What is PRP treatment cost in Mumbai?

PRP is a popular nonsurgical hair loss treatment on the rise in Mumbai. On this page, you will find a detailed analysis of PRP treatment costs in Mumbai.

By Pankaj Kamble

Updated on 20th, Jun'20

PRP treatment in Mumbai per session can cost between ₹ 5,000 to ₹15,000. Overall the cost of treatment can lie between ₹ 20,000 to ₹ 1.5 lakhs. Depending on the number of session you require.


Additional costs:

  • Derma roller-₹150 to ₹500
  • PRP laser phototherapy- ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 60,000.


PRP hair treatment in Mumbai is an expensive procedure which requires multiple sessions in order to properly complete the procedure. The cost of PRP treatment in Mumbai varies from person to person depending upon the numbers of sittings or the package a person is choosing depending upon his condition. 


Often a person might require multiple injections or treatments given 2-3 months apart.

The cost of PRP treatment in Mumbai also depends upon the location, facilities, procedure and the expertise of the doctor. 


There are 3 components that go into PRP hair treatment in Mumbai:

1. The Pre-treatment Costs: Before you can get started with your treatment, there are some tests you have to get to be eligible. You might not require all of the tests but following is the cost for all of them: 


Cost of PRP Treatment in Mumbai:
Tests required before PRPCost in Mumbai
Liver Function Test (LFT)₹750 to ₹1000
Kidney / Renal Function Test₹450 to ₹1,100
HbA1C ₹400 to ₹500 
PVC (Packed Cell Volume) ₹150 to ₹250
Anti-Hepatitis C virus1200
HIV Test₹360 to ₹650


2. Through injections: In this step,  your blood is drawn out in a test tube and platelet rich plasma is separated from the blood in a centrifugal machine and then plasma is injected in the scalp. The platelets will repair the damaged hair follicle which will result in hair growth.


3. Derma roller: Derma roller is equipment which has multiple small needles in it. It is used on the scalp to make small punctures to stimulate platelet flow. With increased platelet flow hair follicle will be repaired and it will stimulate hair growth. Use of derma roller will incur additional costs for a roller which costs around ₹150 to ₹500.


Another treatment of PRP is to combine the PRP treatment with laser phototherapy. It has high results but again like the derma roller, a laser helmet has to be purchased separately which approximately costs around ₹30,000 to ₹60,000.



  • Once PRP is done your doctor might recommend you to go for laser photo therapy.
  • LLLT is basically stimulation to hair follicle to increase energy in the existing hair follicle. It delivers laser beams into hair root where ATP (energy) is generated.
  • With increased energy the hair follicle will increase the hair growth.
  • A LLLT session can last for 20- 35 minutes.
  • Patients have to go through this therapy once or twice a month. A patient can buy a laser hair cap which will cost around ₹30000- ₹40000. laser caps costing ₹70000 are used in hospitals and are not recommended to be used at home.



  • No. Of sessions: A person can be given only a certain amount of injections per sitting. Depending upon the hair loss a person might be suggested to attend or go through multiple sessions. You will be charged accordingly.
  • Equipment used: PRP depends on the type of equipment used in the procedure as well. There can be additional charges like: 1) Derma roller  2) Laser caps
  • Expertise of the doctor: The expertise and the years of experience of a doctor will affect the consultation and the overall charges. If the doctors are very popular and extremely experienced consultation with them is a little more expensive than other. However, the service and its results would also be highly satisfying for the patients. To find out which are the Best Doctors in Mumbai for PRp Treatment, click here.
  • Reputation of the facility: High end hospitals might charge high for treatments in them as the equipments and services will be of good quality and high cost.
  • Level of Hair loss: PRP is given for stimulating hair growth in the damaged hair follicle. If the hair loss is high then PRP will require more sessions to complete the procedure. Cost of prp keeps on increasing with the no. of sessions.


PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

PRP or platelet rich plasma is a substance which promotes healing when injected. Plasma is a part of your blood which helps your blood to clot and helps in healing a wound. In PRP treatment plasma from one’s own blood is injected in the scalp and is used to catalyse hair growth.


PRP is a 4 step procedure:


Step1- blood is drawn from your body and stored in a tiny glass tube.

Step 2 – platelets are separated from blood in a centrifugal machine.

Step3- platelet rich plasma is extracted and activated.

Step 4- plasma is injected in the scalp.