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Are you in search of best dentists in Delhi?  Well, then you are on the right page. 

We have a list of best dentists in India with expertise knowledge in their field and are practicing in this field for years. They provide treatments like root canal, dental x-ray, dental fillings, Wisdom tooth removal, crowns, dental implants, braces, etc.

Below is the list of top 10 best dentists in Delhi, lets have a look at them.

Dr. Shashi Bhushan Gupta's profile picture

Dr. Shashi Bhushan Gupta

12 years of experience

MDS - Prosthodontist And Crown Bridge, BDS


  • Having an overall of 11 years of experience, Dr. Shashi Bhushan Gupta is an expertise dentist and Prosthodontist
  • He is an internationally trained implant specialist and is specialized in non-invasive surgeries
  • His belief and mission is to create awareness about the importance of oral health and deliver excellence in dentistry
  • His is one of the best dentists in Delhi 

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Best Dental Clinic In Delhi, India
  • Most Trusted Healthcare Awards - 2018
Meraki Dental Studio


Next available - Monday 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Dr. Harleen Gandhi Kalsi's profile picture

Dr. Harleen Gandhi Kalsi

14 years of experience

Post-Graduate Certificate in Oral Implantology (PGCOI), BDS


Cosmetic/aesthetic Dentist

  • Having an overall13 years of experience, Dr. Harleen Gandhi Kalsi is an expertise Dentist
  • Cosmetic, Aesthetic Dentist and Implantologist
  • Some of the services provided by her are- Bleeding Gums Treatment, Bleaching, Dental Implant Fixing, Tooth Extraction, Implant Rehabilitation, Implant Retained Dentures etc
  • She is considered to be one of the best orthodontist in Delhi

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Naari Gaurav Samaan Award - 2017
  • Aesthetic Centre of the Year - Famdent - 2017
  • New Practice of the Year - IHP - 2017
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Dr. Rajat Sachdeva's profile picture

Dr. Rajat Sachdeva

20 years of experience

AERB Certified Dental Clinic, Certification in Aesthetic Dentistry, MDS, Fellowship in Psychosocial Support in Disaster Management, PGDE (Cosmetic & Esthetic Dentist), FICOI, MS - Implantolgy, FPFA, MBA, BDS

Cosmetic/aesthetic Dentist

Restorative Dentist


  • Having an overall of 18 years of experience, Dr. Rajat Sachdeva is a Implantologist, Cosmetic, Aesthetic Dentist
  • He is a board member of the faculty of general dental practice as well a committee member for the British dental association
  • He is one of the best dentist in Delhi 
  • He is a certified digital smile design cosmetic dentist 

Awards and Recognitions:

  • He Carries Extensive Training and Experience in The Field of Dental Implantology, Having Trained in Many Techniques and Procedures Internationally and Having Performed Thousands of Dental Implant Procedures - 2011
  • Restoration of Patients With Fixed And/or Removable Prosthesis, Treatment Of Vital, Non-vital, Decayed and Carious Teeth With Root Canal Treatment, Post & Core and Direct and Indirect Restorations. Oral Prophylaxis, Extractions of Non-restorable Decays - 2012
  • Dr. Rajat Has Trained in Advanced Dental Implant Procedures Including Guided Bone Regeneration, Hard & Soft Tissue Contouring, Sinus Lift Augmentation Techniques, Ridge Splitting Procedures & Cosmetic Dentistry Worldwide. Dr. Sachdeva Is A Clinical Tutor - 2013
  • Consults, examines, diagnoses, and treats diseases of dental pulps and periapical tissues of teeth • Examines patients and interprets radiographs and pulp tests to determine pulp vitality and periapical tissue condition. • Evaluates findings and prescri - 2014
  • Honorary Consultant President Estate Clinic - 2018
The National Dental Centre


Next available - Monday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Dr. Sonali Taneja

31 years of experience

MDS - Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics, BDS


Cosmetic/aesthetic Dentist

  • Having an overall 30 years of experience, Dr. Sonali Taneja has 28 years of expertise knowledge in this field
  • She has specialized as Endodontist, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentist 
  • She is considered to be one of the best dentist in Delhi 

Awards and Recognitions

  • Gold medalist in BDS - 1993
  • Gold Medalist in MDS (Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics)
Dr. Saloni Goyal's profile picture

Dr. Saloni Goyal

8 years of experience

MDS - Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopaedics, BDS


  • Having an overall of 7 years of experience, Dr. Saloni Goyal has 2 years of experience in this field
  • She is specialized in correcting crooked tooth with braces and smile designing
  • Some of the services provided by the her are invisible orthodontics, orthodontic treatment, scaling, tooth extraction etc
  • She is one of the best orthodontist in Delhi 

Awards and Recognitions:

Gold medal - 2018

Doctor Image
Dr. Ritika Arora's profile picture

Dr. Ritika Arora

24 years of experience

Master course in oral implantology, Fellowship In Anti-Aging And Aesthetic Medicine, Fellowship In Clinical Cosmetology, Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry (FAD), abc, BDS


Cosmetic/aesthetic Dentist

  • Dr. Monica is a pioneer in India for a couple of new cosmetic procedures like plasma medicines and laser for anti ageing
  • She is one of the best dentist
  • She is one of the Founding member of Indian Society of Aesthetic Medicine which is the member of International society of Aesthetic Medicine
Dental Blessings Clinic


Next available - Sunday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Dr. Amandeep Sapra's profile picture

