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What is the Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi?

If you are planning to have a hair transplant, then there is no better place than Delhi. Not only it is the capital of India, but also it has the most advanced medical system in place. Here you will find some of the top hair transplant clinics at affordable prices.

By Pankaj Kamble

Updated on 10th, Jun'22

Basic hair transplant cost in Delhi starts at Rs. 30,000. This can go up to Rs. 1,20,000 depending upon your baldness level and the number of grafts you require. Hair transplant per graft cost in Delhi starts at Rs. 30 to Rs. 120 approximately. (A graft generally contains 1 to 4 hair follicles.)



Hair Transplant cost in India range from Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,00,000 ($362 to $1450), including an initial consultation but excluding GST, medicines, and postoperative care, Whereas in the other parts of the world like Dubai, London, Toronto and Turkey the cost is between $2,500 to $30,000.



The overall cost of the treatment is affected by multiple factors, which we have discussed in the latter part of the article. In the table below you will find the minimum and the maximum cost of hair transplant in Delhi for the number of the graft. Also, it contains the number of sittings required to complete the procedure.


Hair transplant in Delhi cost :
Number of hair graftsMinimum - MaximumNo of Sittings Required
(1 sitting = 4 to 6 hours )
1000 Hair GraftsRs. 30,000 - Rs.50,0001
1500 Hair GraftsRs. 45,000- Rs.75,0001
2000 Hair GraftsRs. 60,000 - Rs.1,00,0001 - 2
2500 Hair GraftsRs. 75,000- Rs.1,25,0001-2
3000 Hair GraftsRs. 90,000- Rs.1,50,0002
3500 Hair GraftsLump Sum Price Quote2
4000 Hair GraftsLump Sum Price Quote2 - 3
*Disclaimer: The hair transplantation cost in Delhi, as shown above, is an approximation and may vary from clinic to clinic.

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What is the cost of different hair transplant techniques?

The final and the most important factor in deciding the overall cost of the treatment is the technique you select. The pricing for each technique is different from one another.


E.g., the FUE hair transplant cost in Delhi is a bit higher than the regular FUT. At the same time, the Robotic hair transplant cost in Delhi is higher compared to other techniques. Here is the different hair transplant in Delhi price list.

Techniques of Hair TransplantCost per graft (approx.) in Rupee
Lower SideHigher Side



1. FUT Hair Transplant  

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is one of the oldest techniques used for hair transplant. This surgical procedure leaves a nasty mark in the donor area. The only reason the technique still exists is the cost. FUT hair transplant cost in Delhi is the lowest of all the techniques.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) Technique used in Delhi

2. FUE Hair Transplant 

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is an advanced hair transplant technique that requires a special tool called NeoGraft. This tool is used for the process of extraction. The FUE hair transplant price in Delhi is higher because the surgeon removes every graft manually.

The DHI Hair Transplant, also known as direct hair implantation, is a modified variant of the FUE hair transplant technique in which the extraction and implantation procedures are performed simultaneously. It's a type of hair transplant that's done naturally.

It is the most preferred technique for hair transplant as the results are natural-looking and give better coverage.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Technique used in Delhi

3. Robotic Hair Transplant 

Robotic FUE is one of the latest techniques that is being used for hair transplants in Delhi.

Actually, this technique is very similar to the traditional FUE; almost all the process is the same.


However, the only difference is that the process of extraction is done using a robotic arm.

Robotic hair transplant is one of the most expensive techniques in Delhi, where the starting cost is Rs.65 per graft.


And this cost can go up to Rs. 100 per graft. This is so because this technique gives excellent precision and accuracy. However the cost is relatively lower than Hyderabad, as the cost of Robotic Hair Transplant in Hyderabad goes up to Rs. 150 per graft.

Robotic Hair Transplant Technique used in Delhi


4. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) 

By the way, PRP is not much of a hair transplant technique but more of a hair loss treatment. During this procedure, blood is extracted from your body. This blood is then placed in the centrifuge, where the blood is separated from the plasma.


The extracted rich plasma is injected into your scalp to boost hair growth. Generally, this treatment is used in the early stages of hair loss. PRP hair treatment cost in Delhi can go anywhere between Rs. 5000 to Rs. 20000. The PRP Treatment cost in Delhi increases when other types of medicine or supplement are injected along with the plasma. 


Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Technique used in Delhi

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What is the Cost of Different Hair Transplant Types?

