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Dr. Rajan Shah

Dr. Rajan Shah is among the top 10 Neurosurgeon in Mumbai and at present, he is handling the position of the Director of Department of Neurosciences in Nanavati Hospital, Vile Parle in Mumbai. This Neurosurgeon has over 32 years of experience in his field providing various kinds of services like stroke treatment, spinal disorders etc.

He has done various exemplary treatments and is a role model for the young generation because of his out of the box thinking.

Qualifications of Dr. Rajan Shah :

First, Dr. Rajan completed MBBS from King Edward Memorial Hospital and Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas Medical College, Mumbai in 1981.

Second, he completed MS - General Surgery from Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai in 1984.

Third, he completed MCh – Neurosurgery from Grant Medical College and Sir JJ Hospital, Mumbai in 1986.

After completion of the general medical study, Dr. Rajan Shah had undergone various training programs to be a specialist in Neurosurgeon.

• Skull Base Surgery from Mount Sinai Hospitals, New York
• Vascular Surgery from Fujita Health University, Toyoake, Aichi
• Skull Base Surgery from Shinshu University of Medicine, Matsumoto, Japan

Dr Shah has always worked hard to find out the more advanced techniques of treatment since he has been in this field for so many years. He discovered many more precise ways of doing surgery due to his dedication towards his work.

Services :
Look, there are various services that are offered by Dr. Rajan Shah and some of them are listed below.
• Stroke treatment
• Spinal disorders
• Vascular brain diseases
• Headache management
• Paralysis CSF rhinorrhea repair surgery
• Spinal surgery
• Lower back pain
• Neck pain treatment.

Achievements :
Furthermore, you will be amazed to know Dr. Rajan Shah achievements.
• He has handled more than 8000 brain tumors and in the last 1000 brain tumor surgeries, he is able to manage less than 1% mortality rate.
• He has managed almost 500 cerebral aneurysms with outstanding results.
• He has done 100+ Arteriovenous Malformations.
• He looks after 600+ patients which itself is an achievement.

Work Experience :
Though Dr. Rajan Shah is currently working in Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, he has worked in some of the best hospitals in India as a Neurology Consultant in his 32 years of experience.
• Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai
• Bombay Hospital and Medical Research Center, Marine Lines, Mumbai
• Global Hospital, Lower Parel, Mumbai
• Panacea Hospital, Mumbai

Member :
Besides, Dr Rajan is an active member of various associations and societies like
• Neurological Society of India
• Indian Pediatric Neurological Society
• Bombay Neurology Association
• Cerebro Vascular Society of India
• Dandys Neurology Association
American Neurology Association

Dr. Rajan Shah Reviews

“I am really satisfied with the kind of treatment I received from Dr. Rajan Shah. I was suffering from the spinal disorder and in those days I couldn’t even sense where my legs and arms were. One of my relatives suggested my husband take me to Dr. Rajan Shah in Nanavati Hospital. He handled my case personally with proper care and did the surgery that helped me to get rid of this problem and feel like the normal being. Highly recommended.”

- Nita Mhatre

“Thanks a lot, Dr. Rajan Shah for giving back that normal life to me as I was facing the condition of stroke and my brain stopped functioning properly. I was not able to speak properly, and my left side face felt numb. Now I’m at least able to feel that numb part of my face and converse properly, though not fast. It will take some time as told by the doctor.”

- Sangita Kumari

“I had a CSF leak repaired last month. It was a 3-hour surgery. I was really scared because it’s not a small operation. I had a lumbar drain for 5 days and had a headache but after days everything was getting normal. Now I think of those terrible days when I couldn’t even bend my head, but the doctor helped me to overcome it. I’m really thankful to him.”

- Amit Srivastava

“I thank Dr. Rajan Shah for helping me to overcome the problem of stroke. Those days were the black days of my life. As I was suffering from an Ischemic stroke in which arteries get blocked or narrowed and prevent the flow of blood to the brain, so I used to forget everything in minutes and I couldn’t even speak properly. Now, it has been a year since I have received the treatment and now I’m able to do all the things which were being stopped because of the stroke.”

- Monica Malhotra

“I had undergone a surgery called Carotid endarterectomy which is being done for opening the artery to let the blood flow again as told by the doctor. I was diagnosed with a severe vascular disease and the last option was surgery. I was completely lost in those days as I was not able to memorize anything and had severe headache. Thanks to Dr Rajan and his team for their wonderful work and giving me a new life.”

- Mohit Kapoor