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The Best Cancer Hospital in India - Updated 2024

7 Doctors
700 Beds
3 Ambulances


  • Tata Memorial Institute delivers reduced or free-of-cost cancer treatment, medication, and care to impoverished people. It provides the best financial help for cancer patients in India.
  • Nearly 60% of cancer patients receive primary care at the hospital, with over 70% receiving nearly free treatment.
  • They offer the new prostate cancer treatments approved by FDA in 2022.
  • Tata Memorial Hospital is one of the most technologically advanced top cancer hospitals in India.
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18 Doctors
2456 Beds


  • AIIMS is considered one of the best hospitals in India with the best facility for patients.
  • AIIMS has received several honors and prizes for its superior cancer treatment. 
  • It is well-known for its ultra-modern facilities and cutting-edge technology, which attracts patients from all across India as well as neighboring countries.
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66 Doctors
750 Beds
3 Ambulances


  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is the first hospital in Mumbai with a Full Time Specialist System (FTSS), which ensures simple availability and access to specialized specialists.
  • This hospital is well established and has gained great repute among the best cancer hospital in India.
  • Being one of the best hospitals for cancer treatment in India, it houses 15 centers of excellence, 26 specialty departments, 20 super-specialty clinics, and 5 patient support groups.
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171 Doctors
560 Beds
5 Ambulances


  • Apollo Hospital is the first hospital in India to offer coronary angioplasty, stereotactic radiotherapy, and radiosurgery procedures (for brain tumors).
  • The treatment related to Heart, Cancer, Bones, Joints & Spine, Organ Transplants, Neurology, Gastro & Colorectal, Bariatric Surgery, Gynaecology & Infertility, and Ophthalmology are among the major specializations.
  • First Indian hospital to be awarded the IS0 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications and The Week magazine named the hospital the "Best Private Sector Hospital in India" multiple times.
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28 Doctors
250 Beds


  • To provide the greatest healthcare services to individuals in need, the Department of cancer care is systematized using world-class technologies and methods.
  • The hospital houses India's largest liver intensive care unit.
  • For cancer patients who require therapy like radiotherapy, high-speed and high-precision radiation equipment is available.
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76 Doctors
1000 Beds
10 Ambulances


  • The greatest therapies are provided by renowned doctors, super sub-specialists, and specialty nurses with superior medical skills, technology, and innovation.
  • the hospital Has a first-of-its-kind E – ICU with two-way audiovisual communication that allows clinicians to access patients 24x7.
  • Has the world’s first Digital MRI technology, 3 Tesla The Institute is known to be the 'Mecca of Healthcare' for the Asia Pacific region.
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148 Doctors
650 Beds
4 Ambulances


  • The super specialty hospital is both NABH and NABL accredited. It is one of the best cancer Centres in India, offering comprehensive care to prevent and cure cancer.
  • The Centre has radical technology, world-class facilities, and a highly skilled team of surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists who collaborate to give the best possible individualized care.
  • New technology at the Centre has enhanced cancer diagnosis and treatment, ensuring that patients receive the most up-to-date and advanced cancer care.
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123 Doctors
1250 Beds
50 Ambulances


  • In 2010, Asia's First Bloodless Bone Marrow Transplant HealthCare Global Enterprises (HCG) named the facility the Best Multispecialty facility.
  • The Breast Services and Head and Neck Oncology are two of the several organ-specific surgical cancer sections at the hospital
  • Many of the doctors in the hospital are also recipients of prestigious awards like 'Padma Shri', 'Padma Bhushan', 'Dr. B.C. Roy National Award', and 'Marquis Who's Who in the World Award'.
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Saifee Hospital

Saifee Hospital

Mumbai, India

91 Doctors
256 Beds
2 Ambulances


  • Saifee Hospital has just completed ten years of selfless service to mankind by providing medical care to our respected patients.
  • This Premier Multi-Speciality Hospital having state-of-the-art infrastructure has grown as one of the most sought-after cancer hospitals.
  • Hospital has art technology for diagnostic and therapeutic services to patients in a world-class ambiance with passion and precision
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214 Doctors
1000 Beds
10 Ambulances


  • Apollo Hospital is the first hospital to be internationally accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI) four times in a row.
  • It holds up to its name in terms of technology for cancer treatment, and infrastructure and is one of the best multi-specialty tertiary hospitals in India.
  • It has a whopping 52 specialties for patient treatment which have 5 departments dedicated to cancer under the Cancer Care Unit.
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Cancer is fatal, but its prognosis depends on the ability of your body to endure it and its treatments, as well as the hospital you choose.

Cancer treatment for breast cancer, lymphoma, multiple myeloma, lung cancer, leukemia, prostate cancer, genetic cancer, throat cancer, etc can be quite heavy on the pockets. CT scan, bone scan MRI, biopsy test, and PET scan are some imaging procedures that can be used to diagnose cancer.

Cancer treatment in India is becoming increasingly accessible to those who need it. According to the World Health Organization, India has over 1.8 million new cancer cases every year. In fact, India has seen a significant improvement in its cancer mortality rate – a decrease of more than 12 percent.  The estimated number of people with cancer is around 2.7 million (2020) and every year, new cancer patients are registered around 13.9 lakhs. Cancer-related deaths in India are around 8.5 lakhs.

India has hospitals that have access to the latest treatments and technologies, with new prostate cancer treatments as well as highly trained medical professionals who provide personalized care and support. It also has an impressive success rate of over 90%, with one of the lowest mortality rates for cancer treatment in the country. 

If you are looking to get treated in India, then your chosen best Indian hospital should have NABH or JCI accreditation. 



1. What makes a cancer hospital the best in India?

Ans: The best cancer hospital in India often has a staff of recognized oncologists, cutting-edge equipment, a wide choice of cancer treatment options, personalized care plans, great patient results, and comprehensive supportive services.

2. What advanced treatment options are available at the hospital?

Ans: The hospital provides a variety of advanced treatments, including targeted therapies, immunotherapies, minimally invasive robotic procedures, precision medicine, proton therapy, and novel therapeutics coming from ongoing clinical studies.

3. Does the hospital offer personalized treatment plans?

Ans: Yes, the hospital places a high value on personalized care. To achieve the best successful outcomes, each patient is thoroughly evaluated, and treatment programs are personalized to their individual diagnosis, medical history, and preferences.

4. Is the hospital equipped with state-of-the-art technology for cancer diagnosis and treatment?

Ans: Yes, the hospital has cutting-edge technology, such as advanced imaging devices for precise diagnosis, sophisticated radiation therapy machines, and robotic surgery systems that improve precision and recuperation.

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पुरुष | 46

I advise that you see an oncologist specializing in head and neck cancers. Early diagnosis and cure facilitate better outcomes, hence immediate medical attention is crucial.

Answered on 14th Feb '24

Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan

Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan

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