• Cribs Hospital has a separate section for children where they receive the greatest care and treatment available.
  • The department of nephrology at Cribs Hospital offers thorough treatment for a variety of kidney illnesses.
  • Facilities for organ transplantation are designed to provide the highest level of care and successful outcomes in incompatible transplants. Their highly skilled medical staff provides care for patients of all ages and is well known for their exceptional clinical abilities. High-level technical knowledge is required for tough life-saving procedures when dealing with complex medical situations.
  • The Cribs Hospital provides exceptional specialty care for a range of neurological conditions. For all forms of brain tumors, movement abnormalities, brain anomalies, trauma diseases, etc., they do offer specialized care.
  • They do minimally invasive brain surgery employing state-of-the-art facilities and medical technology.

By continuously updating MRI scan images while the surgery is being performed, they have the best neurological operating room that guarantees the exact treatment of brain tumors. In the presence of the most renowned neurologists, Cribs Hospital also performs neurological surgery utilizing cutting-edge medical techniques.