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Hair Transplant Clinics Near You

We assure you that you have landed at right place in case you are looking for hair transplant in Mumbai. A lot of people from different places in India head to Mumbai every year to get hair restoration treatment. Mumbai hair transplant clinics are regarded to deliver hair loss treatment which is as par with the services provided by the top hair restoration clinics in the world.There is no doubt that Mumbai is the best place to get your hair transplant done as almost all the Hospitals in India uses the latest technology and have the best of equipments and amenities. We have listed some of most reputed hair transplant doctors who are located in the heart of Mumbai, Maharashtra, INDIA. You can compare among them and choose the most suitable one for your treatment. Following factors might help you in deciding, why you should opt for hair transplant in Mumbai.
  • Being the cosmetic capital of India, Mumbai has an advantage over other cities when it comes to the hair transplant treatments. Awareness level is high and hence the treatment standards also cutting edge.
  • Most sophisticated and advanced methods of hair transplantation are used in Mumbai. Any new technique is first tested in Mumbai and then spreads across India.
  • breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, tummy tuck and liposuction in mumbai performed by the doctors is also huge in number. Due to this most of them are very experienced and are able to provide perfection and better result.
  • As the number of surgeries per month is high, it automatically reduces the cost. The competition for hair transplant in Mumbai is also cut throat which ultimately goes in patient's benefit.
  • Across the world people come to India and most preferably opt for Mumbai for their hair transplantation surgery.
  • They get the hair transplant in Mumbai, for one fifth of the price, as compared to the price in their native country. hair transplant in Mumbai

    Now once you make up your mind to go for hair transplant in Mumbai, all you need to do is, select the nearest and the best clinic you feel, from the list given below and book an appointment with them. To book an appointment you just need to fill the enquiry form provided on this page. Are you confused about which Mumbai center is the best one for your hair transplant surgery? Well hold on! It's not that tough. The factors which you need to consider before finalizing your hair transplant in Mumbai are as following:

  • Hair transplant clinics in South Mumbai, Dadar, Bandra, Andheri etc have more experienced doctors.
  • Outskirts of Mumbai like Borivali, Dahisar, Thane, Navi Mumbai have cost advantage as far as Hair transplant treatment in Mumbai is concerned.
  • Maximum number of aesthetic clinics which provide hair transplant surgery are located in Andheri, Mumbai.
  • In case you want a flexible payment option you should try for clinics in South Mumbai, Andheri etc which provides EMI options.
  • Now good luck! go ahead, do your research and select the best doctor for your hair transplant treatment. In case you face any problem or need further clarification on anything, we are just a call away from you. Call our number and we will help you in searching for the best one absolutely FREE of cost!

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    Hair Transplant doctors in Mumbai

    Anagen Hair Transplant Clinic
    Dr. Prafful Shah

    MBBS, MS,(hair transplant doctor), (hair transplant doctor)
    Address :SVP Nagar, Mahada, Andheri West, Near Jankidevi School, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

    Radiant Clinic
    Dr. Vikas Panthri

    MBBS., D.A , MIMA ,MISHRS, (hair transplant doctor)
    Address :C/o Radiant Aesthetics 109, DLH Junction, Eversun SocietyShahkar Nagar, Andheri West,Mumbai-53.

    DNCC Clinic
    DR Nishita K. Sheth

    MBBS,DDV (hair transplant doctor)
    Address :opp.Bandra Talao,S.V.Rd,Bandra (west),Mumbai,Maharashtra,400050

    Looks Clinic

    Address :A/203, GrenVille Society, Millat Nagar Circle,Pizza Hut, Lokhandwala,Andheri (West) Mumbai - 400053

    Richfeel Trichology Centre, Bandra, Mumbai


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    Cosmagic Aesthetic Clinic
    Dr.Sourabh Vyas

    MBBS,(hair transplant doctor)
    Address :Opposite City Mall, Link Road, Andheri west,Mumbai Maharashtra,400050

    Yashi Skin Laser Studio
    Dr. Bharti K Patel

    MD, MBBS (hair transplant doctor)
    Address :P. K. Road, Sarvodaya Nagar, Mulund - West, Landmark: Near Moksh Mahal, Mumbai

    Trinity Skin & Health Clinic

    Address :Rahul Society, Marve Road, Malad West, Mumbai - 400064, Opposite State Bank Of Hyderabad


    Dr. Raj Kumar

    MS general surgeon,MBBS, M.Ch plastic surgery (hair transplant doctor)
    Address :link road, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400064

    Sai Cosmetics Clinic
    Dr. Amitabh Shrivastava

    M.S, MCH. DNB (hair transplant doctor)
    Address :Okland Park, Link Road, Goregoan, West - Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061.

