Prostate Cancer Treatment in India

There are many options available for the Prostate cancer treatment in India, where a wide range of treatments is available. Prostate cancer can be treated with conventional cancer treatment methods like Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, and Surgery etc. Even treatments like robotic surgery, Proton Beam therapies are also available for advanced prostate cancer treatment in India.

The Cost structure of prostate cancer treatment as per the various methodologies are mentioned below:

Advantages of having Prostate cancer treatment in India:

If you we thinking to go abroad for your prostate cancer treatment here is the information you should know about.

  1. India has established is self as the most preferred destination for prostate cancer treatment and surgery globally. Every year flood of international patients come to India for their medical necessities. Patients get high-quality treatments at International standards healthcare centers which is on the same level as other western countries are offering. Indian Hospitals have highly skilled men Power and have Asia’s most trusted cancer care centers with advance Imaging and Diagnosis equipment. These Centers are equipped with South Asia’s most advanced MRI and CT Scan Equipment. Oncologist in India are world-renowned and have achieved excellence in cancer treatment.
  2. Every year more than 15 lakhs men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in India. More than 80 % men detected at the third stage or with advance Prostate cancer due to lack of knowledge about prostate cancer and neglecting minor symptoms. The chance of having diagnosed with Prostate cancer increases with the age. Most of the time patient don’t understand the symptoms of prostate cancer. When the prostate cancer becomes aggressive and spread across the body then it becomes incurable and it eventually causes death. If you are diagnosed with prostate and thinking about the best destination for treatment then you should consider India.

Why you should undergo Prostate cancer treatment in India?

This question rolls in the mind of many people while deciding the place for cancer treatment. For the answer, I have mentioned here few factors which you should consider while deciding India for Prostate cancer treatment.

Cost: Cost is the biggest factor in deciding any of the medical treatment. The cost of prostate cancer treatment cost in India is 1/3rd of what is the USA is offering for the same treatment with the same quality. Indian hospitals provide the International quality of treatment with the lowest cost worldwide.

Doctors: India holds the highest number of quality doctors across the nation. The average charges of a cancer surgeon are also very much less than other countries due to high competition. Board certification of the doctors ensures the delivery of quality treatment. Indian Oncologists are now acknowledged worldwide for their personalized care for each patient as per their condition.

Currency: The value of Indian currency compared to other developed countries is very less. The majority of International Patients finds treatment in India affordable due to currency transfer rate. Due to this patients from developed countries prefers prostate cancer treatment In India.

Language: India is the third biggest country where people are familiar with English. The familiarity of English among the support staff and medical persons make an international patient easy to communicate and breaks the language barrier which you will not find anywhere else.

Government rules and Regulations: Medical tourism in India is on a boom these years. The easy government rules for visa and procedures are easier than ever before. For any medical patients government permits one-year medical visa. The visa extension is also very convenient and easy to proceed. This factor has helped to decrease the cost of prostate cancer treatment in India due to higher demand worldwide.

Now you must be worried about the prostate cancer treatment cost in India. So here it is.

Prostate cancer treatment cost in India

If you believe that the prostate cancer treatment cost in India is expensive than other countries of the world, then certainty you are wrong! Let me tell you why?

As you must be knowing that India is one of the preferred destinations for the cancer treatment in the world. India has the world-class infrastructure for cancer treatment which is developed to International Standards.

The total Cost of Prostate cancer treatment in India when compared to the United States of America it is highly affordable and easily accessible across India. The average cost of Prostate cancer treatment in India Is around $ 5500 which is much less than the average cost in the USA. Even after the addition of another variable cost like traveling and accommodation, it is still economical than other regions of the world.

Average cost of Treatement
Country Cost in USD Cost in INR
INDIA $5,500 ₹3,57,100
United State Of America (USA) $15,000 ₹9,73,900
United Kingdom (UK) $8,400 ₹5,45,400
Turkey $8,900 ₹5,77,900
Thailand $9,000 ₹5,84,350

Here is the overall Prostate cancer treatment cost in India. The cost of various treatment methods are mentioned below:

Cancer Treatment Procedure Procedural Cost in USD
Radiation Therapy Image Guided Radiation Therapy(IGRT) 18500 4000
(6-8 weeks one radiation daily for 5 days)
BrachyTherapy LDR 29000
HDR 35000
Proton Beam Therapy 50000 15000
Surgery Robotic Prostatectomy 33000 4500
Radical Prostatectomy 25000 3700
Radiosurgery Stereotactic 55000 8600
Cryosurgery Cryosurgery 32500 4600

As per the figure mentioned in the above table, it is very clear that why prostate cancer treatment in India is affordable to all. There are other parameters which may affect the overall cost of treatment such as technique used for the treatment, Experience, and qualities of the specialist, Equipment used, accommodation, transportation and other. Having said that even after adding all the variable cost if we compare the Average prostate cancer treatment cost in India with other countries like UK and USA you will find a considerably high difference in the cost.