Dr. Amandeep Sapra

23 years of experience



Cosmetic/aesthetic Dentist

  • Dr. Amandeep Sapra has an overall of 22 years of experience in his field
  • Some of the services  provided by him are- Complete/Partial Dentures Fixing, Tooth Extraction, Dental Fillings, Dental Implant Fixing, Scaling / Polishing, Teeth Whitening, Crowns and Bridges Fixing, Inlays and Onlays etc
  • He is considered to be one of the top dentist in Delhi
  • He has specialized as Dentist and Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentist

Awards and Recognitions:

University Merit Student for four consecutive years - 1994

Kalyani Dental Clinic


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Kalyani Dental Clinic


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Dr. Rakesh Kumar's profile picture

Dr. Rakesh Kumar

7 years of experience



  • Dr. Rakesh Kumar is a Dentist
  • He has an experience of 5 years in this field
  • He has specialized as Dentist
  • He is considered to be one of the best dentists in Delhi
Doctor Image
Dr. Amit Narang's profile picture

Dr. Amit Narang

25 years of experience



  • Having an overall of 24 years of experience, Dr. Amit Narang has 21 years of experience in this field
  • Some of his services are Dental Implant fixing, dental surgery
  • He has specialized as implantologist
  • He is considered to be one of the top dentist in Delhi 
Dr. Ambika Sharma

Dr. Ambika Sharma

18 years of experience



  • Dr. Ambika Sharma has an over of 17 years of experience in her field of expertise
  • She has unsurpassed skills in diagnosing dental diseases and offer advanced surgical and conservative treatment for gum and other dental diseases
  • She is considered to be one of the best dentist in Delhi
  • She had worked for 3 years as a Senior Resident in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi

Awards and Recognitions:

Best paper award


Frequently Asked Questions

What services does a dentist provide in India?

What can one expect from a dentist during their appointment in India?

What happens if dentist accidentally hit the nerve with needle and cause paraesthesia? Are they liable?

When should one consider seeing a dentist?

How should one evaluate their dentist?

Does insurance cover dental treatments in India?

What are healthy oral hygiene habits?

What are some of symptoms of dental problems?

Questions & Answers on "Dentistry" (117)
Hi I’m 43 yrs old wham with quite a few missing teeth and a unhappy smile I want implants

Female | 43

where are you based?
Dr. Saudnya  Dnyanshwar Rudrawar's profile picture

Dr. Saudnya Dnyanshwar Rudrawar

I have to undergo RCT ,what is the cost for prosaline crown

Male | 52

the cost of porcelain crown ranges between 3000-4000/-

Dr. Saudnya  Dnyanshwar Rudrawar's profile picture

Dr. Saudnya Dnyanshwar Rudrawar

Can tooth decay be reversed?

Female | 39

The short answer is “no” but the long answer is “sort of.”  Here’s why:

The earliest stage of tooth decay or a cavity is demineralized enamel. The outer layer of enamel becomes weak and soft, due to acids and plaque biofilm coming into contact with it on an extended basis.

Fortunately, demineralized enamel can — to an extent — be remineralized before a physical cavity (hole) ruptures through the surface.

What are some ways to help this happen?

  • Improved hygiene and plaque removal on an everyday basis
  • Protective dental sealants over deep grooves and fissures, which are someof the most cavity-prone surfaces
  • Drinking fluoridated tap water throughout the day
  • Supplementation with a prescription strength fluoride or mouthrinse, providedby your dentist
  • Use of everyday oral hygiene products that contain fluoride
  • Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables, sharp cheddar cheese, and fewerprocessed carbohydrates
  • Eliminating acidic beverages and those that contain natural or artificial-sweeteners

The types of cells that make up your teeth do not re-grow or repair themselves after the tooth is fully developed.

Once a tooth has a physical cavity (opening or hole) inside of it, there is no feasible way to help the enamel grow back on your own. Instead, the cavity will gradually worsen, due to the bacterial infection inside of the tooth structure.

Ideally, you would want to treat the cavity as soon as it’s diagnosed and while it’s as small as possible. When you do, your dentist can place a minimally invasive filling and preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible.

But untreated cavities will expand to the point that they require larger fillings. Or worse, they will reach into the nerve chamber and create an abscess. What could have initially been treated with a modest restoration now becomes a situation requiring a root canal and a crown

Dr. Kopal   Vij's profile picture

Dr. Kopal Vij

Teeth staining issue what can be done for that

Male | 35

Depends on the type of stains. Dentist will clinically examine and confirm.
But for now to address the question can have three options depending on how difficult the stains are to remove based on their types namely intrinsic and extrinsic stains.
1. Cleaning of Teeth
2. Whitening of Teeth
3. Veneers of Teetg
Dr. Dr Radhika   Ujjainkar's profile picture

Dr. Dr Radhika Ujjainkar

How long does a root canal last without a crown?

Male | 37

a root canal done tooth is brittle and can break easily when hard food is chewed .

so root canal will last as long as it doesnot break with pressure of hard food 

by capping the tooth it will not break inspite of having hard food ( depends on quality of cap) 

for more information contact Burute Dental , Pune
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Dr. Mrunal Burute

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India's most advanced cities include Delhi.  It has some of the best medical facilities and highly esteemed medical specialists. Due to the Indian government's continued investments in the nation's healthcare system, Delhi is seeing a large number of new dental clinics open. 


On the other hand, if you still have a strong desire to undergo dental treatment overseas. Making Turkey your choice would be wise. Some of the greatest dental clinics employ some of the most well-known dentists. The costs are inexpensive when compared to industrialised nations like the USA and UK. 

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Despite this, you can still count on receiving top-notch treatment in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, which is home to some of the country's most cutting-edge institutions and best surgeons.

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