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What is Hair Transplant?

In one sentence, Hair transplant is a surgical technique in which hair grafts are taken from back side of your hair called the 'donor site', and planted into your balding area, known as the 'recipient site'.

Baldness Level

FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi

We will discuss FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi on this page.

Let me brief you about what is Hair Transplant Treatment?

Hair is an integral part of beauty for any human being. Losing hair at an early age is surely a cause for concern. The most common reasons for hair loss are stress, dust, climatic conditions and many more. When you notice that your hair has started to fall off the scalp, you may try using different kinds of shampoos, pills, oils, and etc. but this will not be a permanent solution.

A Hair transplant is a method in which you can have the natural look and desired quantity of hair on your scalp. Thus many people prefer Hair transplant in Delhi because the hair transplant cost in Delhi is very affordable. The most popular surgery technique is the FUE hair transplant in Delhi.

In FUE hair transplant technique, the individual hair follicles are taken from donor area and planted in the bald region using a specially designed tool. This produces natural looking hairline. Since the follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a modern technique, many patients choose this procedure for their hair transplant. Later on the page we will discuss FUE hair transplant technique in detail. For your information, Delhi is the medical HUB for hair transplant in India, Each year there are large numbers of people with hair loss issues travel from different parts of the world for FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi.

We will discuss the hair transplant cost in Delhi later on this page. Hair Transplant is basically a procedure of taking hair folliclesfrom the area which has a lot of hair on your scalp and plant it in the region of hair thinning or baldness.

The Hair transplant treatment is most compatible with people having male or female pattern baldness, or scars caused due to burns or different kind of injury. The hair will start to grow after the complete procedure of hair transplant. For more information about the FUE hair transplant in Delhi, you can watch the videos above.

Why should you choose your FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi?

There are several reasons why you should choose your FUE Hair transplant in Delhi.
Hair transplant in India is generally known for being a cost-effective medical treatment, which offers the permanent solution for hair transplant at a reasonable price.The rising healthcare services costs in western countries contribute to the development of hair transplants in nations like India.

In recent times, the hair transplant clinic in Delhi has been equipped with advanced equipments and expert surgeons for best hair transplant in Delhi.The climatic condition in Delhi suits many people around the world as its warm from April to August and cold for the rest of the year. There are many tourists destination too if you plan to make a trip for hair transplant in Delhi. Popular places such as Chandnichowk for shopping, the Lotus temple and many more; can be visited on your journey to Delhi. One of the main reasons to choose FUE Hair transplant in Delhi is the quality of the treatment. Another reason is the Hair Transplant cost in Delhi as it is very affordable comparing to other cities in India, the hair transplant in Delhi cost is very affordable if compared to other metro cities around the world.

As Delhi is the capital of India, it is a well-developed metro city in the country with best medical hospitals and service staff to provide proper care to the patients. The hair transplant clinic in Delhi promises best results to their patients. Delhi being the HUB of medical tourism in India, it provides best affordable medical care and medical packages for your treatment.

FUE Hair Transplant cost in Delhi

The FUE Hair Transplant price in Delhi depends on various reasons such as the clinic you choose, the type of the treatment and so on. The hair transplant clinic in Delhi charges based on the number of grafts required to cover the bald region on your head. The average FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi starts from RS 30,000 to RS 1,00,000 depending on your type of Hair Transplant Treatment. The cost at the best FUE hair transplant clinic in Delhi will be relatively higher than the usual clinics. As cost is the main reason to consider when traveling to a different country for the treatment, Delhi is the most preferred destination for hair transplant.
The table below shows the FUE Hair transplant cost in Delhi based on the number of grafts required.

Number of grafts
Cost of the transplant
500 - 1000
Rs. 30,000 – Rs 45,000
1000 -1500
Rs. 45,000 – Rs 70,000
1500 - 2000
Rs. 60,000 – Rs. 90,000
2000 - 2500
Rs. 75,000 – Rs. 1,12,500
2500 - 3000
Rs. 90,000 – Rs 1,35,000
Lump sum price quote

The factors that make up the FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi are,

  • The baldness level of the patient.
  • The experience of the surgeon.
  • The desired hair density.
  • The total number of grafts needed to cover the bald area.
  • The texture and the type of patient’s hair

Choosing the right clinic for the best FUE hair transplant in Delhi

To have a permanent and natural look after your hair transplant surgery, it is always recommended to undergo the surgery at the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi. There are many clinics which provide good results and have a high success rate.
Listed below are some of the best FUE Hair Transplant clinics in Delhi.

