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Hair transplant in Ahmedabad


Ahmedabad is the largest city in Gujarat, which is taking great strides ahead in terms of industrialization. The inhabitants of Ahmedabad are abreast with modern technology and are very open to changes.

In this scenario where most of the information is available at a click of the mouse, people are aware of different methods and technologies which help them to live life to the fullest.

Everybody wants to look impressive as it gives them confidence and to attain it they go in for corrective procedures.

Hair transplant is one such procedure which is a boon for people who experience baldness or hair thinning due to various problems such as genetic, due to illness, diet, burns or medications.

Hair transplant in Ahmedabad is a minor surgery which does not require hospitalization and the success rate has increased manifold with more advancement in this field. The cost of hair transplant in Ahmedabad is reasonable as compared to other places.

Hair Transplant Clinics in Ahmedabad



Opp. Ratnamani Complex, Above Karur Vysya Bank, Near Jodhpur cross road, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat

 MON - SUN 11.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Dev Hair Transplant Clinic

Dev Hair Transplant Clinic

205, Palm Arcade, Shukan Bunglow Cross Road, Nikol Naroda Road, Niko l

 10 AM - 8 PM

HT Clinic

HT Clinic

Rakhial Road,Odhav Road,Opp Indian Oxygen, Ahmedabad-38241 0

 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Hair ReGrow Solutions

Hair ReGrow Solutions

415-416,Iscon Center, Shivranjani cross roads, Satellite, Ahmedabad -38001 5


Hair Regrow Solutions

Hair Regrow Solutions

415 And 416 Iscon Center, Shivaranjani Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 38001 5

 10:00 AM - 10.00 PM

 Renova Skin & Hair Clinic

Renova Skin & Hair Clinic

Upper Level 2 Siddhanath Complex, Bhuyangdev Cross Road, Sola Road, Ahmedabad - 38006 1

 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Avenues Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery Center

Avenues Hair Transplant and Plastic Surgery Center

402 Jyoti Complex, Shyamal Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 38001 5

 6:00PM - 8:00PM



#1st Floor, Jaydeep Tower,Dharnidhar Derasar, vasna Paldi, Ahmedabad-38000 7

 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM

LaDiva Center of Excellence

LaDiva Center of Excellence

Sal Hospital & Research Institute, Drive In Road. Ahmedabad-38005 4

 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Shailya Hospital

Shailya Hospital

2nd Floor, Stadium Plaza, Sardar Patel Stadium Road, Naranpura, Ahmedabad - 38001 3

 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Hair Transplant cost In Ahmedabad

The hair transplant cost in Ahmedabad is very affordable and any common person can afford it.

FUE hair transplant is preferred by most of the people of Ahmedabad and the overall cost of hair transplant may start from Rs. 35,000/-.

The cost of FUT hair transplantation will be different from that of FUE hair transplant.

The cost will vary from one individual to another as it depends upon the level of baldness that an individual is suffering from.

Also, it will be interesting to note that few clinics will charge per graft basis while others will charge based on per hair or per follicles basis.

A hair graft can have 1-4 hairs. The cost of hair transplant may begin with as low as Rs. 35/-per hair graft and can go as high as Rs.150/- per hair graft.

It is advisable that you understand from the hair specialist about every minute details of the cost of hair transplant in Ahmedabad during your consultation.

It is also recommended that you take an informed decision and not fall prey to hair clinics that offer cheap and hair transplant in Ahmedabad and compromise on the quality of the hair transplant treatment.

Apart from Ahmadabad,there are other cities in Gujarat which are also famous for hair transplant surgery. The clinics of hair transplant in Surat are also known for the quality hair transplant that they provide at an affordable cost.

Also, hair transplant in Goa is available at affordable rates.

Looking for Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad G?

Hair transplant is a simple surgery where hair grafts are removed from the area where there is dense hair growth and planted in the area where there is a bald patch or less hair.

The area from where the grafts are taken is called the donor site which is mostly the back of the head and the area where it is transplanted is called the recipient site which is usually the top of the head. The surgery is conducted by surgeons who have specialized in hair transplant.

It is advisable that you do thorough research about the transplant and be satisfied with the procedure because it is better to be realistic about hair restoration surgery.

Are you Eligible for Hair Transplant?

Usually there is no problem for most of the people to go in for hair transplant but there are few things that the doctor is likely to discuss with the person before he recommends him for transplant.

Age - Age is not an issue for hair transplant unless the person is very young because their hair loss pattern has not been established and they will lose hair as they age and might need more surgery in future for the natural look.

The candidates above 30 are best suited for transplant as their hair loss pattern is established and the surgery look natural for a long time.

Health conditions - Before the surgery it is necessary for the candidate to be healthy and have a strong immune system. If you have medical issues like diabetes, thyroid etc. discuss it with your doctor so that he can plan the treatment accordingly.

