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Bariatric Surgery Cost in India: Pre & Post Weight Loss Surgery Costs in India

This article will provide you with in detail knowledge and act as a guide for all the areas related to bariatric surgery costs in India in various cities. We will be including the cost for diagnostic tests and pre-treatment, during surgery, and post-treatment charges for bariatric surgery.

By Dr. Sayalee Karve

Updated on 18th, Apr'22

The bariatric surgery cost in India ranges from 2,1,0000 to 5,60,000 INR (2800 to 7500 USD). The price can differ depending on the type of hospital, the city where the treatment is taken, and many other factors.
This surgery for weight loss is also called the “Gastric bypass surgery,” in which a  top part of the stomach is separated and sealed off from the remaining part of the stomach. This results in a reduction in the size of the stomach, often into the shape of a walnut and can only hold about a few grams of the food. 


What is the cost of weight loss or bariatric surgery in major cities of India? 


Name of the City

Prince range in INR


1,85,000 – 5,00,000


2,00,000 – 3,50,000


2,00,000 – 4,86,000


2,30,000 – 3,50,000


2,00,000 – 3,50,000


2,50,000 – 4,75,000


2,00,000 – 3,20,000


1,80,000 – 3,50,000


What is the cost for various types of bariatric surgery in India?

Various types of bariatric surgeries are performed, which include laparoscopic - gastric banding, gastric bypass and sleeve gastrectomy. Gastric bypass includes stapling, sleeve gastrectomy with stapling, Roux-en-Y surgery, and intragastric ballooning.



Type of Bariatric Surgery

Sub type

Cost in INR

Cost in $




Gastric Banding Surgery



Gastric bypass



Sleeve Gastrectomy



Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass with stapling



Roux-en-Y Surgery



Sleeve Gastrectomy 

Sleeve Gastrectomy with stapling



Intra Gastric Ballooning





Bariatric surgery is of 4 different types:

a.   Gastric bypass –

Roux-en-Y surgery is a type of gastric bypass surgery wherein the surgeon clips the stomach, forming a small pouch in the superior part. 

Then intestine is divided into the upper and lower section. The lower portion is attached directly to a small pouch. Thus food moves directly into the small intestine, absorbing lesser calories. 






b.   Vertical sleeve gastrectomy/ Gastric sleeve–



Maximum part of the stomach is removed, keeping only a banana shaped portion closed with clips. Metabolism is increased and appetite decreases as certain hormones or bacteria in GIT are affected by removing a part of the stomach.



c.   Gastric band – 

A ring is placed with the expandable band at the top of the stomach to create a small pouch. The inner band with a circular balloon is filled with a saline solution. The inner band can be adjusted and the opening can be resized from the small pouch to the remaining portion of the abdomen by inserting, taking out a saline solution with the help of a port that is placed under the skin.

d.   Duodenal switch– It comprises 2 surgical methods, the first similar to gastric sleeve surgery and the second, in which the small intestine is divided into 2 zones.
With this kind of surgery, the food moves from one area bypassing the small intestine, which reduces calorie and nutrient absorption. 


What other factors affect the cost of bariatric surgery in India?

  • Age – Age limit exists for undergoing bariatric surgery. Patients in the age group of 16 and 70 years and with a BMI of 40 are eligible for undertaking the surgery.
  • Gender – The majority of females are seen to be diagnosed with obesity and the rate of undergoing bariatric surgery is higher in females in comparison to males.
  • Health state – The presence of any comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension can increase the overall cost of treatment.
  • Type of hospital and room – The cost for hospitalization differs between government and private healthcare facilities.
  • After procedure problems – Post operation side effects include acid reflux, enduring nausea and vomiting, infection, loss of ability to consume certain types of food, inability to lose weight and stomach obstruction.
  • Varied Recovery time – Time taken for recovery varies from person to person. 
  • Technique used for performing bariatric surgery – With the use of advanced equipment, the likelihood of successful surgery rises. 
  • Category of bariatric surgery decided – Depending on the type of surgery, the cost varies.
  • Specialist consultation charges – Charges may vary from city to city and from the type of hospital, whether private or government. 



What is the cost for pre-operative preparation for bariatric surgery in India?

