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Best Urology Hospitals in India - Updated 2024

123 Doctors
1250 Beds
50 Ambulances


  • Medanta Hospital in Gurgaon is a prominent urology care center.
  • Their patient-centered urology department specializes in services like kidney transplants, laparoscopic and endoscopic procedures, and comprehensive post-transplant care programs, ensuring top-quality urological healthcare.
  • This renowned hospital is a trusted destination for those seeking advanced urology treatments in the region.


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213 Doctors
1000 Beds
10 Ambulances


  • Apollo Hospital in Delhi, is a well-respected medical facility that started in 1996 and has earned top-notch accreditations.
  • They were the first hospital in India to perform a liver transplant for a child in 1998.
  • With over 100 primary care and diagnostic clinics, along with a team of highly skilled urology specialists, they are a go-to place for excellent healthcare in Delhi.


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Artemis Hospital

Artemis Hospital

Gurgaon, India

99 Doctors
400 Beds
5 Ambulances


  • Artemis Hospital is renowned for its patient-centered approach and cutting-edge urological treatments.
  • They offer the latest and most advanced methods for treating various urological conditions, including kidney and urinary stones, using minimally invasive techniques like URS, PCNL, and RIRS.
  • This hospital is a top choice for those seeking modern and effective urology care.
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66 Doctors
750 Beds
3 Ambulances


  • Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, is known for its use of scientifically validated approaches to diagnose medical issues.
  • The hospital excels in cancer care, with 18 advanced cancer care centers and a remarkable record of over 6,500 successful complex cancer surgeries.
  • Additionally, their Division of Uro-Oncology and Robotic Surgery offers comprehensive solutions for urological concerns.
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43 Doctors
1000 Beds
5 Ambulances


  • Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai, stands out with a team of experienced surgeons specializing in complex urinary issues.
  • The hospital offers advanced surgical solutions for urological concerns, including cancer, fistula, and kidney stones, through minimally invasive methods like robotic and laparoscopic procedures.
  • It's a hub for cutting-edge urology care.
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171 Doctors
560 Beds
5 Ambulances


  • Apollo Hospitals in Chennai is a urology center of excellence, performing 5200 urology surgeries annually.
  • They offer comprehensive care for urological disorders, including congenital conditions and urological cancers.
  • The hospital specializes in advanced procedures such as lithography, endo-urology, TURP, and laparoscopic urological surgeries, ensuring top-quality treatment for patients.
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122 Doctors
510 Beds
1 Ambulance


  • Apollo Gleneagles Hospital boasts a team of highly experienced and skilled surgeons in the Department of Nephrology and Urology.
  • This department is a center of excellence offering comprehensive diagnostic and treatment services in urology and nephrology.
  • The hospital also employs minimally invasive surgical techniques for kidney donors, reducing postoperative recovery times and hospital stays.
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76 Doctors
1000 Beds
10 Ambulances


  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute in Gurgaon is a NABH-accredited multi-specialty tertiary care hospital and recognized as one of the best urology hospitals in India. 
  • It has gained international recognition, ranking second in a global study of the world's most advanced hospitals. 
  • The hospital is known for its success in advanced surgical and reconstructive techniques, making it a top choice for medical care.
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148 Doctors
650 Beds
4 Ambulances


  • BLK-Max Super Specialty Hospital has 650 beds, including 125 critical care beds, and 17 operation theaters.
  • This leading facility provides a comprehensive array of services, featuring cutting-edge equipment like dialysis machines and Uroflowmetry, along with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as Ultrasound.
  • The hospital's reputation is further bolstered by its globally renowned experts who have successfully performed numerous transplants, solidifying its position as a healthcare leader.
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118 Doctors
15 Ambulances


  • Max Smart Super Speciality Hospital, a unit of Gujarmal Modi Hospital & Research Centre, features 250 beds and cutting-edge equipment, including a 256 Slice CT Angio and a 3.0 Tesla MRI. 
  • The hospital is distinguished in medical disciplines like Cardiac Sciences, Orthopedics, Neurology, and more. 
  • It particularly excels in urology, offering reconstructive urology and advanced surgical techniques, with a team of renowned urologists in Delhi.
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Experience the best urology care at India's finest hospitals. From minimally invasive procedures to complex surgeries, trust them as the best urology hospital in India for comprehensive care that ensures your well-being.

