2nd September, 2020

The Robotic Surgery Era – Emerging Technology for Cancer Treatment in India

As one of the propounders of Robotic Surgery in India, Dr. Sandeep Nayak, is the Director and Head of Department of Surgical Oncology at Fortis Hospital, Bangalore, and the Chief of Surgical Oncology at MACS Clinic, Bangalore shares his view on the future of Robotic surgery in India.

27th January, 2020

ClinicSpots's AI based Q&A platform assists patients' medical queries with empathy

One such Mumbai based healthcare startup venture, ClinicSpots is all set to capitalise on current digitisation trends and recent technology of AI.

26th November, 2019

ClinicSpots is redefining medical tourism through an intuitive Q&A platform

ClinicSpots was set up in 2015 with the sole aim of offering a non-invasive interface that connects patients with suitable medical experts and treatment options for affordable and quick recovery.

26th November, 2019

ClinicSpots - redefining medical tourism through an intuitive Q and A platform

ClinicSpots is a medical health information startup with an innovative question and answer platform that responds to the medical queries posted on its portal.

12th October, 2019

ClinicSpots Integrates NLP - AI to Offer Enhanced Medical Experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) being perceived as a key for transformation of technology, even smaller companies are seen implementing machine learning within their products. ClinicSpots is one such Mumbai based mid-sized healthcare startup to have introduced an innovative medical Q & A platform that makes use of NLP.