Take Control of Your Medical SEO with ‘ClinicSpots – Uno’

ClinicSpots is a cloud-based website development and SEO platform for doctors, clinics & hospitals across the world. We make it easy for healthcare professionals and organizations to create a beautiful, professional web presence.

Promote your healthcare practice, increase patient’s footfall at your clinic / hospital or build your professional online reputation. The ‘ClinicSpots – Uno’ website builder & SEO services has everything you need to create a fully personalized, high-quality online presence.

Optimize Web Presence for Revenue, Not for Conversation

Build scalable online presence, that generates real and incremental ROI for your healthcare practice.

  • Customized Medical Website That Search Engines Love

    Enjoy the platform which gives you the freedom to create, design, and manage your website exactly the way you want.

  • SEO Solutions for Healthcare Professionals

    Get the flexibility to scale your site’s SEO and strengthen your online marketing efforts.

  • Advanced Tools & Services for Your Medical SEO

    Rank higher on search engine and grow your medical practice with advanced SEO tools & services from ‘ClinicSpots – Uno’.

Powerful Built-in Features for Your Website & SEO

Website Speed

Powered by innovative technology, your site’s performance is continually being optimized to give visitors the best possible online experience.

Mobile Optimization

‘ClinicSpots – Uno’ automatically creates a mobile ready version of your website. This ensures the visitors who access your website on mobile devices, have an experience optimized for that device.

SEO Optimized Editor

Create your own web pages & blogs with our intelligent editor. It helps you to include certain SEO characteristics to make the overall page more appealing to search engines.

Website Analytics

You can track key performance metrics and gain valuable insights on your site’s performance. Use our built-in analytics integrations like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, GMB Analytics etc.

Customizable Meta Tags

Optimize a standard set of meta tags which search engines understand and how they appear to visitors on search engines. You can use it to provide search engines with additional information about your web pages.

SEO Patterns

SEO patterns are great way to save time when you need to apply same SEO logic for many web pages. You can customize the patterns which apply to entire section of your website, instead of editing each page individually.

Structured Data

‘ClinicSpots – Uno’ automatically adds structured data for your website’s home page, service pages and blog posts. Add your own schema markups so content is eligible to appear in search with enhanced display.

Use 301 Redirects

When you need to permanently redirect one URL to another, you can use 301 redirects functionality. Ensure visitors land on right page and maintain the link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page.

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