1. AK clinics

AK clinics were founded in 2008,their aim is to regain the beauty of the people with best hair transplant in Delhi.They have been awarded as first specialized hair regain treatment center in the north of India, thus it is known as best Hair Transplant clinic in Delhi. They are specialist in FUE hair transplant treatment in the country. Along with FUE, there are many other hair transplant surgeries available at AK clinics.They have two branches for hair transplant in Delhi and Ludhiana. They claim to have the latest equipments and highly trained surgeons in their ranks.

Address: 1)GK-I, Near M Block Market, Delhi - 110092
2)Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana, Punjab –1401001

2. Provelus Hair Transplant clinic

The Provelus hair transplant clinics are ISO certified clinics in New Delhi, India.Established in 1981, they have been voted to be one of the best hair transplant clinic in Delhi by Times Healthcare survey for 3 consecutive years. They claim to have thousands of successful hair transplant surgeries globally. They offer hair transplant surgeries such as FUE, FUT, Body Hair Transplant and more. The Provelus Clinics have great medical surgeons and highly modern equipments, yet providing the cheapest Hair Transplant in Delhi.

Address: 1) Padma Tower-1, Rajendra Place, NewDelhi.
2) Provelus Cosmetic World, 201, Gujranwala Town-2, Delhi

3. Dr. A’s Clinic

Dr. A’s clinic provides one of the best hair transplants in Delhi. They have skilled surgeons who perform hair transplant surgeries with care. Many Bollywood celebrities have undergone hair Transplant surgeries at Dr. A’s clinic. They have decades of experience in Hair transplant surgeries and have a high success rate. They have best hair transplant doctors in Delhi. The team at Dr. A’s clinic aim at providing the best results and quality services to their patients.

Address:Ground Floor, Chittaranjan Park, New Delhi – 110019

4. Richfeel Trichology Centre

The Richfeel trichology centres are the most trusted Brand in India. Their clinics have the most modern technology and facilities for hair transplant. Their aim to provide natural looking hairline and give a permanent solution for hair fall is supported by special patented pen from AHI London. The Richfeel clinics are popular in the capital city because they have thebest hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.Richfeel is awarded as best hair retaining services in India by Frost & Sullivan.

Address: 1)2nd Floor,BasantLok, Opp. PvrPriya, VasantVihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110057, India.
2) Bharti Artist Colony, Opp Metro Pillar , New Rajdhani Enclave, SwasthyaVihar, Delhi, 110092, India
3) Market Road Number 10, Block M, Greater Kailash Ii, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, Delhi 110048, India

5. Radiant Hair Transplant Clinic

The Radiant Aesthetics are a health care provider in different fields of medical aspects but specializes in hair restoration and hair transplant. They claim to provide the best Hair Transplant in Delhi. They have their branches across different states, you can also check out Hair transplant in Mumbai if you reside nearby. Their health staffs provide proper care even after your surgery. They provide a comfortable ambience like your home.

Address: C/o Radiant Aesthetics, Near Laxmi Nagar Metro Station Opposite Heera sweets Next to Airtel Showroom Delhi 110092

6.Medispa hair transplant Delhi centre

The Medispa Hair Transplant in Delhi is a popular organization in India. The clinic was established in 2005 with all the modern medical equipments and surgical instruments. The clinic is well maintained and provides a hygienic surrounding as described by their patients. Medispa clinics aim to provide best FUE hair transplant in Delhi. They have separate operation theatres to avoid the risk of any infections. They also provide various other services such as Plastic surgery, Breast Reconstruction, Liposuction and Hair transplant surgery.

Address: Greater Kailash 2,Near Savitri Cinema, Gurudwara Road, New Delhi – 110 048, Delhi, INDIA

7. Medlinks

Medlinks are a medical group centre who provide excellent hair transplant in Delhi. They have a highly advanced operation theatre which includes stereo-microscopes, cold LED lights, high-resolution cameras and adjustable operating table. According to their clients, medlinks have best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi. They have separate recovery rooms for their patients where they can relax.

Address: Safdarjung enclave, New Delhi- 110029

8. DHI clinics

DHI clinics are spread across all the major metro cities in India. Their brand is also famous worldwide for Hair transplant treatments. They have highly experienced hair transplant doctor in Delhi. DHI takes care of their patients even after their hair transplant surgery with proper diet and do’s & don’t. They have served more than thousands of patients with 100% success rate. Many people prefer their hair transplant at DHI clinics because of the infrastructure and medical facilities.

Address: Safdarjung Enclave, Opposite DLTA & Deer Park Delhi 110029

9. Dermalife

Dermalife is the Leading Hair Transplant clinic in Delhi. They also specialize in skin treatments, laser and different kind of cosmetic surgeries. The patients are examined by best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, with Dermalife’s excellent medical equipments. The doctors are internationally trained and certified hair transplant surgeons. They personally take care of every patient and have customized treatments as per patients need.

