination Committee (Oxford UK) at Cannes, France in 2016.
  • Honored with "Sushrut Award 2010" for "exemplary and outstanding contribution in the field of surgery with the social and charitable aspect at the 10th anniversary which was organized by the Red Swastik, Mumbai on January 2011.
  • In addition, he was the National Advisory Board member of Neurotrauma 2004 which was the 13th Annual national Neurotrauma Conference at Ludhiana on August 2004.
  • Also, a Joint Secretary, 3rd Indo-Japanese Neurosurgery Conference held in Mumbai, March 2003.
  • A Treasurer, "Third National conference of the Indian society of Neuroanesthesiology and critical care", Mumbai, January 2002.
  • Moreover, Dr. Sharma was a Chairman of Liaison committee at 6th Annual Conference of the Skull Base Society of India, November 2004, Mumbai.


Apart from his exceptional work in the areas of neurosurgery Dr. Alok Sharma has authored over 14 books and has 100+ publications under his name.

Along with many other neurosurgeons, he has written many books.

Below mentioned is few of his work:

  • "Parent and Teacher Guide Book for Autism"
  • "Patient and Parent Guidebook on Muscular Dystrophy"
  • "Stem cell therapy and other recent advances in Muscular Dystrophy"
  • "Stem cell Therapy in Neurological disorders"
  • "Neurorehabilitation - A multidisciplinary approach"
  • "A Brief History of Spinal Surgery"
  • "Evolution of surgery of the cervical spine"
  • "Trauma to the Upper Cervical Spine and Cranio-Vertebral Junction"
  • "Evolution of surgery for the craniovertebral junction"
  • "Management of Brainstem injuries with Hyperbaric Oxygen"
  • "Neurosurgical management of spine TB"

And the list goes on..

These are just a few, Dr. Sharma also has 100s of journal publications.

And it doesn't stop here! Dr. Alok Sharma also produced varied educational Neurosurgical films along with many famous articles like:

  • Role of stem-cell Therapy on Autism  held at IANR VI & 10th GCNN Conference in Bucharest, Romania, 4 - 7 April 2013
  • Techniques and amp, results of anterior decompression and stabilization for spinal tuberculosis at the Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons / World Federation of Neurological Societies ACNS/AASNS/WFNS, Joint Neurosurgical meeting held in Bali, Indonesia on December 2004 and many such other articles.

Dr. Alok Sharma Reviews

Read these real testimonials of real patients who have got their surgeries or treatment done by Dr. Alok Sharma.

Let's see what his patients have to say about him -

  •  Mrs. Virali Modi says..

Earlier when I was paralyzed from down the neck and after my stem cells therapy from Neurogen. Now, I'm able to climb stairs and walk easily. I gained my conscious again and was happy about it. The service they provide there is phenomenal, and the doctors and therapists are experts in treating every neurological condition.

  • Miss Cathy Minet says..

Hello, you are a very good team very professional. The team doesn't work for their salary, instead, work for the good health of patients and doctors. They have good manner and patience.

  • Mr. Rajesh Thakkar says..

Dr. Alok Sharma is an excellent surgeon. I am happy with his friendliness and his treatment procedures. Also, the way he explains the problem, less waiting time and the value he gave for my money. I take pride and joy in saying that I got my mother's treatment done by him. A big thanks to Dr. Sharma

  • Mrs. Malini Shah says..

I had visited the clinic to get my father's spine treatment done. He performed total spine surgery on my father. Dr. Alok is a very polite person, who will listen to all your problems and then let you ask as many questions as you want to. He will always suggest you go for an alternative treatment process and take your opinion into consideration. During the meet he is was very calm, composed, approachable and a friendly. I am extremely happy with the overall experience and recommend him to all those who seek the best neurosurgery and value for money.

  • Mr. Rohit Aggarwal says..

My visit to Dr. Alok was regarding my brother’s tumor. My brother was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain which was a shocking news for us. So, we consulted at one of the hospitals and learned that my brother would live a painful life ahead. I didn’t want this to happen. I decided to take a second opinion on this matter and approached Dr. Alok. He gave us a hope of recovery and explained to us all the possible procedures of the treatment. I am extremely thankful to him, as the surgery was successful, and my brother recovery shows progress now. Totally grateful to him for saving a life. Thanks a lot, doctor!”

  • Ms. Priya Jain says..

Dr. Sharma is a very friendly, punctual and systematic person. I took my father to him for as he was diagnosed with spine issues. He has such a great personality. He talked to my father in the native language and gave him the assurance of healing, as he was scared. The doctor gave us ample time to clear every doubt of ours. The treatment has not yet begun, as the test reports are awaited. Still, the doctor has greatly influenced us in the first place and we can trust him completely.”

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