What is Bypass Surgery cost in India?

Your search ends here when it comes to the best treatment for bypass surgery. India, the top medical destination is known to provide comprehensive treatment options at highly affordable rates. Immediate treatment, world-renowned doctors, technologically advanced hospitals and high success rate makes your medical journey hassle-free and smooth.

By Farida Lokhandwala

Updated on 06th, May'22

The bypass surgery cost in India ranges from ₹2,00,000 ($2,700) to ₹5,18,000 ($7,000).


Bypass surgery is the most dependable procedure and in some cases the only solution for multiple blockages. 



This variation in the cost is due to the hospital you choose, the experience of the surgeon, and the type of surgery you opt for. 


Below is the table listing the types of bypass surgeries with their approximate costs:

Types of bypass surgery Approximate bypass surgery cost in India
Conventional coronary artery bypass surgery$2,700 (₹2,00,000) - $5,500 (₹4,07,000)
Minimally-invasive coronary artery bypass surgery$6,000 (₹4,44,000) - $7,000 (₹5,17,979)


India has emerged as a hub for medical treatments including heart treatments. 


Also, nowadays many patients are open to the idea of traveling here for comprehensive treatments as the levels of expertise are high and the cost of treatment quite economical as compared to developed countries.


Further, coronary heart disease needs timely treatment as it is a serious issue that may lead to a heart attack. 


You can compare the bypass surgery prices with other countries through the table given below:

CountryApproximate Cost
Thailand $15,000


As you can see, the bypass surgery cost in India is highly reasonable and the medical infrastructure here is on par with the developed countries.


As a result, many international patients prefer coming to India for their bypass surgery at Indian Hospital.


Now let’s understand the different parameter which will affect your heart bypass surgery cost in India.

  • Methods: The bypass surgery in India is performed via two methods, namely – the conventional surgery where the surgeon cuts or splits the breastbone or sternum or Minimally Invasive Coronary Bypass Surgery (MICS) where the surgery is performed through small cuts between the ribs. You will have to pay more if you choose the latter as it is an advanced procedure.
  • Hospitals: The hospital that you chose for your surgery will make a big impact on your total cost as a renowned hospital will naturally charge more. So, to ease your choice from the best heart hospitals in India that provide a wide variety of options for your heart treatment with superior clinical outcomes and extremely competitive costs, click here.
  • Rooms: The type of room you opt for also influences the cost. In India, you have the option of choosing from different categories of the room such as the super deluxe room, deluxe room and standard room. The charges for room service, nurse fee and meals are included.
  • Doctors: If you decide to get your bypass surgery done from the Best Cardiologist in India, you will have to pay more for the services. You can also narrow down your search for the best cardiologist in cities like Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore to exempt the cost a bit if you live nearby.
  • Procedures: You also have to take into consideration the charges for diagnostic procedures and tests, medications, and follow-ups.
  • Accommodation: Minimum 20 days stay is required for an international patient coming for bypass surgery in India. Out of these, around 9 days are spent in the hospital. The remaining days the patient has to find accommodation in a hotel. There are plenty of options available around the hospital. And the minimum expense per day is about $30. So, keep in mind this added expenditure when planning a medical trip to India.


Services provided to International patients

The international patients seeking bypass surgery in India come in search of high-quality treatment and economical heart bypass surgery cost in India.


Coming to a foreign country for medical treatment can be daunting.


However, you should put your fears to rest as many hospitals and medical tourism companies strive hard to provide the best services to international patients and make their stay as comfortable as possible.


Some of the services offered by them to international patients looking for heart bypass surgery in India are:

  • Free of cost medical opinion: Nowadays most hospitals provide a free medical opinion from expert cardiologist in India which include the course of treatment, the average cost of bypass surgery in India, the doctor’s profile who will be treating them, and the approximate days the patient has to stay in the hospital. They also help you in acquiring the medical visa and scheduling the appointment for you.
  • Pick up and drop at the airport: You are provided with pick up and drop services at the airport. An executive will be present at the airport to assist you and a prior arrangement will be made by him in case you need an ambulance. Also, a local Sim card will be provided so that you can stay in touch with your family.
  • Translators: You can avail the services of a translator if you have difficulty in conversing in English.
  • Accommodation: According to your preference and budget, prior bookings will be made at hotels or guest houses near the hospital for your stay pre and post-treatment. Also, arrangements for your bypass surgery in India will be made in advance at the hospital of your choice, so that you do not waste a single day.
  • Payment: You will receive assistance in making payment through various modes depending on your convenience.
  • 24/7 assistance: All your needs will be taken care of by the executive. Even after you have left, they will be in contact with you on a regular basis in case you need a follow-up or have some medical issues.

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