Lifestyle - Maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating a proper diet, exercise, get ample of sleep and lead a stress-free life so that it can build strong immunity to reduce the recovery period and fight infections.

Classify hairloss - Determine how severe the hairfall is and whether there is enough hair to donate for the transplant because the final result of the transplant lies on amount of hair available.

Procedures offered by Hair Transplant Clinics in Ahmedabad

1. Follicular unit transplantation [FUT]
2. Follicular unit extraction [FUE]
The surgery is done on an outpatient basis and in it is conducted under local anesthesia and the patient can be sedated also. Before the surgery the scalp is shampooed and antibacterial agent is applied.



Follicular unit transplantation is also called strip transplantation, which is the most common method of transplantation.

The surgeon removes a strip of skin from the back of the head where there is good hair growth by using a blade. The tissues bearing hair are removed from the donor site, the incisions made are well planned so that the hair follicles are not damaged and they are intact.

The strip is about 15 to 30 cms long and about 1 to 1.5 cms broad. Individual unit grafts, which are natural grouping of hair are dissected from the strips of skin by the assistants while the wound is being closed.

They remove the extra fatty tissues from it using microscopic binoculars taking care not to damage the follicular cells which will be used for grafting.

The surgeon then puncture's the area that will receive the grafts using fine needles or micro blades.

The area, density and pattern where the grafts will be transplanted is determined from first, and they are placed at an angle so that it looks like natural hair pattern. The technicians insert each graft in its place.

FUT surgery leaves a thin linear scar in the places from where the strips of skin were removed, but it is hidden by the patient's hair. This surgery takes around two weeks to heal and the stitches have to be removed by the doctor.



During Follicular unit extraction [FUE] individual hair follicles which contain around 2 to 4 hairs are removed by using tiny punches under local anesthesia.

The surgeon then uses fine needles or sharp micro blades to puncture holes in the recipient area. The area, density, pattern all has been determined from first and the puncture holes are made at an angle so that the hair growth looks natural.

The technicians insert each graft in its place. Though FUE surgery is more time consuming than FUT procedure, the end results are very natural.

FUE surgery does not need large areas of tissues to be harvested nor does it leave behind linear scars. Post-surgery the pain and discomfort is less as there are only puncture scars and no stitches have to be removed, it also heals within 7 days. Follicular unit extraction is costlier than strip surgery.

Procedures To Be Followed After Surgery

After the surgery the dressing has to be changed daily and the head must be protected from the sunlight. Shampooing the scalp from the next day is important as it prevents the scabs from forming

Side effects of hair transplant

Although there are rare chances of hair transplant side effects if it is done from a high-quality and reputed centre. However, a person should be aware of the major side effects of hair transplant before going for a hair transplant treatment


A few days after the surgery, most of the transplanted hair falls off due to trauma of relocation called "shock loss". But they grow back in a few months and within 6 to 9 months there is normal growth.


1: Is hair transplant permanent or not?

Yes, hair transplant is permanent in nature, as the transplanted hair is generally extracted from the backside of your own head, where the hairs are genetically more durable.

2: I am having a medical condition can I undergo a hair transplant or not?

Yes, but at first a medical check-up is recommended to understand what complications you are facing.
Some of the common conditions are High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Alopecia etc.
The hair transplant surgeon will only suggest you to undergo the surgery if all the medical conditions are under control.

3: Does the needle or drill will affect the skull or not?

The drilling that is done in hair transplant surgery is only 0.3 mm deep which is sufficient enough to penetrate the upper layer of the skin of your scalp.
So there are no chances of the drill to getting anywhere near your skull.

4: How much pain will I feel during hair transplant?

You won't feel any pain while extraction or implantation of the grafts since you will be provided with local Anaesthesia during the surgery.

5: Will it look natural or not?

Yes, since the procedure involves transplanting your own hair, it gives the most ‘natural look’. This also depends on various factors:

  • The treatment that you choose (for e.g. FUE).
  • The quality of donor hair.
  • How experienced or qualified the specialist is.

6: How long will the hair transplant procedure take?

The timing of the procedure and how long it will take to complete it usually depends on the number of grafts to be implanted.

Ex : If you require a transplant of 1500-2000 hair grafts, it will take 6- 8 hours for its completion.

7: When can I resume my work?

You can resume work from the next day itself unless and until you have to do any heavy field work as you have to be careful and protect the implanted Grafts from direct sunlight and dust.
So wearing a protective headwear is recommended.

8: Are there any post-surgery side effects?

Absolutely no major side effects have been recorded yet, although there are some minor post-surgery side effects like swelling and redness in the implanted area. Though, with proper medication, this can be treated successfully.

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