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Dr. Ashok Hande

As we all know that doctors play a major role in all our lives. He is the one who with his acquired knowledge identifies the problem faced by a patient further trying to reduce or kill the disease. Here is an example of one such doctor who is one of the renowned neurosurgeons from Navi Mumbai, Dr Ashok Hande.

The following content will help you to get a detailed overview of Dr Hande. Dr Ashok Mahadeo Hande is a well-known neurosurgeon in Navi Mumbai. He is the best neurosurgeon available in Vashi, Navi Mumbai.

Why is Dr. Ashok Hande preferred by people?

Basically he is people’s person. He maintains a good relationship with his patients. . You would be amazed to know that he has more than 25 years of experience in neurosurgery. He is fond of gaining knowledge and advising others. Many patients whose life has been saved by him has complete faith in him.

Being a knowledge grasper, he has written and published several research papers. He delivers lectures in several national and international conferences. He not only shares the knowledge of neurology but also the advancements involved with his colleagues.

Therefore, he is one of the best neurologist in Navi Mumbai. He shares intense and deep core knowledge with students as well as his subordinates. He has a special interest in brain stroke surgery. He is an expert in neuro rehabilitation and revascularization procedures. He is associated with several hospitals.

During critical surgeries, he has been called by many hospitals from many cities of Maharashtra like Nasik, Kolhapur and Pune etc. He is a specialist in neurosurgery. He is expertise in Vascular neurosurgery- aneurysms & arterio, venous malformations, Skull base tumour surgery, Neuro spinal trauma, Pediatric neurosurgery, Stereotactic neurosurgery. He is also a part of X knife Radiosurgery at Jaslok hospital.

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About His Education:
Dr. Hande has completed his education from well-known institutes. He completed his MBBS from S G Medical College and KEM hospital in 1983. Then he pursued general surgery in 1987 from Bombay University followed by MCh Neurosurgery from Bombay University in 1990.

Work Experience:
Talk about his work experience he has worked with best hospitals of Mumbai like KEM Hospital, Lilavati Hospital and many more. Currently, he guides the postgraduate students of neurosurgery at Jaslok hospital and research centre.

He is also a Medical Director at Kumgang healthcare (a medical tourism initiative). He is a Senior consultant with Fortis Hospital, Sahyadri Hospital and Ruby Hall Clinic(Pune). Reading the below mentioned work experience you will receive a clear idea about his rich expertise.

  • He worked as Neurosurgeon at KEM hospital during 1986 to 1996
  • He was Consultant at Jaslok Hospital and Research Center from 1996 to 2001
  • He was Consultant at Lilavati Hospital from 2001 to 2002.
  • He was Consultant at M.G.M. Hospital from 1996 to 2012.
  • He worked as Consultant at Wockhardt Hospital from 2009 to 2012.

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Which Are His Specialized Areas?
Neurosurgeon Dr Ashok Hande is specialized in minimal Invasive Neurosurgery, Neuro Rehabilitation, Radio surgery, Brain Stroke, Cerebral Aneurysm, Complex skull base tumour, Arterio Venous Malformation. If you are unaware of these terms then below you will find a short description about them about those terms-

  1. Minimal Invasive Neurosurgery: It is a procedure which uses laparoscopic devices for examining surgical field. Earlier neurosurgeons used to make large incisions for the treatment of the specific area. With the help of MIS, surgeons make small holes less than half an inch to perform the treatment.

  2. Neuro Rehabilitation: It is the process to save a patient from paralysed brain functions. In this process, multiple specialists are involved. Their goal is to make the brain work properly of a patient who suffered a brain stroke.

  3. Radio Surgery: It is nothing but using ionizing radiation to destroy the selected part of the tissue. It generally used for the treatment of cancer.

  4. Brain stroke: It occurs when the blood flow to the brain stops. People of any age can suffer from it. The flow of oxygen and glucose to the brain reduces and then the brain starts to perish. When brain cells perish the control over the brain is lost.

  5. Cerebral Aneurysm: It is a fine spot on a blood vessel in the brain which grows and fills with blood. The growing of fine spot executes pressure on the surrounding area and causes damage to the area. It occurs anywhere in the brain. But majorly it occurs along the loop of arteries.

  6. Complex skull base tumour: It’s set of tumours that develop on the bottom part of the skull. This causes abnormalities of the blood vessels. The abnormality is highly complex.

  7. Arterio Venous Malformation: It is caused when there is a fault in the bold vessels that are formed during fetal development. The unbalanced network between the arteries and veins causes the disruption in blood circulation. It can occur anywhere in the body but when it occurs in brain or spine, can affect harmfully.

Practical Cases Solved By Dr Ashok:

  • Case1:
    Nisemi Odegiran, a three year old Nigerian was suffering from tumour in her brain. Dr Ashok Hande neurologist in Vashi handled this case with his colleagues. He examined the patient and stated, “ The tumour is 4 cm in diameter next to brainstem which controls blood pressure, pulse etc a slight touch can lead to huge amount of bleeding.”
    Moving forward, the treatment was carried out at Fortis Hospital Vashi. Dr Hande and his team performed the surgery successfully and now you would be happy to know that Nisemi is absolutely fine and is in good health.

