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Treatment for Prostate cancer

Prostate Cancer

New idea has been coined around by doctors about various types of cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, cancer is a disease, which is defined as abnormal cells that divide without any control and invade with other tissues along with wide spread to other organs. After a long wait of 16 years, doctors have finally accepted the fact that high percentage of prostate cancer have been detected and treated. Whenever, a person is suffering from cancer, he always thinks about himself that he is going to die, either today or tomorrow. They lose their hopes just in the middle of their fight for cancer. But prostate is a kind of cancer which many of them have not even heard about, Right? Lets us get through it in detail.


  • Fluid that forms a part of semen is marked by Prostate gland. Prostate is located just at the bottom of bladder in front of rectum. It surrounds the urine tube and semen through the penis and out of the body.

What is Prostate Cancer?

  • Prostate is a exocrine gland in male reproductive system, that is exactly under the bladder. Its size is not more than a walnut
  • The urethra - is a kind of tube that goes from the bladder till the tip of pennies, that carries the urine and semen out of human body that goes via Prostate
  • There are many tiny glands present in prostate - that has the ability to produce fluid that forms semen, this fluid has the tendency to protect and nourish the sperm
  • When a male has an orgasm, the vesicles semen secrete a sticky white milky liquid in which the semen travels
  • This liquid gets produced in the prostate gland, whereas the sperm is produced and kept in the testicles
  • There are many different types of cancer occurring all over. But according to the statistical data prostate cancer is one of the most highest type of cancer, from which most of the people are affected with.

    Prostate Cancer

    Above is the graph that represents, various types of cancer, and the prostate cancer is highest among all.

    Let us stay alert about the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer

    At the early stages of prostate cancer, there are no symptoms observed. Many men, complaint about this, because they come to know about it only during their routine check-up or blood test. Or else even when the symptom exists, they are one of the following:-

  • Patient urinates more, and wakes up again and again at night
  • He may find it difficult to initiate his urine
  • He may feel pain at the time of urination
  • Blood may come out at the time of urine
  • Ejaculation may be painful (less common)
  • Maintaining an erection can be difficult but this symptom is un common
  • Even there are following possibilities, if the prostate cancer is advanced :

  • Pain in bone, pelvis, ribs
  • Proximal part of femur may be painful
  • Patient may observe weakness in his legs, if the leading cancer has spread to the spines, along with compressing the spinal cord
  • What are the Causes of prostate cancer?

    Nobody can be accurate in this world, in the same way, none of them are sure as of what can be the specific causes of it. Moreover, there are many possible factors which all include:-

    1. Age :The primary risk factor associated with prostate cancer is "AGE". As the age of men increase, he is more likely to lean towards the risk of developing cancer. One plus point for men is that prostate cancer is rare among men under the age of 45, but highly common after the age of 50
    2. Genetics :According to the statistical data, genetics can be a major factor. It is most commonly seen in racial groups among Afro-American than White American. If there are identical twins they are at higher risk of developing cancer. Risk factor increases twice, if brother or father already has.
    3. Diet :According to the recent study soy, selenium and green tea prevents from cancer. Many other has stated that this statement is wrong as it does not help anyway. Most beneficial is diet rich in vegetable. Yoga, stretching, meditation, can alter the way for the progress of cancer. Lack of vitamin D, diet rich in red meat may raise a chance of getting affected by cancer.

    All these remedies are ideal things to do; these remedies should be taken into consideration along with the cancer treatment.

    Treatment for prostate cancer:-

    If the cancer is at initial stage then following can be one of its treatments:-

    1. Radical prostatectomy :With the help of surgery prostate is removed
    2. Brachytherapy :Implanting radioactive seeds into prostate
    3. Intensity modulated radiotherapy :A beam that has various density are used. Treatment depends upon individual cases.

    All the above techniques includes advantages and disadvantages on its own, doctor should discuss it with the patient before going for it.