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Patient Success Stories

Read these powerful and inspirational success stories of patients who have walked through our doors worldwide and pursued medical treatment in India through Clinicspot's assistance.

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Female | 39 yrs

29th, Jan'24

Success Story of Thyroidectomy for Cancer Treatment at Medanta Delhi

Total Thyroidectomy Procedure in India: Follow the journey of a 39 year old cancer patient from Bangladesh, now cancer-free after successful thyroidectomy.

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Female | 55 yrs

19th, Dec'23

Success Story of Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinson's at StemRX

Meet Jennifer, a 55-year-old from The Netherlands, fighting Parkinson’s. Follow her inspiring journey from Europe to India as she conquers hurdles, seeking a cure with the help of stem cells.

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Female | 52 yrs

7th, Aug'23

Nanavati Hospital Helps a Patient in Breast Cancer Treatment

Read the amazing story of Diksha, a 52-year-old woman from Bangladesh, who bravely faced breast cancer and got better. Learn about the signs, how doctors and Clinicspots helped, the treatment process, and how Diksha became strong again. It's a story that shows that with help and courage, tough times can be overcome.

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Male | 65 yrs

1st, Aug'23

Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital Helps a Patient from Kenya in Ankle Fracture

Meet Aasir, a spirited and determined individual from Kenya, aged 65. Aasir had encountered a distressing ankle fracture and sought medical attention to regain mobility and alleviate discomfort. This is the story of his orthopedic journey, leading him to Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital in India with the help of Clinicspots.

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Male | 24 yrs

28th, July'23

Successful Colon Cancer Treatment of Bangladeshi patient at Kokilaben Hospital

Let's meet Jatin, a brave young man from Bangladesh. Life took an unexpected turn when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. This is the inspiring story of how he faced the challenge head-on, with the support of caring doctors, and found his way to recovery.

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Female | 63 yrs

17th, July'23

Successful Spine Surgery of Bangladeshi patient at Medanta Hospital

Discover the inspiring journey of a spine patient who sought expert consultation, obtained multiple opinions, and underwent a successful surgery for their condition. Follow their path to recovery and find inspiration in their determination and the expertise of renowned neurosurgeons.

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Male | 5 yrs

10th, July'23

Gleneagles Global Hospital Helped a Patient from Bangladesh in His Brain Stroke Treatment

Witness the inspiring journey of Aahil, a young boy who overcame the challenges of a brain stroke. Discover how Clinicspots played a pivotal role in connecting him with the right medical expertise, ensuring a successful surgery and a remarkable recovery.

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Female | 48 yrs

4th, July'23

Nanavati Hospital Empowers Bangladeshi Patient's Cancer Journey

Discover the inspiring story of Shweta, a 48-year-old cancer warrior who found hope in India with the support of Clinicspots. From misdiagnosis to surgeries and chemotherapy, her journey embodies resilience and gratitude.

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Male | 48 yrs

20th, June'23

Apollo Hospital's Lifesaving Mission: Fred's Journey to Heart Health

Follow Fred's inspiring journey from Zambia to Apollo Hospital in Delhi, where he overcomes cardiac complications through ClinicSpots. Under the expert care of Dr. Amit Mittal, Fred receives successful CABG treatment, leading to a speedy recovery and renewed hope.