Practically saying our eyes acts as an window through which we can view all the beautifull things. Eyes are the most valuable organ which no body wants to lose . Going through the Educational field people frequently keeps asking how to teach blind people in simple and short way. always try to answer these questions as better as it can but sometimes,it feels like my answers are not so worth it or they are not so up to the mark that’s why, some of the people find it difficult to understand my point of explaining, just because knowing about blindness how it works that doesn’t, mean that everyone else should work that out instead.
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Eye is the organ which gives vision. they detect light and thus it converts the light into electro chemical impulse.


Eyes are the most precious organ of the body that has the vital function of seeing or giving a vision. If there is no sense organ in humans body or its absence can make one’s life darker. They observe and respondaccording to what it sees, if the eye sight is good and clear then the person can win this world. So, it is very important to protect the most valuable organ of our body and also to take its good care so that we can observe this beautiful world.


Our eyes performs as an important function of our body. So, we should give the best possible care to them. But in this busy schedule we get so engaged into other activities such that we forget to take care of our eyes or we forget to do simple things that can keeps our eyes healthy.

  1. Diet :For enriching and betterment of the eye Vitamin A is, the most beneficial. Diet which includes green leafy vegetables, carrot, beetroot, and the fruits as well which includes mango, papaya should be included in daily routine for nourishing the eye sight.
  2. Lightening :The adequate amount of light source should be intaken in order to prevent it from the direct rays coming into our eyes. Light source should be coming from behind in order to avoid direct contact, for example if one is reading a book or a novel, the light source coming should be from behind just to avoid the direct contact which might be harmful to the eyes. Whereas, the reading habit should be such that the book should be placed 12- 14 inches away from the eyes.
  3. Visuals :Visuals mainly depend upon what kind of light range focuses on your eye retina. This concept mainly include TV and Computers. Continuous use can harm the retina. These are the most hazardous signs of being completely or getting partially blind. Long exposure to these units can cause headaches, burning and watering of eyes, blurring of vision, double vision etc.
    Extra care should be taken by the people, who all have to work for hours on computers. They should use anti glare glasses with UV protection. And every half an hour they should at least take five minutes break to reduce the stress level on their eyes.
    TV should be avoid watching in dark areas ,room full of lights is the best place to watch and enjoy TV. A particular distance should also be maintained while watching towards Television, the distance should not be less then four meters.
    People working on computers should maintain their monitor level. It should be such that either it should be at the eye level or it should be little lower so that it will reduce the direct reflection of the screen in the eyes. The distance maintained between eye and the monitor should be atlest 18 – 28 inches.
  4. Allergies :Eyes are know as the passage for all the allergies, it is the most common site because of the open passage, it becomes easier for the bacteria’s to penetrate inside the body. Therefore, hygiene should be maintained by washing the eyes with the plain cold water. If there is any sign of allergy, immediate treatment should be taken to prevent the further infection. Without consulting to the doctor no eye drop should be put into the eyes. Exposure to sunlight may cause harm to the eyes. While going out in the sun one should always wear sunglasses to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.