8 Tips To Control Hair Fall

For a healthy and beautiful hair it is very necessary that we practice certain daily habits that would help keep our hair in a good state. Following these small, daily regular habits would ensure that your hair is healthy and good to go!

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Tips to control hair fall

1. Choose the comb wisely
The choice of the comb is a very important aspect of hair care. A proper comb becomes very essential in daily life. If you have curly hair you may use wide teeth comb because it allows more space for the curls to pass through and doesn't cause tension to the hair. Fine teeth combs on the other hand are good to use when cutting precise sharp lines unlike wider teeth hair that create less tension and are for making softer lines on the hair. This has various advantages. It improves circulation of blood and also helps to rejuvenate the scalp. It prevents hair tangling and split ends. For people with curly hair, this wide teeth comb helps in easy movement of the comb through the hair and helps easy combing.

• Cutting combs, these are the combs that have half fine teeth and half wide teeth. The cutting comb is such that it can be well used for parting the hair into individual sections as well as for daily hair styling.

• Tail and Pin Tail combs, these combs have various degrees of fine to wide spacing between the hairs. They are used to part, section and comb the hair. The difference between pin tail and metal tail combs is that pin tail is used for sectioning with a metal tail.

• Backcombing, these combs are used to style the hair and add volume to the hair. They are also used to tease the hair while styling combs are designed to tease the hair to add volume to the hair.

2. Dry hair and comb
After washing your hair, it becomes very much necessary to dry your hair and then comb it. Your hair is tangled after being washed. So combing it right after a wash may cause a lot of tension to your hair and result into hair damage and breakage. Moreover brushing your wet hair can cause a lot of stress to your hair cuticle which is the cell layer of the hair and may cause it to weaken and cause breakage.

3. Hot oil treatment
This is very necessary for healthy and glowing hair. Everyday pollution and tension can cause a lot of tension to the hair follicles and that also results into it becoming weak and dry. Hot oil massage can help restore the necessary moisture that might be lost. Oiling your hair regularly also increases your blood circulation and helps useful nutrients like vitamin e present in the oil reach your hair. Moreover proper oiling protects your hair and prevents external damage. Proper moisturized scalp also causes less dandruff.

4. Wash thrice a day
For a person living in a very humid condition, or a person who sweats a lot, it becomes very essential to wash your hair regularly so remove the extra dirt and oil that blocks your hair follicles and discourages hair growth. You may also use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. However one must be very careful as excessive washing may remove essential oils that need to be present on the scalp. This may again lead to damages and breakages.

5. Say no to chemicals
Chemicals are a major 'no-no' to hair care. There are various types of harmful chemicals present in the hair styling products we use. There are some chemicals like t DEA (Dieethanolamine), MEA (Monoethanolamine) that can cause cancer causing agents; others can cause problems like allergy, asthma, skin sensitivity and irritation.

6. No rough rubbing
When drying your hair or otherwise ensure that you don't rub your hair very hard because it may cause serious damage to the roots of your hair and hair follicles. Always ensure you use the towel to softly rub your hair and dry it.

7. Hair style selection
Your hair style selection plays a very important role in determining the quality of your hair. The styling should be such that it serves your basic purposes but does not in any way damage the quality of hair. Hair styling is a major industry in today's world. Believe it or not the same product that promises to save your hair may have chemicals that in the long run may damage your hair , that would urge you to use that product again , thus keeping the industry alive in that way. So, be very careful while choosing the hair product, read the label to see the ingredients, avoid using very harsh chemicals as it might be very dangerous.

8. Drink Juices
Fresh fruit juices contain essential nutrients, vitamins like vitamin E and minerals that is very good for keeping your hair healthy. So ensure you make this an essential part of your diet.

Even after following all the above mentioned 8 tips to control hair-fall, still you are facing excessive hair fall then you can consider having hair transplant. Although there are very few chances of side effects of hair transplant if it is done from a reputed centre. However, before going for a hair transplant treatment you should be aware of the side effects of hair transplant.

If you feel natural remedies and other hair fall control tips are not helping you, then you might need to undergo a Hair Transplant Surgery. If you are thinking to go for scalp treatment, hair transplant in India can be a good option for you, as India is considered as the to be the most preferred destination across the world. Affordability, hospitality, experienced doctors and latest equipment are the major factors that make India as the best place for hair restoration. Surat is one the place in India, which is well known for its hospitality and well-known expert surgeons. Hair transplant in Surat can be the best option for you if you are looking for an affordable hair treatment, and as per the statistics, the successful rates of the clinics and hospitals are very high, thus ensuring you the safe and natural hair. We would also like you to know that hair transplant in Goa can be another option for you. Hospitals and clinics in Goa are highly equipped with latest equipment and technologies, which would offer an enhanced and safe treatment to you. Hope, this article was helpful for you.

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