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Are you planning to get your dental care done from Turkey, but are still unsure about your decision? Then this page will resolve all your doubts regarding dental treatments in Turkey.

By Samruddhi Bhartiya

Updated on 22nd, May'22

In this article, we will provide in-depth information related to dental care in Turkey, and the ideal dental treatment procedures offered in Turkey, along with what factors to look for while choosing a clinic for your dental care.


Moreover, this article will also guide you about the requirements to undergo dental treatment in Turkey.


Dental Tourism Turkey

Are you scared about getting your dental treatments done because of their limitless expenses? Then Turkey is an ideal destination as various packages await you.


According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery (ISAPS), more than 2000 cdental osmetic procedures are conducted every day in Turkey.


Moreover, in the UK, the cost of cosmetic dental procedures done to improve the look of the teeth is up to 1400 - 3500 USD. This is very difficult to afford for the young generations. While in Turkey, the cost is one-fifth of that in the UK. Hence, people prefer to travel to Turkey for their dental treatments.


Furthermore, in many Western European developed countries, the costs of dental treatments are excluded from the primary health insurance coverage. This results in citizens from Western countries traveling to Turkey, where they get the same services at much more reasonable prices.


Is It Safe To Get Dental Care In Turkey?

Are you wondering, if it is safe to get dental care in Turkey, and will it be successful? Then it's your right to show concern as this is a matter of tooth health and facial looks. But, did you know that Turkey has now become one of the main hubs for dental tourism?


Many are internationally accredited and have a Global Clinic Rating to guarantee their safety, professionalism, quality of service, and success rate. 


For example, Antalya Dental Clinic is one of the leading clinics in Antalya. They are equipped with fully trained staff having 15+ years of experience in dentistry. Plus they provide a wide range of cosmetic and general dental procedures. Antalya dental clinic uses the most sophisticated dental technology available globally.


Turkey provides world-class dental care performed by highly educated professional dentists. Their low prices, high-quality services, and high-tech procedures persuade a large number of the population to get their dental treatment in Turkey. 


Moreover, Turkey has a success rate of up to 98% for implant treatment and a 98.8% success rate for other dentistry. This assures that Turkey dental procedures are not only ideal in terms of cost, but the success rate shows that their quality of services is also top-class with no compromises on quality.


Turkey Is An Ideal Destination For The Following Dental Procedures:

There are a number of dental procedures offered in Turkey, being the most affordable without any compromise on the quality of treatment. But everyone can have some specialty, right? Similarly, the following dental procedures are well recognized in Turkey.


Turkey Veneers

Do you have any cracked, chipped, broken, or stained teeth that are destroying your smile? Then dental veneers can be a good option. They are thin customised shells that cover the outer surface of your tooth for cosmetic purposes and to enhance the appearance of the tooth plus hide its undesirable look.


And the best part is that the price of veneers in Turkey is also much more affordable compared to other developed countries like the UK.


Did you know that Veneers Turkey cost is not only reasonable in terms of charges, but the cosmetic procedure in Turkey is well-recognized in giving the most confident smile on your face?


Dental Implants Turkey

You can consider implants if you have lost one or multiple teeth.

Implants tend to improve chewing, and also have lowered risk of caries.

Implants in turkey are precisely designed to fit the gaps or missing teeth in your mouth.


Teeth whitening Turkey

Teeth whitening is a dental procedure used to lighten the color of teeth and improve tooth discoloration. It can be done at home using teeth whitening strips or kits and can be done at the dental office using other techniques.


The cost of teeth whitening in Turkey depends on multiple variables, but their cost is much lesser than that of UK. Also, you will get the best teeth whitening done because dental centres in Turkey are allowed to use higher amounts of chemicals in tooth whitening products.


Dental Crowns Turkey 

Dental crown is also known as capping.

Dental crowns are artificial teeth designed similarly to the person's original tooth size, appearance, and shape. Unlike dental implants, it does not replace a missing tooth or a gap but strengthens the already present damaged or diseased tooth. 