Here we have listed the Best Urology hospitals in India for you.

Why choose urology hospitals in India?

There are several compelling reasons to choose urology hospitals in India:

Expertise: India boasts a pool of highly skilled and experienced urologists who are renowned for their expertise in the field. They are trained in the latest techniques and technologies, ensuring that patients receive top-notch care.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Urology hospitals in India are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure, which allows for precise diagnostics and advanced surgical procedures. This ensures the best possible outcomes for patients.

Cost-Effective Care: Medical treatments in India, including urological procedures, are often more cost-effective than in many Western countries. Patients can access world-class care without breaking the bank.

Multidisciplinary Approach: Urology hospitals in India often offer a multidisciplinary approach to care. This means that patients benefit from collaboration between urologists, radiologists, oncologists, and other specialists, ensuring comprehensive and holistic treatment.

Short Waiting Times: Patients can often receive treatment quickly in India, with shorter waiting times for consultations and surgeries compared to some other countries.

High Success Rates: Many urology hospitals in India have an excellent track record of successful outcomes for various urological conditions, including kidney stones, prostate issues, and urinary tract problems.

Patient-Centric Care: Indian healthcare facilities typically place a strong emphasis on patient satisfaction and comfort. Hospitals are known for their warm and caring staff, making the patient experience positive.

Tourism Opportunities: India is a diverse and culturally rich country with much to explore. Patients often combine their medical visits with tourism, making their medical journey more enriching.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the cost of urology treatment in India significantly lower than in Western countries?

Yes, urology treatment in India is often more cost-effective compared to many Western countries, making it an attractive option for medical tourists seeking quality care at a lower cost.


What is the average waiting time for urology procedures in Indian hospitals?

Waiting times for urology procedures in India are typically shorter compared to some Western countries. However, the specific waiting times can vary depending on the hospital and the urgency of the procedure.


Do urology hospitals in India have English-speaking staff and provide services to international patients?

Yes, many urology hospitals in India have staff proficient in English to cater to international patients. They often offer specialized services to make the medical journey smoother for patients from abroad.


What is the success rate for urological procedures in India?

Urology hospitals in India have a strong track record of successful outcomes for various urological conditions. The success rate can vary depending on the specific procedure and the patient's condition, but it is generally high.


Are there specific destinations in India known for urology treatment?

While urology services are available across India, certain cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore are renowned for their world-class urology hospitals and medical infrastructure, attracting patients from around the world.

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Questions & Answers on "Urology" (412)

Have kidney stone of 14 mm in one ureter of kidney but when checked in ct scan it doesn't show any movement does it says that the kidney is failed?

Female | 48

The lack of movement in CT scan may not always be associated with kidney failure. Talk to a urologist they can recommend suitable treatment plan for you

Answered on 29th Mar '24

Dr. Neeta Verma

Dr. Neeta Verma

Sir, I have overdosed on Viagra 100. Which has caused urinary problem. There is burning and pain. Drops of urine all the time and sometimes a little blood. I have done kidney ultrasound which is also clear. Blood test and urine test are also clear. But the pain and irritation are not going away.

Male | 39

Overdose of Viagra can result in serious urinary complication. Even if the reports are good, it can be some other underlying cause. Talk to a urologist they may recommend some other tests 

Answered on 29th Mar '24

Dr. Neeta Verma

Dr. Neeta Verma

Answered on 27th Mar '24

Dr. Neeta Verma

Dr. Neeta Verma

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