List of Top 10 Best Hospital in Bangalore - Updated 2022

Popularly known as the IT hub of India, Bangalore has been serving as the medical hub of India as well. With cutting edge technology hospitals in Bangalore have been among the top hospitals in India. Here we present a list of the 10 best hospitals present in Bangalore.


157 Doctors
100 Beds
  • This is one of the best multispecialty hospital in Bangalore which ranked for 15 years in advanced healthcare.
  • 10th best multi-specialty hospital-private all India.
  • 4th best multi-specialty hospital in South India.
  • A trusted name in oncology care.


76 Doctors
295 Beds
9 Ambulances

Open Hours

  • The 2nd best multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore by THE WEEK-A C Nielsen, Best Hospital Survey 2013
  • 1st hospital to use Y shaped stent in the region.
  • Introduced 1st Thallium Laser in India.
  • This is one of the top eye hospital in Bangalore.
  • 1st hospital in Karnataka with a digital X-ray machine.


72 Doctors
200 Beds
  • 1st in Karnataka to do Bone Marrow Transplant.
  • 1st to perform Open Heart Surgery on the HIV positive patient.
  • The youngest child in the world to undergo a complex neurosurgical correction of atlantoaxial dislocation.
  • 1st in India to do Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy.


105 Doctors
400 Beds
2 Ambulances
  • Introduced HIFU technology for Prostate Cancer in India
  • The first and only hospital set-up in Karnataka to be accredited by JCI – the Gold Standard in global healthcare standards.
  • This is one of the best hospital to offers heart treatment in Bangalore
  • 1st in India for Medical Tourism by Medical Travel and Tourism Quality Alliance (MTQUA).


35 Doctors
200 Beds
4 Ambulances

Open Hours

  • Awarded India’s most promising and valuable hospital by Pharma Leaders 2014.
  • One of the 25 Best Hospitals in India by CEO Insights 2018. 
  • NABH certified Diagnostic Laboratory.




54 Doctors
25 Beds
2 Ambulances
  • One-stop health care solution for outpatients.
  • RXDX started with local GP services and then expanded into other areas which help the local community.
  • RxDx in Bangalore takes pride in its expansive multi-speciality clinic facility.


46 Doctors
300 Beds
5 Ambulances
  • 1st to bring in both Indian and Japanese healthcare technologies under one roof.
  • NABL Accredited Laboratory Service and Blood Bank Services.
  • India’s 1st MNC Hospital committed to advanced medical care.




29 Doctors
160 Beds
  • A high-end NICU and PICU facility is available.
  • Has a 128-slice CT machine.
  • Digitized radiography & an interventional radiology unit.
  • 1st  healthcare companies to enter India through 100% FDI route.


21 Doctors
250 Beds

Open Hours

  • Only Indian Hospital to be associated with King's College Hospital, London
  • 1st hospital to perform Dual Organ - kidney liver Transplant in Karnataka
  • First to perform 150 Computer Assisted Knee Joint Replacement Surgeries in Karnataka
  • The first hospital to be recognized for Research and Development by the Govt. of India
  • One of the largest health care facilities under one roof in Bengaluru with 2000 bed strength.
  • This is one of the top 10 hospitals in Bangalore 
  • The strength of our multidisciplinary hospital is optimized by the ability to care for polytrauma.
  • Department of Surgery is one of the oldest and most renowned in South India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I Should Opt For Healthcare In India?


You should choose India for your medical treatments because it offers lower pricing, access to cutting-edge medical technology, and rising compliance with international quality standards, as well as the fact that foreigners in India are less likely to confront a language barrier. In addition, the Indian government is taking significant strides to solve infrastructural challenges that are stifling the country's medical tourism development.


2. How can I get a medical opinion and the cost of treatment?


If possible, you may share the patient's case history, current clinical reports, X-RAYS, Scans, and past medical information with us. Then, before your arrival, our expert team of professionals will review your medical records and recommend the best treatment plan for you, along with an estimated cost. To get more information visit,


3.  Is health insurance accepted at hospitals in Banglore?


Please notify the hospitals if you have overseas health insurance that is also valid in India. Hospitals may need you to get an advance payment guarantee, which you will have to coordinate from your home country if it is an approved insurance provider.


4.  What are the approved payment methods?


In India, all main forms of payment are accepted, including cash, international Master or Visa credit cards, traveler's checks, etc.


5. What is the difference between hospitals with NABH accreditation and JCI accreditation?


The international society of quality has approved both of these international healthcare quality standards. NABH (National Accreditation Board for Healthcare Organizations) is an Indian product promoted by the Quality Council of India, whereas JCI (Joint Commission Worldwide) is the international branch of the American Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) standards.

As a result of this comparison, the NABH standard is at par with JCI and other worldwide standards approved by ISQua. Both are separated into patient and administrative healthcare parts. The bulk of the JCI and NABH criteria are the same. While not all objective criteria are required in JCI, they are all required in NABH, making it more difficult to achieve.


6. What is the duration of an Indian Medical Visa?


By default, the Indian government permits this visa to be valid for 60 days. However, India's new visa policy allows for a paper-based medical visa extension for up to 180 days. Therefore, you do not need a Medical Visa if you entered India on an Indian Tourist Visa or an Indian Business Visa and need medical help during your stay in India that was not expected in advance.

Furthermore, you do not need a medical visa to consult a doctor about your problem. A Medical Visa, on the other hand, is required for treatment.

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I am looking for a periodontist by name Ravi who does consultation in Bangalore but unable to find him in your list. Would you please help me with a list of expertise in Bangalore near Nagarbhavi location

Female | 40

hi ,Me dr shabeer gum specialist professor you can contact dr pauls dental health care bangalore ,indiranagar
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Dr. dr shabeer ahamed

Hello, my relative is 30 years old. He started getting tremors in his hand. He is also facing the following memory-related problem: 1. Getting confused very easily. 2. Not able to recall recently happened discussion/talk completely. 3. Facing problem in thinking because of low visualization. 4. Facing problem in speaking because keep forgetting words 5. Difficulty in learning new things. Can you please suggest a good neurologist in Bangalore based on his above-mentioned problem?

Please check his thyroid profile. And consult a good physician. There is also very good medicines in Homoeopathic for same conditions. There is no need to worry about.
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Dr. Pranjal Ninave

My son is 12 years old he is suffering from a nervous problem. He is not speaking properly. Please advise best neurologist hospitals in Bangalore city

Physiotherapy helps him to recover . I will tell you some exercises 
call me 9711024698 
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Dr. Nishi Varshney

Can you get top surgery at 13?

Other | 13

It is generally not recommended to have top surgery at the age of 13. 


The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care recommend that individuals wait until they are at least 18 years old to undergo surgery, as they may still be experiencing changes in their bodies and may change their minds about transitioning later on.


Additionally, many insurance companies will not cover the cost of surgery for individuals under 18. 


It is important to work with a qualified healthcare provider to make informed decisions about transitioning.

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Dr. Vinod Vij

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