How much does cancer treatment cost in India?

When opting for cancer treatment in India, cost is also a very important factor every paitient should know. Here, we have explained this in detail so you can come prepared.

By Pankaj Kamble

Updated on 08th, Apr'20

On average, the cost of cancer treatment ranges from Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 6,00,000 and may cost higher depending upon the use of precision medicines. It is difficult to determine the exact cost for cancer treatment without the knowledge of various factors affecting it.


The term COST is the most important factor that one considers when going for cancer treatment. Cancer is an expensive treatment thus; it becomes difficult for middle class and lower-class people to afford it.


In India, the cost of cancer treatment is 60-80% less than countries like US, UK, etc. Also, the quality of treatment is not compromised because of low cost. Thus, people from across the globe visit India for cancer treatment.


Below we have given in detail the cancer treatment cost in India for your convenience:

Cancer TreatmentsCost in India (in INR and Dollars)
SurgeryThe surgery cost for most type of organ specific cancer ranges from ₹2,80,000 ($4,000) to ₹10,50,000 ($15,000) depending on the site and severity of the cancer.
Robotic SurgeryThe cost for Robotic surgery in India varies from ₹4,24,000 ($6,000) to ₹7,77,500 ($11,000).
ChemotherapyCost of chemotherapy per chemo cycle is approximately ₹1,04,797 ($1500) to ₹1,25,077 ($1800).

You might require Induction chemotherapy that will cost approximately ₹1,38,974 ($2000) to ₹2,08,462 ($3000).
Radiation TherapyThe cost of radiation therapy depends on the type the patient’s needs: Internal or External.

In case of Internal Radiation Therapy procedure cost ranges from ₹61,960 ($900) to ₹5,16,337 ($7,480).

Whereas External Beam Radiation Therapy cost ranges from ₹30,000 ($430) to ₹20,00,000 ($28,980).
ImmunotherapyThe cost of Immunotherapy in India ranges from ₹4,41,000 ($6390) - ₹4,55,000 ($6590) per session. The cost estimation is for once a month for a period of two years.
Bone Marrow TransplantThe Bone Marrow Transplants cost ranges from ₹15,00,000 ($21,010) to ₹40,00,000 ($56,040).
Targeted TherapyTargeted Therapy is usually given in combination with chemotherapy which costs around ₹2,00,000 ($2900) to ₹2,50,000 ($3620).

Targeted therapy alone might be around ₹1,20,000 ($1740).
Hormone TherapyThe cost for Hormone Therapy in India starts from ₹3,22,845 ($4500) onwards. How high it can go depends on the type of cancer.

*To be on the safer side be prepared for 5% to 10% variation on the estimated cost depending on your condition.

*This cost is estimation of the procedure only and does not include external expenses such as hospital room rent, nursing charges, food etc.


Factors affecting the cost of cancer treatment

  • Place of the treatment: The cost of cancer treatment in Indiadepends on the place where it is given. The cost would be less in Government Hospitals as compared to the Private Hospitals. In government hospitals, patients can get the treatment for free or at subsidized rates depending on their economic conditions.Whereas, in private hospitals the cost will be high as compared to government hospitals. Also, the hospitals which are old in this industry and has wide experience will charge more than new hospitals.
  • Type of cancer: The treatment plan decided by the doctor differs majorly based on the type of cancer that the patient is suffering from. So, the cost is different for different types of cancer.
  • Stage of cancer: Stage of cancer matters significantly in deciding the cost of the treatment. Cost will be high for advanced stages as compared to initial stage cancer because the doses will be high in the advanced stage.
  • Site of cancer: The cost may vary depending on the organ which is affected by the cancer. Some organs are very complex to treat and requires high doses of drugs plus advanced equipment to operate them thereby increasing the costs.
  • Treatment plan: The cost of the treatment is determined as per the treatment plan made by the doctor. The type of treatment, quantity of doses and duration of the treatment period is different for every patient according to their health and situation. Sometimes, treatments are given in combination which also affects the cost.
  • Travel and Accommodation charges: The patients who are visiting hospitals in different cities or countries will have to encounter other miscellaneous costs such as travel and accommodation charges. These factors will affect the overall cost of the treatment.
  • Post treatment expenses: The cost of cancer treatment in India also includes the post treatment recovery and follow-up cost. These expenses also differ for each patient depending on their situations.
  • Cost of the machine: The machines and equipment used for cancer treatment are expensive because of their installation and maintenance. Further, different machines are used for different types of cancer. Therefore, cost differs for every patient which affects the overall cost of the treatment.

