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Dr. Keki Turel

Dr. Keki Turel is a Neurosurgeon having more than 48 years of experience in the field of Neurosurgery and is considered as the pioneer of Microsurgery in India. Dr. Turel gained international recognition and fame in 1982 when he successfully removed a 550 grams brain tumor from an 18-year-old named Mohamed Ali, a Yemeni citizen. Back then, the surgery was termed as the world’s largest brain tumor removal which lasted for more than 10 hours and was recognized by ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’. A few years later, he repeated a similar feat when he successfully removed yet another huge meningioma weighing 500 grams from a 16-year-old boy.

That’s not all!

He added another feather to his cap in 1989 when he became the first surgeon in India to perform a surgery on a patient suffering from AIDS, at Mumbai’s JJ hospital. He did this at a time when not many surgeons were willing to perform operations on HIV positive cases. And after this case, other surgeons followed suit to take up the cause of performing surgeries on patients suffering from AIDS.

In 2008, on the fateful night of 26/11 Mumbai attacks , Dr. Keki Turel was the only consultant attending hundreds of injured people brought to the Bombay Hospital after the terrorists attacked the southern part of Mumbai. He continued treating the injured for over 3 days and nights, some of the victims included NSG commandos as well.

Dr Keki Turel practices at Bombay Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and Medical Research Centre in Marine Lines, Mumbai.

In this page, we’ll take you through his life and his various achievements in the field of Neurosurgery and enlighten you on why he is considered as one of the best neurosurgeons in India.


Dr. Keki Turel started his medical journey with an M.B.B.S degree from the University of Bombay in the year 1968. After completing the degree, he went on to do his masters in the field of neurosurgery from the University of Bombay itself in the year 1975. While doing his M.S. in Neurosurgery, he undertook an eight-week study trip to various European hospitals including the famous Atkinson Morely hospital in Wimbledon, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Ulevaal in Oslo and National Hospital for Neurological Diseases in London to gain experience in various aspects of neuroscience and surgery.

In 1983 he Dr. Keki Turel was awarded the Fellowship of International College of Surgeons in Chicago, USA after which he gained more extensive experience in Micro neurosurgery by training under the apprenticeship of Prof. M. Samii as a member of his staff from 1983 to 1985. In 1991 he became the Fellow (Diplomate) of the American Academy of Neurological & Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery (FAANaOS) and in the same year he became the Fellow (Diplomate) of the American Board of Clinical Neurological Surgery (FABCNS).

From 1994 to 2007 he gained fellowships of various prestigious institutions like Association of Surgeons of India, The Indian College of Gerontology (Mumbai), The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (U.K.), The American College of Surgeons (USA) and the International Medical Sciences Academy in New Delhi (India).


Just after graduating with an M.B.B.S degree from the University of Mumbai, Dr. Keki Turel took up full time residency in various hospitals for a duration of 5 years. In these 5 years, he served as a House-surgeon under general surgery department as well as urology department of St George’s Hospital. He took up the same designation under Neurosurgery department in Sir J.J. Hospitals as well.

Dr. Turel then went on to become the registrar of Neurosurgery department in Sir J.J. Hospital, K.E.M Hospital as well as B.Y.L Nair Hospital during this period. He also served as a Clinical Assistant in the Neurosurgery department at the Bombay hospital after he completed his masters.

Apart from being a practicing doctor, Dr. Turel has a passion for teaching and has been affiliated with various universities both in India and abroad. He has been a teacher for undergraduate medical students since 1971. He has served as an external lecturer at the Institute of Nursing Education, Bombay and a recognized Post-Graduate University Teacher for M. Ch in Neurosurgery degree course at Bombay University since December 1979. Dr. Turel has also served as a guest-lecturer for Post-Graduate students doing the M.D. degree course in Psychological Medicine during the year 1982.

Carrying his passion of teaching further, Dr. Keki Turel has also been associated with various International Universities. He’s a permanent visiting Professor at Prof. M. Samii’s Department of Neurosurgery, the same department where he got his training from and also in International Neurosciences Institute in Hanover, Germany. Dr. Turel is also an honorary professor of Neurosurgery at Federal Center for Neurosurgery in Russia along with being a visiting professor to several departments of Neurosurgery in Japan.