1. Cost of Female Hair Transplant in Delhi:

Female Hair Transplant cost in Delhi

Yes! Even females opt for hair transplants. However, a Female hair transplant is a bit costlier than a regular hair transplant. The main reason behind this is that it requires more work and precision than the regular one.


Many times, females are not ready to shave their hair. Due to this the process becomes more difficult and requires more time. So the per graft cost of a female hair transplant in Delhi is slightly higher and starts at Rs. 40.


Female hair transplant costs in Delhi can range from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 depending on the number of grafts required and the clinic they choose.


2. Body Hair Transplant cost in Delhi:

Body hair transplant is a procedure in which hair grafts are extracted from different parts of the body and implanted in the scalp or the facial area. The cost of a body hair transplant can vary depending upon the area of the body where the hair would extract from and where the implantation will take place.


E.g., If hair grafts are extracts from the chest area, it will cost more than the regular extraction. This technique usage is when the hair grafts' requirement is more, and the hairs present on the head are not enough to cover the recipient area. This technique is also used for facial hair transplant as the procedure requires thin and short hair.

3. Artificial/Synthetic Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi:

You might be suffering from some scalp or hair problems other than male pattern baldness like alopecia in some cases. Then your surgeon might suggest a hair transplant with artificial/synthetic hair fibers.


The cost majorly depends upon the length and the quality of the hair fiber. However, the cost can also vary depending upon the color of the hair fiber. These factors can be customized according to your wish. Because of all these factors, the starting cost of synthetic/artificial hair transplants in Delhi is Rs.90 per graft.


4. Facial Hair Transplant 

Generally, the cost of a facial hair transplant in Delhi is calculated in the lump sum format rather than the per graft format. The cost can vary depending upon the grafts and the area of transplant on the face.

The facial hair transplant cost can go anywhere from Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 25000/-.


Now you must be wondering why the cost of a facial hair transplant in Delhi is so expensive.


A patchy or sparse beard is a common problem, but there was no treatment for beard hair regeneration until recently. Beard hair transplants have made it possible to regenerate beard hair, but one must proceed with caution before having one.


Well the facial hair transplant cost in Delhi depends on the area of the face where implantation will be done and varies from clinic to clinic. Around 900 to 1200 grafts are required for a complete beard transplant. Approximately per graft beard transplant cost in Delhi ranges from Rs. 40 to Rs. 120, which varies from clinic to clinic.


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Hair Transplant Loan

Don't have the proper means for your Hair Transplant Procedure? Don't worry!!

You can get a loan for the hair transplant procedure.
There are many companies in India providing financing for the hair transplant procedure along with options like zero down payment and easy EMI options.

Reputed companies like Bajaj Finserv, Tata Capital are providing financing options on easy terms.


What are the factors that decide the cost of Hair Transplant in Delhi?

As mentioned before, the overall cost of hair transplant treatment majorly depends upon multiple factors. These factors can vary from one clinic to another.


Following is the list of factors that will decide the cost of hair transplant in Delhi:


1. Area of the Transplant: The area where you want to get the hair transplant done plays an important role. Usually, the basic cost of a regular hair transplant is lower than the cost of a facial or body hair transplant.


2. Number of Grafts: This is the most important factor that will decide the treatment cost. The more the number of grafts required, the more you will have to pay for the treatment. However, the total number of grafts required is also decided by the quality of the hair present in the back of the scalp. If the hair is thin and silky, then you will require more grafts to cover the area.

3. Number of Sessions: Generally, this factor correlates to the number of grafts required. Suppose the graft requirement is more than the number of sessions also increases, which will automatically increase your cost. Even your health will play a major role when you undergo a hair transplant. If your Blood Pressure or Sugar fluctuates during the procedure, the surgeon will stop the procedure, keep your safety in mind, and continue it the next day. Due to this, the patient might need two sessions to complete the procedure. Because of this, the overall cost of the procedure increases.


4. Experience of the Surgeon: The procedure's success rate majorly depends upon the surgeon's experience procedures success rate. So naturally, the more the surgeon's experience, the more they will charge for the treatment. Nevertheless, the results would make up for the extra cost. If you are confused about which surgeon to opt for, we have the Best Hair Transplant Surgeons in Delhi list available.  

5. Type of Techniques: The technique you select for the treatment plays an important role in deciding the overall cost of the treatment. Each technique’s cost is different from one another. If the grafts requirement is high, you might need to combine two types of techniques, which eventually increases the cost of the procedure.