Pre-treatment Costs

There are some costs that occur before the treatment for cancer starts. These costs include consultation fees and diagnostic tests which are required to diagnose the cancer, its type, stage, etc.

Pre-treatment CostsDescription
Doctors ConsultationPhysical examination and consultation from the doctor may cost around ₹600 ($8) - ₹5,000 ($71) depending on each doctor’s fees.
Lab TestsThere are number of tests which are required like Blood tests, Urine tests, Ultrasound, CBC (Complete Blood count), PFT (Pulmonary Function Test), EEG (Electrocardiogram), etc.

The cost range for these tests are ₹56,000 ($800) - ₹70,000 ($1,000). This range may be higher in case the patient gets admitted because of other factors considered.
BiopsyThe cost of biopsy ranges from ₹30,000 ($429) to ₹35,000 ($500).
X-rayThe cost of X-ray differs for different parts of the body. It costs around ₹300 ($4) to ₹1,000 ($14).
PET ScanThe cost for PET Scan lies between ₹15,000 ($214) to ₹30,000 ($429). It can vary for different body parts.
CT ScanThe costing for CT Scan lies between ₹2,000 ($28) to ₹2,500 ($37). It may also include additional costs of ₹1,000 ($14) to ₹2,000 ($28) for contrast material.
MRI ScanThe costing of MRI Scan depends on the body part which is being scanned. It ranges from ₹2,000 ($28) - ₹25,000 ($357).
EndoscopyThe type of Endoscopy performed will have different costs ranging from ₹1500 ($22) to ₹30,000 ($429).
FNAC (Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology)Depending on the factors such as city and availability, the cost of FNAC lies between ₹450 ($7) to ₹2,200 ($32).

Post-treatment Costs

These are the costs which are incurred to monitor the progress of the treatment, to ensure recovery and to prevent or treat any infections or side effects caused by the treatment. Post-treatment costs also include extra services availed and hospital stay.

Post-treatment CostsDescription
MedicationsThe post treatment costs include the medications prescribed by the doctor to take after the above-mentioned treatments. These medications include drugs basically to treat the side-effects if any caused by the treatments.
Hospital StayThe treatment period for different type of cancers can vary. It may require patients to stay in hospital for few hours or days or months for treatment. Thus, the cost includes the hospital stay.
Additional servicesThis includes any additional services availed or stay at hospital extended.
Accommodation ChargesThe Hotel charges incurred by the patients and their family members will be included in the post treatment costs. The cost may differ depending on the type of hotel chosen.
Conveyance ChargesThe patients can incur travel charges in case if the hospital is at a distance from their stay.
Homecare servicesThis service may not be required by every patient but sometimes a patient may require extra assistance from medical staff or a trained nurse and may need additional medical equipment for monitoring. So, these are included in the costs post treatment.
Complications ManagementIn case of any complications after treatment or any unanticipated care needed by the patient due to which he/she requires extra stay beyond the stipulated period, will have separate charges.
Follow – Up costsAfter the treatments, regular follow-up with the doctor is required for health check-up which is also included in the post treatment costs.


Cost of cancer treatment in India compared with other developed countries:

Why patients from all over the world travel to India to get cancer treatment?

One of thereasons for this is the Cost. We have compared the cancer treatment cost in Indiaof three major types of treatment with other developed countries like USA, UK, Singapore, etc for your reference.


The reason why the cost varies between India vs other developed countries are:

  1. Currency: The major difference in the cost is due to less value of Indian currency as compared to USD, pound, euros, etc, which makes cost of cancer treatment in India effective. From doctor’s consultation to treatment to stay, everything costs less over here.
  2. Standard of Living: The standard of living is low in India than countries like USA, UK, etc. So, the facilities like food, transport, accommodation and medical treatment is quite affordable.
  3. Competition: There are many acclaimed and best cancer hospitals in India which follow international standards of treatment and quality. Since, the patients have a wide range to choose the hospital that is suitable according to their budget. Further, hospitals tend to provide competitive prices.
  4. Hospitals: Both globally recognized Government and Private cancer hospitals in India are capable of delivering the best quality treatment. Moreover, the Government hospitals provide cancer treatment at subsidized rates, therefore, contributing to one of the reasons of varying cost.
  5. Doctors: We have highly skilled, qualified and best cancer doctors in India practising at the top cancer hospitals in the country. The doctors in India charge less fees as compared to doctor’s in other countries. Thus, it’s one of the reasons that make cancer treatment affordable here.

All these factors contribute in making cancer treatment in India affordable. That’s why patients from all over the world consider it as one of the best destinations to get treatment for cancer.


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