In-spite of having hundreds of cancer hospitals, There are some hospitals like Apollo Hospital, Chennai, and Fortis Hospital, Noida which stands out with their excellent command over Quality treatment and International Infrastructure which they are offering.Both of these Hospitals are known for their high Success rate for Prostate cancer treatment In India.

Top 5 Prostate cancer Hospitals in India

To get complete and successful treatment, it is very essential that you choose your hospital wisely. Indian Hospitals are remarkably delivering high standards of treatment under globally known specialists and dedicated men power. Here we have listed top best hospitals for Prostate cancer treatment in India.

1. Apollo Hospital, Mumbai

Apollo Hospital, Mumbai

Apollo Hospitals has set the benchmark for multispecialty hospitals in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai area. The reason why Apollo is considered as a renowned cancer hospital in Mumbai is because of the advanced prostate cancer treatment available here.

It is equipped with ultra-modern Imaging and diagnosis technologies which help the specialist to detect the diseases like cancer at an earlier stage.

Apollo Hospital Mumbai is the perfect amalgamation of international and domestic specialist along with skilled technicians and Support staff. The Hospital is equipped with 500 beds, 13 states of the art Operation theaters,120 Ultra-modern I.C.U beds, 128 slice CT scan, 3 Tesla MRI, 500 and 800 MA Digital X-ray, Digital Monogram, 24*7 emergency medical facilities. With the above-mentioned facilities, it is considered as the best hospital for prostate cancer treatment in Mumbai.

The Hospital is located on the prime location Junction two major highways Mumbai-Pune and Mumbai-Utran.

Specialties: Most advance diagnosis technologies like Alluraclarity, Intelligent 3D Stereotactic Biopsy with Highest Quality Image ECG, EEC, Stress Test, 2D echo and other many more.

Address: Parsik Hill Road, Off Uran Road, Sector - 23, CBD Belapur, Opp. Nerul Wonders Park, Navi Mumbai - 400 614

2. Apollo Indraprashtha Hospital

Apollo Indraprashtha Hospital

Apollo Indraprashtha Hospital is India’s first hospital to accredit by JCI. The Indraprastha hospital is considered as the best Hospital for prostate cancer treatment in Delhi.

The Hospital is re-accredited by JCI for the fourth times consequently, and it is the only hospital to achieve this milestone. Hospital Is equipped with the over 695 beds and with the plan of future expansion.

The Hospital is equipped with state of the art robotic surgery equipment, dedicated departments for all the medical requirements like urology, Neurology, cancer, Neurosurgeon, Orthopedics, Bone marrow transplant and others. The dedicated department for Urology and the most advanced equipment are there to deliver the utmost quality for all the urological disease like Prostate cancer. The Hospital is considered as one of the best Hospital for prostate cancer treatment in India.

Specialties: 50 Specialties under one Hospital, Maximum number of bed in any Private Hospital in India, NABL Accredited clinical Laboratories, One of the largest dialysis unit in India, Most advance based brachytherapy, Da Vinci Robotic surgery System are also present.

Address: Delhi Mathura Road, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110076

3. Fortis Hospital, Noida

Fortis Hospital, Noida

Fortis Hospital Noida the health care center with over 200 beds and 7 operation theaters. The Hospital is considered as the treatment hub for the various fields like oncology, neuroscience, kidney transplant and prime focus on cardiac surgeries and trauma care Services.

It is the sole Hospital which offers the complete range of treatment from diagnosis to transplant in entire Utter Pradesh. The hospital is emerging as the reliable hospital for the Prostate cancer treatment in India due to state of the art diagnosis technologies to minimize the risk of infection.

Specialties: The clinic specializes in Anesthesiology, Bariatric Surgery, and Bone marrow transplant, Dermatology, and Radiological services.

Address: Gautam Buddh Nagar, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

4. Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Apollo Hospital, Chennai

Apollo Hospitals Chennai is the center of many medical fields like urology, Neuropathology, Nephrology, Heart care, Orthopedics, cancer care,gastroenterology,Transplant, Neuroscience, Spine Surgery, Critical Care, Robotic Surgery.

