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Best Neurology Hospitals in India

Nanavati Hospital

Nanavati Hospital

Mumbai, India

5.0/5 (1 reviews)

173 Doctors
350 Beds
8 Ambulances
122 Doctors
110 Beds
2 Ambulances
114 Doctors
261 Beds
2 Ambulances
49 Doctors
20 Beds
2 Ambulances
Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Bangalore, India

46 Doctors
150 Beds
41 Doctors
200 Beds
12 Ambulances
33 Doctors
100 Beds
1 Ambulance
30 Doctors
110 Beds
1 Ambulance
28 Doctors
30 Beds
Suraj Hospital

Suraj Hospital

Navi Mumbai, India

19 Doctors
25 Beds
2 Ambulances

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Questions & Answers on "Neurology" (124)

How bad can memory loss get with fibromyalgia?

Female | 45

Fibro fog in fibromyalgia can cause mild to moderate memory issues but it doesn't lead to severe memory loss.

Answered on 31th Oct'23

Dr. Gurneet Sawhney

Dr. Gurneet Sawhney

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