Depending on the BMI, the doctor will decide whether a certain patient is suitable for the surgery or not. 


Pre-operative cost mainly includes surgeon consultation fee, dietician fee and diagnostic test charges

Pre-operative preparations

Cost in INR

Surgeon Consultation Fee

1,000 (per consultation)

Dietician Fee

500 (per consultation)

Diagnostic test (hormonal test, ultrasound and BMR)


Gall bladder ultrasound


Pulmonary function test

300 - 1500



Endoscopy evaluation


Cardiology evaluation


Psychiatric evaluation

800 – 2,500


Other tests required prior to surgery include pulmonary function test, Echo, GI, cardiology, and psychiatric – evaluation.


What is the cost of post-operative preparation for bariatric surgery in India?

Post-operative cost mainly includes surgeon consultation fee, dietician fee, hospitalization charges, surgery cost and cost of medicine.

Post-operative preparation

Cost in INR

Surgery Cost (depends on the city)

2,50,000 – 3,00,000

Hospitalization charges (ICU + hospital room)/ day


Cost of Medicine


Surgeon Consultation Fee

1,000 (per consultation)

Dietician Fee

500 (per consultation)


In comparison to other countries like the USA or UK, the bariatric surgery cost in India is affordable. Here is the comparison chart.




Price range in $


6,000 – 9,000


25,800 – 40,000


15,000 – 22,000


16,000 – 18,000




Why is India preferred for bariatric surgery?

In India, the cost of bariatric surgery is a fraction of what it costs in other countries.

The rate of obesity diagnosis is about 1 in 5 people in India and it is ranked as the 3rd country in the world. With qualified surgeons, the use of cutting-edge technology, modest charges and outstanding hospital amenities, India has become the famous terminus for bariatric surgery.











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Good morning sir My son 6 years old age ,he is suffering from cyclical vomiting cyndrome from last 3 years ,but now he is some better comparative to previous years,but he has frequently stomach upset,then loose motions come,then vomitings occurred.what should he ate again vomiting occurred.please help us sir.Thanking you

Asked anonymously on 6th February, 2022 at 12:07 am

Cyclical vomiting is also associated with many gastric problems. You need to get an upper Gastrointestinal scope to rule out any lesions associated with the gastrointestinal tract. You need to focus on healthy food habits to prevent such events. It is always advisable to investigate the condition so that we can catch any problem at an early stage.

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Dr. Akash Umesh Tiwari

Hi, I have been waking in the early morning (usually between 4 and 5:30) with pain in my shoulders, back, chest or ribs. I am sure it is trapped wind because once I get up and walk around and release the gas by a lot of burping or going to the toilet, the pain goes away. I then try and get back to sleep though can find this difficult. A lot of the time the pain starts again usually 1-2 hours later. Once more, when I sit up it tends to go away, even without burping etc. I do have tenderness around my diaphragm sometimes or sensitivity when pressing to try and move the area. I seem to experience this nightly now regardless of dietary changes. I am a 45 year old male and in generally reasonable health. Thanks for your help. Paul

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Dr. Saksham Mittal

My friend's mother has been diagnosed with Ulcer proliferative lesion at mid Esophagus. Dr. has been suggested for the removal of esophagus and radio therapy. Would like to know about the other ways to cure this. Kindly suggest accordingly.

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Dr. Samrat V. Jankar

My husband has Bleeding since four days without any pain Had piles and fissure and also got operated for the same in 2010 at thane bhanushali hospital Till now there were no issues but suddenly started bleeding since 4 days without any pain Please advice

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Dr. Samrat V. Jankar

Hii I am an 18 year old male. I had an endoscopy 2 months ago which showed H.Pylori gastritis. My doc has prescribed me esomeprazole, antacids and rebamipide for 15 days. Is there any particular way I have to take these meds? Any possible interaction between the antacid and rebamipide?? My doc has not instructed me properly.

Asked anonymously on 13th July, 2021 at 12:29 am

Esoprazole need to take before food.

Antacid need to take after food.

Rebamipide need to take after food.

As you have H pylori gastritis, therefore you need to take HP kit for at least 15 days.

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Dr. Samrat V. Jankar
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