Plastic Surgery Cost in Turkey and Comparison in 2022

Do you research the cost of plastic surgery in Turkey? Our team offers you comprehensive details of cost and the best clinics list to make treatments accessible to you.

By Arya Kamat

Updated on 26th, Sep'22

If you want to know all about the cost of plastic surgery in Turkey, then you have landed on the right page. In recent times, Turkey has become a hot destination for plastic surgery. In particular, Istanbul and Antalya are becoming hubs for cosmetic surgery hospitals.

Let us dive deep into the most popular cosmetic procedures in Turkey.

The cosmetic surgeries mentioned above are not limited. There are many more based on your requirements.



How much does Plastic Surgery cost in Turkey?

The cost of plastic surgery in Turkey ranges from $1,200 to $20,000, depending on the type of surgery, hospital, and package you select, as well as the number of days you stay in the hospital.

Although, besides Turkey, India provides equally competitive prices for cosmetic surgeries like, Rhinoplasty, Lip reduction, eyelid surgery, liposuction, Cool Sculpting, tummy tuck, vaginoplasty, breast reduction, breast augmentation etc. 


Let's take a closer look at Turkey's most popular cosmetic procedures and things you must know. The table below provides you with complete information.


Let's take a look at the costs of different treatment procedures for plastic surgery in Turkey. 



Cost Range

Things To Know

Facelift Turkey

$3,000 to $5,000

Surgery Time: 2-4 hours

Recovery: 1-4 weeks

Hospital stay: 1-2 days.

3-4 days stay in Turkey.

Mommy makeover Turkey

$9,000 to $15,000.

Surgery Time: 2-4 hours

Recovery: 1-4 weeks

Hospital stay: 3-4 days.

12-14 days stay in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey.

$2000 to $4000

Surgery Time: 1.5-3 hours.

Recovery: 2-4 weeks

Hospital stay: 1 night

2-3 days stay in Turkey

Liposuction Turkey

$2,500 to $3,195

Surgery Time: 1-3 hours.

Recovery: 3 months

Hospital stay: 2 days

10-14 days stay in Turkey.

Tummy Tuck Turkey

$2000 to $ 5000

Surgery Time: 1-5 hours.

Recovery: 6 weeks

Hospital stay: 1-2 days

4-5 days stay in Turkey.

BBL Turkey (Brazilian Butt Lift)

$ 4000 to $ 8000

Surgery Time: 2-3 hours.

Recovery: 6 weeks

Hospital stay: 1-2 days

12-14 days stay in Turkey.

Breast augmentation in Turkey

$ 3,000 to $ 5,500

Surgery Time: 1-1.5 hours.

Recovery: 4-6 weeks

Hospital stay: 1-2 days

3-4 days stay in Turkey.

Arm lift turkey

$1,573 to $3,000

Surgery Time: 2-5 hours.

Recovery: 2-3 weeks

Hospital stay: 1 night

2-3 days stay in Turkey.

Breast lift turkey

$1,712 to $3,800

Surgery Time: 1-3 hours.

Recovery: 2-3 weeks

Hospital stay: 1 days

2-4 days stay in Turkey.

Breast Reduction turkey

$1,956 to $5,000

Surgery Time: 3-4 hours.

Recovery: 2-6 weeks

Hospital stay: 1-2 days

5-6 days stay in Turkey.

Calf implants in Turkey

$2,622 to $2,866

Surgery Time: 2-2.5 hours.

Recovery: 2-6 weeks

Hospital stay: 1 night

3-4 days stay in Turkey.

Chin Augmentation surgery turkey

$1,266 to $1,456

Surgery Time: 45 min-1 hour

Recovery:1-2 weeks

Hospital stay: Same-day discharge .

2-3 days stay in Turkey.

Ear plastic surgery in Turkey


$904 to $1,200


Surgery Time: 2 hours.

Recovery: 1-2 weeks

Hospital stay: same day discharge

2-3 days stay in Turkey. 

Eyelid surgery in Turkey


$814 to $1,352

Surgery Time: 1-2 hours.