Address:Green Park Main, New Delhi-110016

10. Olmec cosmetic surgery and hair transplant clinic

The Olmec clinics are well renowned for cosmetic surgeries but in recent years have bloomed in the field of hair transplant. The ambience makes a patient feel special with clinic’s infrastructure and staff. They have highly experienced surgeon for hair transplant in Delhi with over 15 years of experience. It is one of the proven and preferred hair transplant centre in Delhi. The standard of Olmec clinics is kept high by their excellence and quality in healthcare facilities worldwide.

Address: Opp Metro Pillar No 356, Pitampura, Delhi-110034 (INDIA)

What are the different methods used for Hair Transplant in Delhi?

If you are considering a hair transplant in Delhi, there are different types of hair transplant techniques available. You will be guided by the best hair transplant surgeons in Delhi, here are different methods for hair transplant in Delhi.

1. Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT):

  • FUT is the oldest method of hair transplant; it is still being carried out in many clinics due to its success.

  • FUT involves removing a strip from the area which has a lot of hair and planting on the affected region on the scalp.

  • People who suffer from male/female pattern baldness can opt for FUT treatment.
  • Single grafts from the extracted hair follicles are divided and taken good care before planting it directly.

  • The area from which the follicles are extracted is properly stitched by the experienced surgeon.

  • In FUT, a thin linear scar will remain on the donor region.

  • The recovery period will be around 4 weeks with proper bed rest at least for the first week after your hair transplant.


  • Natural looking hairline after the hair transplant surgery.
  • Permanent treatment .
  • The cost of the treatment is less than other techniques.
  • More number of grafts can be planted in one session thus saving your time.


  • The stitches at the donor region take time to heal.
  • The recovery time is more
  • It leaves a scar

2. Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE):

  • The FUE hair transplant in Delhi is the most advance technique which has become very popular in recent times.

  • In this method, the hair grafts are extracted from the donor region.

  • There is no need to store the hair follicles in solutions; it can be planted directly on the bald area.

  • The finer follicles are planted at the hairline and thick ones are transplanted towards the mid-region.

  • There are less scars

  • The recovery time is less


  • Natural look and it does not leave any scars like in FUT.
  • The pain is less
  • There are special tools to extract hair follicles.
  • The recovery time is less


  • Time taken to extract the follicles is more.
  • It is an expensive treatment

What is the difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant techniques?
If you had read above, you may know that there is not much of a difference in both these techniques. The image below will make it clear the differences of both these methods.

3. Stem cell FUE

  • This technique is relatively new compared to other two techniques
  • The stem cell FUE is an automated process
  • The efficiency of this technique is almost 99%
  • Technique is similar to standard FUE
  • The follicles in the donor region grow back
  • There is no scarring
  • The recovery time is less than a week

Advantages of stem cell FUE

  • The hair on the scalp Stays for lifetime
  • This technique is fast and accurate
  • More than 4500 grafts can be planted in a single session
  • The time needed for recovery is very less

Requirements for Stem cell FUE in Delhi

  • Donors hair – since it takes less time to transplant a lot of grafts it is necessary to have more hair in the donor’s area

  • Body hair transplant – hair follicles from donors chest can also be used and planted on head

  • Age – people less than 25 years old are not recommended to undergo this treatment

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) therapy

  • It involves PRP from your own body
  • With the help of a thin needle the PRP is injected into your scalp
  • The blood cells in your body will help grow the hair naturally
  • It is totally natural, non-surgical technique

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Who is the ideal candidate for Hair Transplant in Delhi?

Listed below are some of the factors.

Type of hair loss:
People who have male/female pattern baldness are best candidates for Hair Transplant treatment. Candidates who have alopecia are not considered as an ideal candidate as they have hair thinning.

It is recommended that the minimum age before getting hair transplant is 22-23 years old.

Donor's hair:
You will need a good quantity of donor’s hair during your hair transplant surgery.

Hair Type:
The type of hair should be considered before transplanting the hair on your scalp.

A healthy candidate will be able to recover in less time after the hair transplant surgery.

What are the Side effects of Hair Transplant?

There are side effects of having hair transplant surgery but this can be taken cured with good care and with time.
We have listed below some of the side effects of hair transplant.

  • Infection
    There are fewer chances of getting any infections after the surgery. Even if there are any infections the doctor will get you antibiotics for it.

  • Itching
    Itching is very common after the surgery. There are many shampoos and moisturizing oils which help reduce itching.

  • Swelling
    In most cases, a patient will have his forehead swollen. It is normal to have a swelling and will heal in time.

  • Numbness
    The numbness will last for some days.

  • Scarring
    I If you choose FUT technique then there will be scars on the donor area whereas there will be no scarring in FUE technique.

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