What is the Cataract Surgery cost in India?

Here you will get detailed information about cataract surgery cost in India.

By Pankaj Kamble

Updated on 20th, Jul'20

The average cataract surgery cost in India is somewhere between Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 2,41,000.


Cataract surgery cost in India compared to the other developed countries :

CountryApproximate average
Cataract surgery
cost in India (in Rs.)
Approximate average
Cataract surgery
cost in India (in $)
IndiaRs. 2,41,000$ 3500
USARs. 3,58,000$ 5200
UKRs. 5,17,000$ 7500

So now are you convinced that India is among the most affordable country for you to visit for your Cataract treatment. Recently, due to an increase of Medical tourism in India, there has been a rise in demand of cataract surgery too, the main reason being cost of cataract surgery in India.


However, The following table will help you to choose the metropolitan city in India where you can afford to go for your cataract treatment depending on your budget.


Cataract Surgery Cost in India as per in the following metropolitan cities:

City in IndiaApproximate Cataract surgery
cost (in Rupees)
Approximate Cataract surgery
cost (in $)
New Delhi34,276500

Hope the above table is helpful to you to take one step ahead in deciding which metropolitan city in India is best for you for the Cataract treatment.