Recovery: 8 weeks

Hospital stay: 1 day

2-3 days stay in Turkey.

Forehead lift turkey

$1,771 to $2,037

Surgery Time: 1-2 hours.

Recovery: 1-2 weeks

Hospital stay: 1 night

1-2  days stay in Turkey.


Is it affordable to have your plastic surgery in Turkey?

  • Turkey has become one of the world's best destinations for plastic surgery.
  • People, especially from the US and UK, visit Turkey for cosmetic surgery at a much cheaper rate compared to other countries around the globe.
  • The primary reason for more affordable plastic surgery rates in Turkey is the high exchange rate difference between the Turkish lira and the Euro or USD.
  • Turkey has effortless access to raw materials for plastic surgery.
  • All the types of equipment are locally manufactured. Very little equipment is imported from other parts of the globe.


For you, we present the comparative list of plastic surgery cost of different countries.


Plastic surgery TypeTurkeyUKUSA
Facelift $     3,200  $      7,000  $    8,000 
Breast Reduction $     3,200  $      6,500  $    4,500 
Blepharoplasty $     2,000  $      6,000  $    4,000 
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) $     4,200  $      6,000  $    6,500 
Tummy Tuck $     5,000  $      5,500  $    5,500 
Mommy Makeover $9,000 - $15,000   $13,000 - $15,000  $10,000 - $20,000 
Rhinoplasty (nose job) $     2,500  $      5,000  $5000 - $7000 
Breast Augmentation $     3,800  $      5,600  $    6,000 
Liposuction $     2,500  $      4,000  $    4,500 


Most of the clinics in Turkey for Plastic surgery provide the best care and follow safety standards because they are JCI approved. Most of the surgeons are highly qualified and will provide you the good results.

Now you might be curious to know the factors that affect the plastic surgery cost in Turkey.


Your treatment expenses depend entirely on the factors mention below

  1. Location of Hospital in Turkey.
  2. Surgeon’s year of experience in doing plastic surgery in Turkey
  3. Choice of anesthetic. 
  4. Hospital stay duration. 
  5.  Number of operations and type of surgery.


As you are already aware of Plastic Surgery in Turkey, you might be wondering about the best place for having plastic surgery in Turkey. Below is the list of 5 best plastic surgery clinics and Hospitals in 2022 that you might be interested to know.


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Cost of 5 Best Plastic Surgery Hospitals at a Glance: 




Estethic Levent Hospital Medicana International Ankana HospitalMedical Park Bahcelievler HospitalLiv Hospital AnkaraAcibadem Bakirkoy Hospital
FaceliftUSD 5000USD 4500USD 5500USD 5600USD 5570
Breast EnlargementUSD 3700USD 3500USD 3530USD 4000USD 3450
BlepharoplastyUSD 3000USD 2000USD 3000USD 3000USD 3000
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)USD 7000USD 5500USD 7500USD 8500USD 9500
Tummy TuckUSD 4500USD 4000USD 4000USD 5000USD 4500
Mommy MakeoverUSD 10000USD 8000USD 8520USD 8500USD 8500
Rhinoplasty (nose job)USD 1800USD 1570USD 1800USD 2000USD 1900
Breast AugmentationUSD 3500USD 3000USD 3200USD 3000USD 3250
LiposuctionUSD 1500USD 1250USD 1400USD 1350USD 1300


  • Hospitals have a bigger setting compared to clinics and they comprise a wide range of departments, whereas clinics provide a more personalized work environment.
  • There are many clinics in Turkey where a lasting relationship happens with the patients.
  •  If you want comfort and a relaxing experience, as well as other facilities included in the plastic surgery package, you should consider cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey.


