Cosmetic dentistry – white flawless teeth!

flawless teeth

Day by day we are loaded with advertisement related to best dental implant in India, toothpaste and whitening of teeth. As a person who doesn’t want to look good or who don’t want to have a good bundle of white pearly teeth? All most everybody wants to have a perfect shinny smile. But what should we do to keep our teeth, white as long as possible or if there are stains already penetrated on teeth say as of patches of tea, coffee, smoking then what is the easy way to remove it?
Here is the answer to all your questions. Cosmetic dentists have obtained many ways to keep the smile happy. Many people go to dentist for treatment in order to flash their killer smiles. But the common traditional way to whiten the teeth is to soak them in hydrogen peroxide solution which helps to remove the stains and bleaches the teeth to white. Now a day’s recent technology has improved which uses lasers for whitening of teeth, with its use the process is done quickly and it is pain free.
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Cosmetic dentist normally works as the self appointed idea which performs dental work aiming to give the improved appearance to the person’s teeth as well as their smile. It focuses on the dental aesthetics in its colour, its shape, size, its position overall the appearance of the smile. Many of the dentists refer themselves as “cosmetic dentist” regardless of their specified, education, specialty, training, and experience in this field. According to the American Dental Association it does not recognize it as formal specialist in dentistry. However, there are still dentists that promote themselves as cosmetic dentists.

What does cosmetic dentistry covers?

It associates cosmetic dentistry with following common procedures:

  1. To improve the appearance, tooth whitening or bleaching.
  2. To straighten the crooked teeth
  3. To remove a gum or tooth- referred as enameloplasty
  4. Adding materials to teeth such as porcelain veneers, caps, gum grafts.
  5. Whitening of tooth or teeth bleaching is the most common procedure suggested by cosmetic dentist above all procedures.
  6. There are many over the counter products who aim their product to whiten the teeth. When it comes to re-colouring the faded teeth the option is often preferred under dentist supervision only.
  7. Before undergoing any kind of cosmetic surgery, its equally important to know the benefits and risk associated to it during the process. Make sure you are aware about the cost and the experience of the doctor with the procedure.

Teeth Whitening

  1. After smoking or consuming beverages such as tea, coffee, teeth may get stained or discoloured. Your dentist can bleach your teeth using certain chemical process. He can do a procedure inside the office, or can provide you with a system to use at home.
  2. After doing the procedure if complete care is not taken and if you continue to eat all the stuffs you ate early what stained your teeth the stain may appear again.
  3. It is any way important to continue practicing oral care daily by brushing teeth twice a day, flossing it, and rinsing it with mouthwash because whitening products are not made to clean the teeth so it’s important to maintain care standards.


  1. If your teeth have excessive gap in between or they are chipped or broken that can be repaired by bonding and hence the teeth looks good.
  2. To fill the small cavities or to protect the root dentist use bonding material.
  3. The dentist usually does this procedure in a single office visit by applying an etching solution followed by tooth-colour materials.
  4. Although bonding can last for several years, it is more likely than other types of restorations to chip or become stained or just wear down.


These customized shells are typically made of porcelain, which covers the frontal part of the teeth to change the shape and colour. It is stronger than bonding but gives the same appearance. They are less


Crowns are also known as caps, it completely covers the tooth, by restoring its shape and appearance. Person need crown to

  1. To cover the discoloured tooth
  2. Protect the weaken tooth
  3. Cover dental implant
  4. Cover tooth that has done the procedure of root canal

Sometimes it is known as partial dentures, it is used to replace the missing teeth with the artificial one. The success of the bridge depends upon the foundation.