    Dr. Amit Kerure Skin Clinic
    Dr. Amit Kerure

    MBBS , M.D. Skin,VD,(hair transplant doctor)
    Address :Sector 9, Landmark: Near Shabri Hotel, Navi Mumbai.400706


    Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai

    The cost of hair transplant in Mumbai would rely on the surgeon’s experience, the efficiency of the team, the location of the clinic and the technology used. Hair transplant cost mainly depends on the number of grafts to be implanted. Cost per graft is around Rs. 30/- to Rs.120/- hair transplant cost in Mumbai ranges between 50,000 to 80,000 rupees & can even exceed upto 1 lakh depending on the level of baldness. The cost of FUT method is usually lower varying from Rs. 20 per graft to Rs. 40 per graft, while the cost of FUE hair transplant can vary from Rs. 35 per graft to Rs. 100 per graft

    Hair transplant cost in Mumbai varies due to a number of reasons. It might be high or low depending upon how many hair grafts are being plucked and planted in your scalp during the hair transplant procedure. The cost of hair transplant also takes into account -who's your doctor?, where you are being operated and how critical is the procedure. Hair Transplant in Goa is also available with better results.
    Hair Transplant cost determining factors: Hair Transplant cost in Mumbai starts from Rs.35 and varies depending upon factors like the hair transplant doctor and the hair transplant clinic where you are going to take this hair loss treatment. Following are the factors which determine the final cost of your hair transplant surgery:
    1.Hair thinning and balding stage- Your hair transplant surgeon or Trichologist will diagnose and tell you the current hair thinning and balding condition and approximately how much your hair transplant might cost.
    2.Hair graft size and numbers- The number of hair grafts required for your hair transplantation treatment can only be determined by the concerned hair surgeon.


    3.Hair Density- The desired hair density that you wish can directly affect the cost of hair transplant. If you need long hair and good volume, then obviously the overall cost of hair transplant surgery will go up. If it is not the case, then you just have to pay the base price for this hair treatment.
    Besides the above factors which influence the cost of hair transplant, others include the hair transplant technique used for the surgery, the skill level of the hair specialist, other needs of the patient, city and the facilities available in the hair transplant clinic. If you have not got the desired results at the first instance, then you might have to undergo more than one hair restoration session. Usually people suffering from the problem of hair thinning need one or more session. The sum up, hair transplant cost in Mumbai varies depending on the following factors:
    1. The area of the scalp treated during hair transplant surgery.
    2. Hair grafts numbers and thickness provided
    3. Hair loss rate determined by tests
    4. The quantity of hair available in donor area
    Hair loss treatment Initial Consultation Phase: Many surgeons use computer analysis to understand the status of the patient's hair loss rate. Robotic hair transplant also makes a significant impact on the cost of treatment. Within this cost, you can also be eligible for a medical assessment. However, these days, many hair transplant clinics offer free consultation too.

    1)  Choose your Baldness Level.

    2)  You want how much hair density.


    3)  Fill the form to know the Cost Estimation

    Want to know more about Hair Transplant ?

    1. First of all know what is hair transplant?
    To be straight forward, Hair transplant is simply a treatment in which hair is extracted (along with roots) from the back of the scalp - where even a bald person never loses hair - and planted in the balding area. Don't worry! the back side of the scalp will not go bald due to hair extraction. This is because the back side is genetically programmed to re grow for the rest of your life.


    2. Now the question arises whether the results are permanent?
    The answer is pleasant big YES. The transplanted hair will continue to grow for the rest of your life just like any of your normal hair. They require no special maintenance or care. You can wash them, comb, oil, cut and style them in any way you wish. And your fantastic look like a film star is ready!

    3. Are you afraid of pain in hair transplant?
    Do not be as it is not painful! In fact a patient can watch tv, read a book or talk while the surgeon is performing the hair transplant procedure.

    4. Worried about side effects of hair transplant?
    Hair transplantation has no side effects and is safe to be used on both men and women.

    5.Who should consider to get a hair transplantation done?
    Ideally both men and women are ideal candidates for hair transplant. However, men suffering from frontal baldness or male pattern baldness should consider getting a hair transplantation.

    6. At what age you may undergo hair transplant?
    The answer is simple. Person above 21 suffering from baldness can undergo hair transplantation.It is best to visit your hair specialist and he will recommend you the best hair transplant treatment. There have been instances where people above 80 have also undergone hair transplant treatment. After the hair transplant treatment, you will get completely natural, growing hair that is permanent.


    7.What are the exact number of hair graft needed to cover baldness?
    Well, first of all you will need to get your scalp examined by a hair surgeon. He will check for your level of baldness and also evaluate the density of hair in the donor area. Based on this examination, he will determine the number of hair grafts that would be needed to cover your baldness.

    8. Hate to stay back in the clinic?
    Good news is- the hair transplant procedure can be completed in one day.You can go to the hair clinic in the morning, get the hair transplantation done and then leave for your home in the evening. Overnight stay is not required.

    9. Can't afford to take leave from work to get the procedure done?
    The biggest advantage of getting the hair transplant done is that you need not take leave from work. As it is a one day procedure, you can resume work the next day. Therefore, you need not worry about taking too many leaves from work.

    10. You want to see the results at the earliest?
    First of all you need to be patient. Although you will be able see the newly transplanted hair on the day of the hair transplantation, hair will grow only in a few months. It takes about 9- 12 months for the transplanted hair to fully grow to the normal length of your hair.

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    Hair Transplant results in Mumbai