5 Best Plastic Surgery Clinics cost list in brief: 




Esthetica Clinic IstanbulAdem and Havva ClinicDr Soho Clinic Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery CenterAesthetic Cinic Miaplast
FaceliftUSD 4000USD 4520USD 4500USD 4000USD 5000
Breast EnlargementUSD 3000USD 3000USD 3530USD 3500USD 3450
BlepharoplastyUSD 2500USD 2000USD 3000USD 2500USD 2500
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)USD 6000USD 5500USD 6500USD 7500USD 9500
Tummy TuckUSD 4000USD 3500USD 4000USD 4500USD 4500
Mommy MakeoverUSD 8000USD 7500USD 8200USD 8500USD 8500
Rhinoplasty (nose job)USD 2000USD 1870USD 1900USD 2000USD 1900
Breast AugmentationUSD 3000USD 3500USD 3200USD 3000USD 3250
LiposuctionUSD 1300USD 1250USD 1400USD 1450USD 1300



What are the facilities offered in all-inclusive plastic surgery packages in Turkey?

 The package cost of plastic surgery in Turkey ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 18,000 which includes the following:

1. Accommodation in Hotel – Hotel room has become one of the most important while travelling to foreign country. You will definitely prefer for some tourist attractions nearby. You will find it very difficult to find accommodation on your own, which is nearby to all places of attraction and also near the hospital. 


2. Staying in hospital – Generally your medical treatment and stay is included in your package. The hospitals recommend bringing at least one person with you for some of plastic surgeries in Turkey. Some of the hospitals also offer your companion’s accommodation free.


3. Private Transfer – If you want your trip to turkey to be more memorable, there are options for separate private transportation. You will be provided with a luxury car that will be waiting for you at the airport, which will do pick-up and drop facility from the airport to hotel.


4. Lunch and Dinner – Patients need not worry much about lunch and dinner. Most of the time it is included in the packages of plastic surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Generally, the hospitals are tied up with good and reputed hotels which serve multi-cuisine meals.


5. Language Translator – When you land up in a foreign country, language barrier can be one of the most significant problems. Most hospitals can provide you with a 24*7 language translator for English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Germany. This will be a part of the package.


6. Sightseeing – Many packages also include sightseeing in and around Turkey.


7. Consultation – Normally every hospital in Turkey provides free consultation to its patients. In these sessions, you can directly interact with your surgeons and can clear all your doubts. You can also refer our database to get more information about renowned turkish doctors and wider range of treatments offered by them.


8. Cosmetic Surgery – All the charges related to plastic surgery in turkey are included in the package eg anesthesia, medicine, etcThe items that you might be required after the surgery will also be a part of the package like pills, tablets, medical shampoo, garments, hairbands and pillows.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1) Who is the best plastic surgery Doctor in Turkey?

Answer: There are a lot of Turkish surgeons with an ample amount of experience who perform plastic surgery in Turkey. Almost all types of cosmetic surgeries with a high success rate are performed in Turkey.


Q.2) How do I get a medical visa for Turkey?

Answer: Following steps will help you in your medical visa process:

  • Go to and fill out an application by choosing your country and the type of passport or ID card you need. The platform is self-explanatory and easy to understand.
  • Once you've completed the form, save and download it for future use.
    The applicant must go to the nearest Turkish embassy in his or her country to acquire consulate approval.
  • Once the visa has been approved, the trip dates can be set.

Q.3) Which country has the cheapest plastic surgery?

Answer: Short Answer: Turkey.

Turkey is known for its affordable and medical tourism due to the following factors:

  • A short distance from much of West Asia, North Africa, and Europe.
  • Visa-free entry.
  • Low wages compared to other European countries.
  • Less tax.

Q.4) How can you tell if someone had plastic surgery?

Answer: You can guess if someone had plastic surgery by observing the following:

  • Noticeable Incisions.
  • Pixie Ear
  • Rhinoplasty Fizzles
  • Blepharoplasty Flops
  • Visible Scarring
  • Unnatural Facial Expression

Q.5) What is the best age for plastic surgery?

Answer: Short answer: For boys: 15-16

                                     For girls: 14-15

Many plastic surgeries can be done once the body reaches full adult size. It is considered that for a male body, it gets between 15-16, and for a female, it is between 14-15. 


Q.6) Which nose is more attractive?

Answer: It is considered that a turned-up nose, also known as a celestial nose, is the most aesthetic form of the nose. It is found in around 13% of the overall population in the world.

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