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Disclaimer :

We would like to be very clear that Clinicspots is a Health Care Facilitator and by no means it should be understood as a Hospitals or Healthcare Provider. Its job is to facilitate a patient from outside India to have quality treatment in India and for that software provides information on the best treatment and doctors available in India, as per the best of the knowledge and belief of its employees. The information provided to the patients is also dependent on the budget of the patient. Our scope of service is limited to facilitation of the patients and providing them with services related to it. We further reiterate that the outcome of any Medical Treatment is a subject of the concerned Hospital or Doctor. Under no circumstances, we can be credited or blamed for the outcome of any Medical Treatment, whether good or bad.

In case of Organ Transplant, we would like to be very clear that we do not facilitate for arranging a donor. The donor has to be a blood relative of the patient and be fit to donate an organ. He should also be willing to do so. All the cases as per the papers submitted by the patient and his relatives are submitted to the Screening Committee by the hospital and the approval of the Committee is mandatory for the Transplant to take place. We by no means should be understood as facilitator for approvals. Our scope of service in such cases may at best be limited to let a patient and his relatives know about the requirement of documents for approval of transplant. All these requisites are also available at the desk of the hospitals.

The rates quoted by the hospitals or by us to the patients are indicative only and may vary from the actual cost depending upon the actual condition of the patient and the treatment required or Overstay in ICU/ Ward than that mentioned in the quoted price. The cost of the treatment is a subject dealt by the concerned hospitals and the patient. Our scope of service is to facilitate patient for treatment and make them understand about the overall logistics and help them in getting the treatment. We cannot be held responsible for adhering to the quotation given to the patient. The price quoted to the patient is only for a particular treatment including the number of days of stay in ICU/ Room and anything apart and extra from that can be charged extra by the hospital and the patient has to pay for that.