It is implanted on top of a damaged or diseased tooth to restore the functioning of the original tooth. 


Dental crowns are affordable in terms of cost plus give a naturally confident smile to you, so you aren't conscious of the artificial capping put above your tooth. 


Zirconium crowns are the most high-quality, natural-looking, and long-lasting crowns for the upper teeth. But they are the most expensive as well. The good news is that zirconium crowns are the most affordable compared to other countries. So, you can get the best type of crowns at reasonable prices in Turkey.


Dental lumineers Turkey

Dental lumineers are similar to veneers. They cover the front part of a discolored or physically unappealing tooth. They are made of thin laminate material and are thinner than veneers.


Dentures Turkey

Dentures are similar to dental implants except that they are removable. They can replace a few missing teeth, known as partial dentures, or can replace all the teeth on the lower and upper jaws, known as complete dentures.


Tooth Extraction Turkey

Tooth extraction is pulling out of a damaged or decayed tooth when there is no other option left and/or when the tooth is harming the surrounding tooth.


Dental Bridges Turkey

Dental bridges are materials designed to close tooth gaps that are caused by missing teeth.


Root Canal Treatment Turkey

Root canal helps in removing the infected pulp of the tooth.


Gum Contouring Turkey

Gum contouring reshapes the gum line if the gum is exposing too much outward or covering the teeth such that it ruins your smile.


Dental ProceduresType of MaterialsNumber of Dental VisitsRecovery TimePurpose


*Resin    composite  materials

Three to four visits.Two weeksCosmetic purpose
Dental Implants



Five visits

One to two days for a single implant.


One to two weeks for more than one implant.

To replace a missing tooth.
Dental Crowns








Two visits.Three to four days.To cover, protect, and restore damaged teeth.
Lumineers*Cerinate porcelainThree visitsTwo days to one week.Cosmetic purpose
Dental Bridges






Two visits.Two weeks.Artificial replacement of missing or broken teeth
Root Canal Treatment    —Two visits or more.One to two days.Repairing of a damaged or infected tooth.
Gum contouring    —A single visitOne week to one to two months.Gums cosmetic purpose 
Tooth Extraction    —One to two visits.Seven to ten days.To remove a severely damaged tooth.
Teeth Whitening

*Gel preparation of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide



*Laser procedure


One to three visits depending on the severity of stains.Two days to one week.Reduce or eliminate tooth discoloration and stains.







Four to six visits.Four to six weeks.

Replaces missing tooth that is removable.



Why Choose Turkey For Dental Treatments?

With many other countries being an option to get your dental care, here is why you should choose Turkey for dental treatments.

  • Turkey Dental Treatments Are Recognized And Chosen Worldwide By Medical Travelers: Dental tourism in Turkey is increasing day by day. Approximately two-fifth of medical travelers come to Turkey for dental work.
  • The Most Affordable Treatment Plan: It is seen that dental tourists return with more than half of the money they brought and were expecting for their dental work. Dental care in Turkey is affordable and accessible for everyone.
  • Accredited Hospitals: Turkey has approximately 32 JCI accredited hospitals, according to the JCI Annual Report updated in 2010. This records to be higher than any other medical tourism destination. Moreover, Turkey has numerous US-accredited medical establishments too.
  • Abroad Qualified Doctors In Turkey: The dentists working in Turkey are well-educated and are qualified from abroad. Before practicing their degree in Turkey, they have completed their training in Europe and the USA.
  • Traveling To Turkey Is Easy: Turkey is the crossway between the East and the West. Hence, wherever you are traveling from you can get an ideal transport link to make your way to Turkey.

What Variables To Look Out For While Evaluating Dental Clinics In Turkey?

Here are some variables you should look for while choosing a clinic for your dental procedure. The best dental clinic Turkey should satisfy the following parameters. 

