Liposuction Treatment in India

Here you will get detailed information about liposuction treatment.

By Pankaj Kamble

Updated on 01st, Dec'20

India offers the most competitive medical treatment to the individuals in the world. Out of all medical treatments, Liposuction in India is one of most well developed cosmetic surgery and because of which its demand is increasing every year. 


India has many private hospitals as well as public hospitals with the availability of the best equipment and technology to treat the patients. By having a developed Medical system in India the cost of various treatments like Eye surgery, Knee replacement, Heart surgery is affordable, being cosmetic surgery Liposuction Cost in India is also very much economical.


As medical system is developed the individuals are benefited with many things like:

  1. Economical cost for the treatment
  2. Latest technology and equipment with the best plastic surgeon in India are available for treatments
  3. Developed medical tourism facility
  4. English speaking staff
  5. Zero waiting time

People from all over the world visit India for treatments like Cosmetic Surgery, Dental care, Heart Surgery, Cancer, knee replacement, Eye surgeries etc. India even has its own traditional technique like Ayurvedic Therapies, Homeopathy etc. to cure diseases.

Among these treatments, cosmetic surgery is considered to be the most commonly adaptive treatment in India.


Cosmetic surgery in India is being accepted by many people around the globe and even people who visit India for vacation do undergo this treatment because of it being an affordable option.


Cosmetic surgeries like Facial rejuvenation, Gynecomastia, Tummy Tuck, Breast enhancement and Liposuction in India have great demand. Liposuction in India is a treatment which will help you in getting the body in perfect shape. Those extra fats deposits from your body will be removed through this treatment and your body will get a new avatar.


This treatment will help you to boost your confidence and self-esteem. First, let your doubt get clear, liposuction treatment in India is not an alternative to weight loss program. Liposuction is only the fat loss treatment where the excess deposit of the fat will be removed which is resistant to diet and exercise that you followed regularly.



  1. Individual above 18 years of age who have firm skin elasticity and good muscle tone
  2. Individuals who are not going through diseases such as diabetes, thyroid or any life-threatening disease
  3. Individuals who don't smoke


Liposuction can be done in two ways i.e., surgical and non-surgical way. One has to undergo one of the type of technique depending upon the area of the body from which fat is to be removed.


Surgical Liposuction in India:

Typically, the surgical areas for liposuction are Abdomen, thighs, arms, buttocks etc. In this technique, the fat from your body is being removed by cutting the edges of the area

Liposuction in India
  • Tumescent liposuction - the oldest technique of Liposuction in India: Tumescent Liposuction is one of the traditional techniques of Liposuction. It is a Technique that requires an infusion of Adrenaline liquid. And also, a local anesthetic is used to numb the area of your body where the cannula will be inserted. Next, a large amount of an anesthetic solution is inserted within the fats tissues.
  • Super-wet Liposuction in India: During this technique, the local or general anesthesia is used by the surgeons in India as about half of the volume of injection in tumescent technique is used. But in this technique, the blood loss is comparatively greater than in Tumescent technique.
Non-surgical Liposuction in India:

In this technique, you will be given an anesthesia so that the area of fat gets numb and the fat is removed without much pain.

Liposuction In India
  • LASER liposuction in India: Laser liposuction uses the heat and medical Laser Beams to melt the fat which is then sucked out of the area. This technique may be used in removing fat deposits from the upper abdomen, sides, and back. Laser Liposuction cost in India is also very much reasonable, which makes it one of the best option for among other techniques.
  • VASER liposuction treatment in India: Vaser Liposuction makes use of an invasive technology that produces effective results as compared to a traditional liposuction treatment. This procedure protects the other tissues while targeting the fats that are to be removed. It is an effective technique to remove fat from an area that is gentle enough to treat like neck and arms. It provides smooth skin with good contoured body results in the treated area.


  1. The cost of the treatment here is very economical and affordable.
  2. Despite low cost of liposuction in India, the quality of the service by the clinics/hospitals is not at all compromised.
  3. The hospitals/clinics in India have well-trained medical staff and latest techniques and equipment.
  4. Hospitals in India are abounded with NABH and JCI
  5. The clinics/hospitals even have English- speaking staff
  6. The most important advantage of undergoing Liposuction in India is that the patients can undergo this treatment in complete privacy and far away from your home country.

By choosing to undergo Liposuction in India, an individual can save largely without losing on the quality of the treatment and service. Also, a well-contoured body is no more a difficult task to achieve. So now that you know you can book your tickets, pack your bags and get on board to the next flight to India.


  • Before liposuction procedure: Before the liposuction procedure, the surgeon may draw circles and lines on the areas of treatments from where the fats are to be removed. Photos may also be clicked for comparison after surgery. There are certain tests and medications that can prescribed by the surgeon before the procedure.
  • During the liposuction procedure in India: During the procedure, the surgeons may use local or general anesthesia on the particular area of treatment. You may also be given a substance through injection, to help you remain calm and relaxed. The Centre's team will check your heart rate and blood pressure throughout the procedure. The procedure may last up to several hours, depending on the extent of fat deposits to be removed and on the area of surgery. Small surgical cuts are made to remove the fats. After the procedure, the surgeon may leave your surgical cuts open to let the fluid out. One may spend at least 4-5 hours in the hospital or Centre to track your recovery.
  • After liposuction procedure: After the surgery, the surgeons' team will monitor you for few hours. You may experience some pain, swelling, and bruising after the procedure. This may last for few weeks depending on the area of treatment. The surgeon will prescribe you medications to reduce the pain with post-surgery medications.  You will have to wear tight compression garments for better results.

Care Before Surgery are: 

  • Follow the diet as per what doctor has suggested you
  • You need to stop smoking before two weeks of your surgery date
  • Exercise regularly before the surgery as guided by the doctor

Care After Surgery are:

  • You will have to wear support garments for four to six weeks.
  • Follow the diet and exercise as informed by the doctor.
  • Do not go to the office for a minimum of three weeks.



Though the liposuction cost in India is very economical you are assured of most advanced treatment with lasting and quality result. You can expect that your body will be re-shaped properly only if you are undergoing this treatment to be in shape and not for losing the weight