6. Cost of Medical Equipment: Even the equipment used during the procedure plays an important role in deciding the treatment price. Some of the technique requires special tools, which can increase the cost of the treatment. 

7. Labor Cost: Highly skilled and experienced staff does not come cheap. The presence of good staff is very crucial in the success rate of the procedure. A clinic with experienced staff is known to have a success rate.


All of these factors influence the entire cost of facial hair transplants in Delhi. Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at


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1. Is it true that having a smaller donor area makes my hair transplant more expensive?

If the scalp lacks sufficient hair transplants, finding the proper donor area may be challenging. If there aren't enough donor sites, hair follicles might be removed from other body parts, such as the beard, chest, or pubic areas. If you utilize the body hair transplanting procedure, your hair transplant therapy cost may be slightly higher.


2. Do hair transplants in Delhi come with an EMI option?

In Delhi, EMI financing for hair transplant procedures is accessible. It might be a cost-effective way to pay for your hair transplant without depleting your bank account.


3. At what age may you undergo a hair transplant?

FUE Hair Transplants may be performed on individuals beyond the age of 25, and there is no maximum age limit for obtaining a transplant. As long as the donor area is in good shape and healthy hair follicles can be extracted, the transplant can go ahead.


4. Is having a hair transplant painful?

Because it's a delicate procedure, it takes a lot of time and effort, and the results might be a little harsh. On the other hand, the actual FUE procedure should be painless because most doctors numb the scalp with a local anesthetic. It might be a bit uncomfortable at first, but there is no discomfort after the area is fully numb.


5. What are the issues that arise following a hair transplant?

There are primarily two types of issues: one that occurs shortly after treatment and the other, which is the possibility of adverse effects. Our skin becomes irritated and swollen after a hair transplant operation. Small infections occur in treatment sites. Bleeding, bruising around the eyes, crust formation on the implanted scalp area, numbness or loss of sensation in the treated area, inflammation, and unnaturally-looking hair tufts are all complications or side effects. Shock loss, or the abrupt but temporary loss of transplanted hairs, affects a small percentage of individuals.

Question and Answers (61)

My front head is going bald, will a hair transplant be a solution to it.

Asked anonymously on 6th May, 2022 at 2:34 pm

Hair transplant is a permanent and definite solution to your frontal balding problem.
It can give you your desired hairline and youthful look back

Dr. Vikas Panthri's profile picture
Dr. Vikas Panthri

Ma'am my hair becomes thinner all over the head. I consulted with our family physician for treating androgenic alopecia and he prescribed me minoxidil. I have been under medication past 4 months but have not seen any positive results. What should I do now? Is there any other treatment for androgenic alopecia in women?

Asked anonymously on 6th May, 2022 at 2:27 pm

Women can also undergo hair transplant.
Although it will be much advisable if we can have an online/face to face consultation to enable us to suggest you better

Dr. Vikas Panthri's profile picture
Dr. Vikas Panthri

Hello doctor, can females get hair transplant done for hairfall because of PCOS . Because I am just 31 now and suffering a lot of hair fall issues. I also have PCOS?

Asked anonymously on 6th May, 2022 at 2:20 pm

Yes.. we have routinely operated many PCOS females facing hair loss issues with great results.
Although it's important to note that the hair transplant procedure and the PCOS treatment should go hand in hand to give you the desired result.

Dr. Vikas Panthri's profile picture
Dr. Vikas Panthri

Doctor I am 42 years male, from Thrissur. For the last 2 years. It is almost getting bald. I have been on medication for high blood pressure past 7 years, I guess. So am I eligible for hair transplant? 

Asked anonymously on 6th May, 2022 at 2:16 pm

Yes, provided you take your antihypertensive medications regularly and also on the day of surgery. The preop BP required should be lesser than 140/90 mm Hg.
Also we are a completely adept medical facility equipped with handling all emergency situations

Dr. Vikas Panthri's profile picture
Dr. Vikas Panthri

Hello sir, I am looking for androgenic alopecia treatment. This issue I have been facing for the last 1 year. I am 36 years. Initially, I didn't notice that much, but now I can see near the top of the head has become almost empty. Please sir let me know if this can be cured. 

Asked anonymously on 6th May, 2022 at 1:21 pm

Absolutely. It can be cured by performing Hair transplant procedure where we can implant the hair follicles removed from donor area, into the required balding area, giving you back your youthful look.

Dr. Vikas Panthri's profile picture
Dr. Vikas Panthri
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