  1. The clinic or hospital is nationally or internationally registered as well as recognized.
  2. The clinics have state-of-the-art facilities.
  3. Clinics have multilingual staff and translators.
  4. Multiple payment options are available.
  5. Skilled & experienced dentists who can handle national and international patients.
  6. The clinics follow latest hygiene protocols and ensure sterilisation of instruments.


What Are The Prerequisites To Undergo Dental Treatments In Turkey?

If you are worried about what you will have to face while coming from abroad to Turkey to get your dental treatment, then we have got everything covered here.

  • If you plan to come to Turkey for your dental treatment, the first step is to get a Visa to enter Turkey. Some nationalities can get their Visa at the port of entry but it is best to check with Turkish missions beforehand. This can cost around 15 to 20 USD.
  • After you arrive in Turkey, you can book a 4-star hotel for 250 USD per day. But many cities like Istanbul offer a wide range of dining options and accommodations, so you can get discounted offers and packages too.
  • Turkey is a safe place, so if you are a tourist, you do not have to worry. Just take care of your valuables and be aware of your surroundings and you are good to stay.


Additional Facilities Included In Dental Packages

As mentioned above, in Turkey you can get additional facilities in various dental packages. Turkey is an ideal place for people willing to come from abroad as they will get many other accommodations along with dental treatment in a single package.


For example, dental packages in Turkey can include free transfers like free airport pickup, clinic and hotel transport, and airport drop-off. 


Moreover, many packages also include a free consultation, local anesthesia, laboratory fees, and antibiotics along with one dental procedure in a single deal.


Hence, it can reduce your overall treatment cost plus your stay cost in Turkey if you are coming from abroad for dental procedures.



Question and Answers (83)

I am 48 years teeth started falling back in previous but I didn't took I want to restore my tooth.can I go for it now?is they will be problem?

Asked anonymously on 25th June, 2022 at 11:21 am
yes  you shud visit a good dentist and get a consultation. patients of all ages get treated for broken missing or mutilated teeth. 
it is doable and age is no bar
Dr. Suhrab Singh 's profile picture
Dr. Suhrab Singh

Does Silver Diamine Fluoride treatment can be prescribed to adults. As is there any clinic in kolkata which provides silver diamine fluoride treatment.

Asked anonymously on 24th June, 2022 at 12:18 pm
silver diamine fluoride can be used but it stains the tooth. so not recommended. older generation can still use it, those who cannot afford costly dental treatment 
you can switch to strontium based tooth pastes 
Dr. Suhrab Singh 's profile picture
Dr. Suhrab Singh

The top front teeth of my mouth were given crowns for cosmetic reasons last year. My upper canines are now in continual agony. A dentist performed an examination and x-rays, and it was discovered that the teeth were infected. When my teeth are covered with crowns and I brush them every day, how can they get infected? Is there a problem with the crowns?

Asked anonymously on 23rd June, 2022 at 3:00 pm
I'll need an xray to confirm this & clincal examination is needed to comment on this further.

you can visit Casa Dentique Navi Mumbai to get in touch with me
Dr. Parth Shah's profile picture
Dr. Parth Shah

Hello there, Dr. I'm Jitesh, a 22-year-old Varanasi native. Whenever I talk or consume anything, I have tooth discomfort behind my last two lower-molar teeth. Inside, it's like having a pimple of some sort there. dr could you please give me a solution to this problem.

Asked anonymously on 23rd June, 2022 at 2:59 pm
you require to take a dental opg, then send it across to me, I'll have a look& get back to you immediately 
Dr. Parth Shah's profile picture
Dr. Parth Shah

 Hii Doctor,  My teeth are constantly yellow. My gums occasionally bleed when I brush more than once a day, despite the fact that I've switched toothpastes.

Asked anonymously on 23rd June, 2022 at 2:59 pm
you require to visit a local dentist & get a deep subgingival scaling done. if the issue of bleeding gums is not resolved with it then further procedure needs to be carried out.
for yellow teeth , teeth whitening can be performed.

avoid soda or carbonated drinks, 
avoid coffee tea
quit smoking 
Dr. Parth Shah's profile picture
Dr. Parth Shah
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