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What is the Brain Tumor Surgery Cost in India?

Lowest Cost (approx) $1189

Average Cost (approx) $2378

Highest Cost (approx) $5632

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    Are you looking for brain tumor surgery price in India? Let's read ahead! We've put our resources to give you a broad picture of the brain cancer treatment cost in India.

    The maximum estimate of brain tumor operation cost in India is up to ₹4,64,411 ($5,632)

    Brain Tumor surgery is widely performed in Indian Hospitals and the brain tumor operation cost in India may vary mildly depending on different conditions. However, at the outset the average cost of brain tumor surgery in India will cost you around ₹94,565 ($1,189).

    Treatment Cost

    Craniotomy $2,625 - $6,564
    Neuroendoscopy $13,129
    MRI-Guide Laser Ablation $1,050
    Biopsy $433
    Awake Brain Surgery $4,595
    Radiosurgery $10,000 - $50,000

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    These prices may also vary depending on the type of surgery you’re getting. There are two types of brain tumor surgery namely, Craniotomy and Neuro endoscopy.

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    A craniotomy is a conventional and most common surgery performed, which will cost you up to ₹5, 00,000 ($6,564) cumulatively, on average. While Neuroendoscopy is the latest surgery procedure that uses a less invasive surgical technique and is less painful for the patient. This surgery may cost you around ₹10,00,000 ($13,129) to ₹15,00,000 ($19,693).

    Sometimes, the patient cannot be clearly treated using these methods due to the complexity of the tumor. In such cases, a biopsy is taken to understand better and personalize the treatment. The cost of a biopsy may be around ₹33,000 ($433) on average. Generally, the brain tumor surgery success rate in India can be quite good, especially when the tumor is benign or in an accessible are in the brain. In such cases, surgical removal can lead to a positive outcome and even complete cure. However, for malignant or complex tumors located in critical areas of the brain, the success rate may vary, and additional treatments like radiation or chemotherapy may be required.

    Note: The cost of a biopsy is subjective and may depend on the patient’s condition.

    Does the question arise to your mind about the surgeries for brain tumor? 

    So here's the answer for you!

    What are the different treatments available for brain tumor surgery in India? 

    Brain tumor surgery or treatment is broadly termed Neurosurgery. It is performed by a neurosurgeon who aims at eliminating the cancerous or non-cancerous growth of cells that can prove harmful to the normal functioning of the body. There are over 5 types of brain surgery that is used to remove the tumor.


    It is the most common type of brain surgery. It is usually carried out under general anaesthesia. It is an open surgery where the surgeon makes an incision in a part of the skull in order to remove the tumor. Through this hole, the tumor is excised out and cleared from the location.

    The cost of a craniotomy in India would be around ₹2, 00,000 ($2,625)to ₹5, 00,000 ($6,564) on average.


    A Neuroendoscopy is a minimally invasive technique where the tumor is removed out of the brain with the use of a small hole or drill in. This incision is usually smaller than in a Craniotomy. After determining the tumor's position, a small hole is drilled into the skull, and the tumor is removed using tools placed through the endoscope along with a surgical camera, light, and other equipment, without harming normal brain cells.

    The average cost of a Neuroendoscopy would be ₹10, 00,000 ($13,129) in India.


    This is a more advanced type of treatment. It is performed when the tumor is located in a sensitive location or is out of reach for the other conventional treatment methods. In this treatment, a laser is used to treat the tumor and lower its rate of growth. With successive treatment, the tumor is eliminated.

    The cost of an MRI-guided laser ablation would be around ₹80,000 ($1,050) in Indian major cities.

    4. BIOPSY

    In the event of when the tumor is not visible clearly or the nature of the tumor cannot be understood, surgeons opt for an additional step – biopsy. This technique involves taking a small amount of tumor tissue as a sample to run further tests for Identification.

    The cost of a Biopsy in India may be around ₹33,000 ($433) on average.


    The Awake Brain surgery is performed on patients when they’re half-awake during the surgery. The patients are treated with local anaesthesia for reduced pain. Such surgery is performed when the location of the tumor is sensitive or a functional region of the brain. This is to ensure patient safety. 

    The average awake brain surgery cost may be around ₹3, 50,000 ($4,595).

    6. Radiosurgery

    This is a rather expensive treatment in India hence less commonly opted. In radiosurgery, brain cancer patients are treated with stereotactic radiosurgery - which involves the use of a “Gamma Knife”. This surgery is an external radiation treatment that does not involve any kind of incision but use special equipment. The Gamma Knife is one such device that precisely delivers a high dose of radiation targeting tumors and lesions in the brain, minimizing damage to the nearby healthy tissue.

    The average cost for radiosurgery in India is ₹7, 61,925- ₹38, 09,625 ($10,000-$50,000).

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    What is included in the cost of brain tumor surgery in India

    The cost of brain tumor surgery in India can vary depending on various factors, such as the type and size of the tumor, the location, the hospital or medical facility, the expertise of the surgical team, and the overall health of the patient. Generally, the cost of brain tumor surgery in India may include the following components:

    Hospital charges: This includes the cost of the hospital room, nursing care, and other medical services during the hospital stay.

    Surgeon's fees: This covers the fees of the neurosurgeon who performs the brain tumor surgery.

    Anesthesia charges: This includes the cost of anesthesia administered during the surgery.

    Pre-operative and post-operative care: This covers the medical tests, medications, and other care provided before and after the surgery.

    Operating room charges: This includes the use of the operating room and surgical equipment during the procedure.

    Medications: The cost of medications required during the surgery and recovery period may be included.

    Diagnostic tests: The cost of imaging tests, such as MRI or CT scans, used to diagnose and monitor the brain tumor may be included.

    Rehabilitation and follow-up care: Depending on the case, the cost of rehabilitation services and follow-up visits may be included.

    Other Details

    What are the factors affecting the cost of brain tumor surgery in India?

    There are numerous factors that affect the cost of surgery in India. These may include:

    Pre-operative Preparation Costs:

    The pre-operative costs include consultation, physical examination, MRI scans, etc.

    • The cost of consultation may depend on the doctor and hospital. On average it is between ₹1600 and ₹2000.
    • Diagnostic tests such as blood tests, allergies, etc. A blood test would cost you between ₹200-250 but this test will mostly be incorporated with other tests.
    • The patient may require a full-body physical examination before the surgery to test for other factors. The cost of a physical examination may range between ₹7000 and ₹11,000.
    • The patient may require a chest X-ray for the general examination of the body. This may cost around ₹200-300.
    • The costs of various scans such as MRI, CT or Ultrasound may also add on. MRI scan will cost you around ₹1500 to ₹2000 , ₹1500 to ₹3500 for CT-scan and ₹600-750 for an Ultrasound.

    Post-operative Costs:

    Once the surgery is successfully completed, there are further steps to be taken to ensure the complete recovery of the patient. The patient needs to stay in the hospital for a few more days, take prescribed medications and post-operative tests and scans will be performed. The costs of these procedures should also be expected of the patient.

    • Hospital room rent for successive days. This may be around ₹3000 to ₹6000/day depending on the hospital and the duration of stay.
    • The ICU and general ward charges may cost in the range of ₹18,000 to ₹24,000 for 3-4 days.
    • Regular check-ups are done to track the progress of the tumor. This may cost around ₹4000 to 5000.
    • This is followed by medications for pain and recovery of the patient. The cost of medications may vary from ₹10,000 to ₹50,000 depending on the course prescribed and the nature of the medication.

    *This article is about the price of brain tumor surgery in India and data about it is only for your informational purpose and is subject to change.

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    Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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