By the early 1980’s, Dr. Keki Turel had become a well-known Neurosurgeon from India and had received International acclaim and recognition. By the invitation of the Ministry of Health of the Sultanate of Oman, he founded the Department of Neurosurgery and was appointed as a visiting senior consultant Neurosurgeon to examine and treat patients as well as deliver lectures to aspiring doctors and nurses. Since then he has been an advisor for running the department’s neurosurgical services.

Seeing his immense contribution, he was similarly invited by the Ministry of Health of Bahrain to provide his services at their Salmaniya Medical Centre during the above same period. He has also been participating as a faculty at World Federation of Neurological Societies (WFNS) education programs conducted all over the globe since 2005, having provided such education across 57 countries worldwide.


Any description about Dr. Keki Turel is incomplete without mentioning the list of awards and accolades he has received throughout his career both in India and abroad. Though the list is never ending, it is our privilege to mention a few of them:

  1. He received his first award, “The National Youth Award” in the year 1992 which also marked the birth anniversary of our former Prime Minister, Smt. Indira Gandhi. He was presented with the award for his excellent contribution in the field of medical sciences and devotional services to humanity.

  2. He was conferred with the “International Man of the Year ’96-’97” award by the International Biographical Centre in England for his exceptional services in the field of medicine.

  3. He was honored with a commemorative medal of “Man of the Year 1997” by the American Biographical Institute in the US.

  4. He was included in “2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century” after he was conferred with “The 20th Century Award of Achievement” which is an illuminated Diploma of Honor by the Director General of International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

  5. He received one of the more coveted awards which every citizen of India dreams of receiving, the “Best Citizen of India” award in 1999.

  6. He received yet another international recognition when he was awarded the “International Scientist of the Year” in 2002 by the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

  7. He was chosen as one of “Mumbai’s Top Doctors” by Inter-Novation Inc in 2011-2012

  8. He was conferred with the “Meritorious Service Award for Exemplary Contribution towards Neurosurgeries on HIV patients since 1988” by People’s Health Organization, India in 2012

  9. Recently, He was awarded with the “Times Healthcare Achievers 2018 – Legends” award for his achievements in the field of Neurology and Neurosurgery.


Considered next to almighty by many of his patients, Dr. Keki Turel’s achievements in the field of Neurosurgery are nothing short of miracles. But in reality, Dr. Turel also enjoys the things which give meaning to the lives of the mortals like us.

He can be considered as a linguist as he is fluent in seven languages and is an avid lover of arts and literature. He has also been a sportsman in his younger days having played various sports like cricket, boxing and athletics. He also serves as a priest for the Parsee Community fulfilling his duty towards the divine. Among his other passions apart from teaching, he is also a Photographer and Film Maker of medical films having held a solo photography exhibition in Mumbai.

Dr Keki Turel Review:

It is said that a man’s character is defined by the testimonials and the reviews he receives and Dr. Keki Turel has received many testimonials and reviews in his medical career which have made him the extraordinary man that he is today. We present to you some of the reviews that he has received from his patients and their relatives:


“Doctors are hardly friendly and with a smile. Dr Keiki Turel is always polite, down to earth, gives the best suggestion and never plays with human life for money. Our country needs such humans like him. May God give him more strength and a long life to make people smile”

- Sunil Chandani

“ I was suffering from Cervical TB and was diagnosed by so many good doctors but none of the doctors were able to diagnose the reason behind the pain on my neck. One of my family friends suggested my mom that I should consult Dr. Keki Turel. I don’t have words to describe him and his talent. In the first diagnosis itself he was able to conclude that I was suffering from a rare case of Cervical TB. After his diagnosis and treatment, within a month I was feeling fit and fine. I will be Really thankful to Dr Keki Turel. Alhamdulillah I am fit and fine by the grace of Allah and n Dr Keki Turel. ”

- Rehan Sheikh

“ Really such a good doctor. Doesn’t disappoint any patients. Very friendly. Doesn’t give importance to money. He gave importance to his patients. I experienced it first-hand because he saved my mother’s life. Really such a good doctor keep it up sir. “

- Sana Khan

“ Most friendly and dynamic neurosurgeon of Mumbai. “

- Manoj Khatri