Hernia Surgery Cost in India- Updated 2022

Hernia surgery is popularly performed technique in India.

By Priyanka Dutta Deb

Updated on 09th, Apr'22

Hernia surgery is performed by highly skilled and well-trained surgeons in India. It is performed using advanced high-end technology and well-maintained hospitals and centres. The average cost of hernia surgery in India is around ₹ 90,000 (1188 USD). 


The cost for Hernia surgery varies in different cities in India. However, on average they are more or less similar and affordable. The cost of the surgery may not be limited to just the procedure; there are:

  1. Pre-surgery check-ups,
  2. Medications,
  3. Tests to be taken,
  4. Post-surgery follow-ups, etc.

These factors may either increase or decrease your surgery cost depending on the hospital, city, type of surgery chosen, age factor, and so on. In this article, you will find all cost-related information ranging from pre-operative costs to post-operative costs in different Indian cities.


The cost of hernia treatment and surgery in India ranges from ₹ 3, 71,400 (4900 USD) to ₹ 7, 85,000 (10357 USD). This cost varies between different cities in India and depends on which treatment the patient has opted for.


The average maximum and minimum prices in major Indian cities are given below.


Mumbai₹ 55,000₹ 3,00, 000
Bangalore₹ 55,000₹1,55,000
Delhi₹ 73, 564₹2,94,256
Hyderabad₹   27,000₹ 45, 000
Chennai₹ 70, 000₹ 90, 000
Ahmedabad₹ 32, 000₹ 60, 000
Kolkata₹25, 000₹ 1, 20,000
Pune₹ 55, 000₹ 3, 50, 000


The prices may vary within this range depending on the hospital or other miscellaneous fees. 


It also depends on:

  1. The hospital room rent
  2. Duration of stay
  3. Surgeon
  4. Medications etc.

Depending on these factors there will be additional costs or they may lie within the aforementioned range.


There may also be additional costs based on the type of surgery chosen and follow-up costs. These factors will be discussed in detail further.


What are the different treatments available for hernia surgery in India?


There are two most common types of surgery options available for hernia treatment. These include open surgery and laparoscopic surgery.


This is an invasive type of surgery that involves the surgeon making an incision near the site of surgery – upper abdominal or lower. As the name suggests, it is an open surgery where the surgeon cuts open the region and pushes back the tissue protrusion or bulge to its original position. They then secure it in place using stitches or most commonly a surgical mesh which helps to keep the tissue intact.


The surgery cost alone for open surgery lies between ₹ 18, 000 (237.47 USD) to ₹ 30, 000 (395.78 USD) in India.


  • Laparoscopic surgery-


images (1).jpg

This type of surgery is mostly suggested and is of advanced technology. It is a minimally invasive technique and causes limited damage to surrounding tissue or regions. In laparoscopic operation, general anaesthesia is used to numb your body so you experience no pain. Following this, tiny incisions are made and through this, the surgeon uses a non-poisonous gas to deflate your stomach to get a better view. A laparoscope – a small tube containing a camera and light is sent through the incisions. The surgery is similar to open surgery from this step on. The region is located and drawn together with a mesh to hold back the bulging muscles.  


The surgery cost alone for laparoscopic surgery lies between ₹36, 000 (474.94 USD) to ₹ 51, 000 (672.83 USD) in India.


What are the pre & post operative hernia surgery costs in India?

  • The pre-op charges include a doctor’s fee - ₹ 1000 (13.19 USD) to ₹ 1500 (19.79 USD)
  • Required tests such as :

X-Ray - ₹ 500 (6.60 USD) - ₹ 800 (10.56 USD)

Abdominal Ultrasound - ₹ 800 (10.56 USD) - ₹ 1,000 (13.19 USD)

MRI - ₹ 2,500 (32.98 USD) - ₹ 6,000 (79.16 USD)

CT scan - ₹ 1,500 (19.79 USD) - ₹ 5,000 (65.96 USD)

Blood Test -₹ 300 (3.96 USD) - ₹ 700 (9.23 USD)  

  • Type of mesh used for surgery - ₹ 2, 000 (26.39 USD) to ₹ 35, 000 ( 461.74 USD)
  • Post-operative surgery includes: follow-up sessions at ₹ 600 (7.92 USD)/session, medicines post operation at ₹ 2000 (26.39 USD) to ₹ 3000 (39.58 USD) and hospital care services will cost around ₹ 3000 (39.58 USD) to ₹ 6000 (79.16 USD), depending on room rent, nurse, etc.


Indian hospitals do provide hernia surgeries at an affordable rate. When compared with other countries, the rates are competitive as well as affordable for the public. Most hospitals accept insurance and the maximum cost can be covered through that. 


India is a preferred location for Hernia surgery since the prices are affordable and are coupled with good services. The cost of hernia surgery in countries like the US, UK and Australia are relatively higher. 


For your convenience, we've included a cost comparison of hernia surgery in India and other countries below.


Countries    Cost of Hernia Treatment
India1338 to 4847 USD
USA6400 to 8200 USD
UK2038 to 2467 USD
Australia4200 USD


Compared to these rates, India has a globally competitive rate as well is affordable and reasonable. These prices may slightly increase depending on the type of surgery chosen, such as laparoscopy, hernia repair, etc.    


What are the factors affecting the hernia operation cost in India?

The factors affecting surgery costs in India may include:

  • The hospital consultation fees vary between different hospitals
  • Admission fee for inpatient or outpatient depending on duration.
  • Age of the patient and related pre-operative steps
  • Pre-operative tests and diagnosis and post-operative follow-ups
  • Choice of hospital room, its rent and additional bills
  • Medicine bills, tests, pantry bills, etc.
  • Type of surgery chosen
  • Any post-operative issues or complications due to surgery, so on.




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