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10 Best Eye Hospitals in India

123 Doctors
1250 Beds
50 Ambulances


  • Medanta is one of the best and largest multi-super specialization hospitals in India.
  • The best eye surgeons in India perform eye care and specialized eye surgery in Medanta.
  • The ophthalmology department is equipped with cutting-edge technology and the most up-to-date instruments.
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Eye Q Hospital

Eye Q Hospital

Gurgaon, India

1 Doctor


  • The Eye-Q hospital chain offers superior eye treatment at affordable costs across India.
  • Eye Q Hospital Gurgaon has developed the latest technologies to ensure maximum success.
  • It offers a  range of treatments, including maintaining optimal vision and preventing degeneration.
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17 Doctors
15 Beds
5 Ambulances


  • For almost 27 years, Eye7 Hospitals has been at the forefront of high-quality and best eye care Centres in India.
  • It provides cutting-edge facilities and services from the best retina specialists in India.
  • They provide expert consultation in  Specs Removal, Glaucoma, Cornea, Squint, and Oculo-Plasty.
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Centre For Sight

Centre For Sight

Delhi, India

2 Doctors
2 Beds


  • The 'Centre for Sight, Delhi' is one of the most well-known eye clinics in India.
  • The hospital has state-of-the-art infrastructure services and is NABH accredited.
  • They specialize in Cataract Surgery, Glaucoma treatment Lasik Surgery and Smile Surgery.
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  • It is one of India's largest chains of eye specialty hospitals, with headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • The hospital is known as a world-class hospital that provides comprehensive eye care.
  • They have assembled a team of the best ophthalmic specialists and surgeons in India.
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8 Doctors
10 Beds


  • Bharti Eye Hospital aims at providing patients with the latest eye care technology.
  • It has been accredited by NABH. It is recognized as one of the top eye hospitals in India for patient safety and quality of care.
  • They have a team of top eye specialists in India.
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171 Doctors
560 Beds
5 Ambulances


  • It is a known hospital worldwide and a preferred choice for patients from all over India.
  • Excellent success rates and latest technologies for eye treatment with holistic values.
  • Optimal outcomes for patients with acute or severe eye disorders and ophthalmology conditions.
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218 Doctors
1000 Beds
10 Ambulances


  • The department of ophthalmology at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital provides quality eye treatment.
  • By integrating and exploiting pooled knowledge, they provide patient-centered care for ocular disorders.
  • Advanced surgical operations are performed at the Centre, including India's most advanced techniques.
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Suraj Hospital

Suraj Hospital

Navi Mumbai, India

19 Doctors
25 Beds
2 Ambulances
28 Doctors
30 Beds

Eye illnesses or disabilities affect people of all ages, from infancy to age. The majority of eye conditions result in vision problems, with extreme cases leading to blindness. This vital organ should be treated by the best eye specialists and in the best hospitals in India. We at Clinicspots have curated a list of the top 10 eye hospitals in India just for you! These hospitals have established a legacy for providing India's best eye treatment , and successful eye surgery. They are privileged with top-tier facilities and the best eye surgeons in India.


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Questions & Answers on "Eye" (14)

Hii Last week one drop of cleaning acid went into my eye when i was using it , i immediately flushed it with water and i was fine the eye had redness and spasms rarely now I'm starting to get eye irritation

Male | 20

In that case please get it checked thoroughly by a good physician to see if there are still any concerns due to acid.

Answered on 28th Aug'23

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

I am traveling outside of the United States, and I have the following symptoms: low grade fever, sore throat, congestion, and partial blind spots & floaters in both eyes. I wanted to check in to see if I need to seek immediate medical attention. I should note that I have a history of migraines, and have been experiencing them on and off while traveling.

Female | 42

It might be a good idea to seek medical attention since you're experiencing low fever, sore throat, etc.. Given your history of migraines, these symptoms could have various causes. If your symptoms are severe, worsening, or causing significant distress, it's advisable to seek medical help promptly.

Answered on 16th Aug'23

Dr. Sandeep Agarwal

Dr. Sandeep Agarwal

Answered on 27th July'23

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

Dry eyes Arthartist, cornea and terziam Please suggest best doctor

Female | 54

Hi, for dry eyes and cornea related issues, the treatment options will probably vary based on the underlying cause and severity of the condition.
You can check out the best eye doctors for your treatment here - Best Ophthalmologists in India 
Hope this is helpful.

Answered on 25th July'23

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

Dr. Sumeet Agrawal

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