  • Case2:
    Another patient named Ruth Murzello was suffering from stiffness in her legs and lower back. When she came for the treatment, Dr Ashok Hande Navi Mumbai figured that her spine lay was low in the canal. There was also a neurological disorder that limit the movement of spinal cord with spinal canal.
    The operation was successfully carried out by the doctor and his colleagues. During the operation, the spinal cord was freed from the attachment to the surrounding tissues. She is doing well now and leading a healthy life.

The Number Of Patients Treated By Dr Ashok Hande:

Below you will get an insight about the number of patients treated by him successfully.

  1. Cerebral Aneurysms – 800.
  2. Trauma (Cranial & Spinal) – 3600.
  3. Lumbar PID – 1200.
  4. Skull Base Tumours – 1400.
  5. AVM – 300.
  6. Microvascular Decompression – 100.
  7. Trans-oral Operations – 50.

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Hospitals where you can consult Dr Ashok Hande?

Dr Ashok Hande is a senior consultant at Jaslok Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Fortis hospital, Kohinoor Hospital, and medical director at Kumganag Healthcare.

Jaslok hospital in Mumbai was founded by Seth Lokoomal Chanrai (a philanthropist) and surgeon Shantilal Jamnadas Mehta. This hospital is located in Tardeo, Mumbai.

Apollo hospital

Apollo hospital

Apollo hospital is located in Belapur. It is one of the branches of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise which was founded in 1983 by Dr. Pratap Reddy. It is a 500 bedded multi-specialty tertiary care hospital. It is strategically located between the residential hubs of Navi Mumbai - Nerul and Belapur.

Fortis hospital

Fortis hospital

Fortis hospitals are located in Mumbai in areas of Mahim, Vashi, Kalyan, Mulund. The doctor is associated with Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi. Their team has highly dedicated professionals. The environment enables doctors to deliver the high quality healthcare. Hiranandani Hospital is accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Hospitals (NABH).

Kohinoor Hospital

Kohinoor Hospital

Kohinoor hospital is located in the Kohinoor city, Kurla West, Mumbai. It provides good hospitality with excellent modern facilities.

Kumgang Healthcare

Kumgang Healthcare

Dr. Ashok is medical director at Kumgang healthcare. It is located in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. It is the aim of Kumgang healthcare to transform healthcare services by bringing together medical facilities and doctors in India to save patients.

All of us are so much busy in fast life that we don’t take care of our health. And due to this many people become victims of brain stroke. In order to create awareness of brain stroke, he laid the foundation of “Purva Medical Foundation”.

Purva Medical Foundation was founded by Dr Ashok Hande in 2011. It is a non-profit organization which is registered with the state of Maharashtra Charity Commissioner India. It is an NGO which educate parents about paediatric stroke. It treats and reintegrate children who have suffered from paediatric stroke.

Approximately 1,00,000 cases per year are detected. Stroke occurs in adults, infants, unborn babies. Children normally are at high risk of suffering from stroke specially during the birth. Now parents are more aware of the reason of their child’s stroke. This foundation is dedicated to performing research share knowledge about paediatric strokes which provides possible treatments to reduce the reoccurrence and mortality.
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Dr Hande is the member of the following prestigious societies like-

  • Asian Congress of Neurological Surgeons.
  • Neurological Society of India.
  • World Stroke Society.
  • Society of Young Neurosurgeons of Asia.
  • European Stroke Society.
  • Neurological Surgeons society of India.

Training And Fellowships:

  • He has also worked with Prof Bennette Stein at Columbia University, NewYork.
  • He was trained at Radionics in Boston for X-knife radiosurgery.
  • He acquired fellowship in Microneurosurgery, Fugita University, Japan.
  • He visited Maudsley Hospital, London as an observer in Epilepsy Surgery.
  • He has worked with Late Prof Kenichiro Sugita at Nagoya University, Japan.
  • He visited skull base neurosurgery center headed by Dr. Chandranath Sen at Mount Sinai hospital, NewYork.
  • He visited Dept of neurosurgery at Freiburg, Germany for functional stereotaxy
  • He gained Spinal instrumentation fellowship, National University hospital, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Tokyo University Medical College, Japan for stereotactic and functional neurosurgery.
  • World Stroke congress, Seoul, South Korea, 2010.
  • He also visited neurosurgery dept at Matsumoto, Japan-headed by Prof. Kobayashi.

Dr Ashok Hande Reviews:

Amitesh Singh: Dr Hande is polite and friendly. He is down to earth and never plays with human life for money. Our country needs doctors like him. May God give him more strength and a long life to make people smile.

Debarun Talukdar: Dr hande doesn’t disappoints any patients. He is very friendly. He gives importance to his patients trying to give his best.

Pramod Kumar: He is the best doctor. He detected the problem instantly. The surgery was successful. Really good doctor. I recommend you this Dr. Ashok as best for neurosurgery.

Vidisha Lad: Most friendly and dynamic neurosurgeon of Navi Mumbai.