The Apollo hospitals Chennai are equipped with ultramodern technologies like Da Vinci Robotic Surgical System for Prostate cancer treatment, and Renaissancea surgical system for hands-free Spine surgery.

Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital, Teynampet is the NABH authorized Hospital and First ISO certified Hospital to rank as the best super specialty Hospital in India. The most advance Proton beam therapy is now exclusively available in Chennai which has contributed to lower the cost of prostate cancer treatment in India.

Milestones: Till the date Hospital has achieved 1330 Cyberknife treatments, More than 22,500 Oncological Surgeries, 19000 PET CT Scan, and more than 200 Renaissancea robotic spine surgery.

Address: Anna Salai, Teynampet, Nandanam, Chennai-600 035

5. Fortis Hospital, Navi Mumbai

Fortis Hospital, Navi Mumbai

Fortis Hospital Mumbai is one of the majorly acknowledge hospital in the Fortis hospital chain. The Fortis Hospital offers all the medical facilities available in all the fortis hospitals like centers for all the medical necessities.

It is a JCI accredited Hospital with the capacity of 300 beds. It has achieved four-time JCI accreditation too. The hospital has won the British Medical Journal (BMJ) in the year 2014 for medical team of India. The latest upgradation in the hospital has made it more popular among the international Patients for prostate cancer treatment in India.

Specialties: NABH Accreditation, Urology, Radiology, Rheumatology, Anesthesiology, ENT, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Medical Oncology.

Address: Goregaon-Mulund Link Road, Mulund West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 40007.

So what is prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is caused because of the uncontrolled growth of cancer cells in the prostate gland. The prostate cancer is only limited to men as it is masculine reproductive organ. The symptoms may be invisible at an earlier stage but it can be detected by Pain in Bladder, Difficulty while urination, Sexual Intercourse problems, and erectile dysfunction. As of now let me clear the known fact that
“The prostate cancer can be treated successfully if it diagnosed at an earlier state.”

Why Is Prostate cancer limited to men only?

Prostate Gland is one of the key organs which play a major role in reproduction system of man. The prostate gland is located below the bladder and near to rectum and covered by a membrane called the prostate capsule. The prostate gland produces alkaline chemicals known as Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) which helps semen to transport out of urethra tube (Exit way for a sperm and urine). PSA is the major part of semen which consists 60-70 % by volume.

The Prostate Specific Antigen also nourishes the sperm while it comes out during the orgasm. This fluid contains protein which helps the sperm to maintain its liquid state and prolong the lifespan of sperm. When the level of protein strat to increase in blood it is the first indication of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer cells are more likely to respond to the medications if treatments start at an earlier stage. There are many hospitals which are offering best prostate cancer treatment in India at very much affordable cost with world-class standards.

After knowing about the prostate gland.

Now let focus on the Types of Prostate Cancer

  1. Acinar adenocarcinoma
  2. Ductal adenocarcinoma
  3. Transitional cell (or urothelial) cancer
  4. Squamous cell cancer
  5. Small cell prostate cancer
  6. Carcinoid
  7. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Though the prostate cancer can be cured by chemotherapy and surgery it is not advised to undergo chemo or surgery in all the cases. Recently, with the development of radiation therapy, the prostate cancer can be treated with High precision and utmost quality.

As of now for your Prostate cancer treatment in India, you can consult world renowned and one of the most acknowledged Oncologists in India is Dr.suresh Advani.

Now the Biggest Hurdle, how you can detect the Prostate Cancer?

As I stated, in the beginning the rate of prostate cancer is on a rise due to lack of knowledge about symptoms. What are the symptoms thar indicates prostate cancer that you should take into consideration? Here are the symptoms you should take seriously.

Most of prostate cancer symptoms related to the urination. Because the prostate gland is connected to the urination system of men. The urethra is surrounded by the prostate gland. At an Initial stage, the prostate gland expands due to cancer it reduces the area of the urine exit. Because of this narrowed area, these main symptoms are visible.

  1. A frequency of the urination Increases.
  2. Feel to Urinate urgently
  3. Frequent urination at night
  4. Difficulty in Starting and stopping the urine.
  5. Blood in Urine and semen
  6. Partial Impotence (Difficulty for erection)
  7. Bladder uncontrollability.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then it’s a high time to consult a specialist. There is no need to feel shy or panic. Don’t let cancer spread into other organs. Prostate cancer is curable just take the first step to get yourself diagnosed. If you are looking for Prostate cancer treatment In India then Consult the best cancer specialist now. Here we have mentioned the usual tests carried out to diagnose prostate cancer.

Now to start with the treatment here is the first step

The First step in prostate cancer treatment is the diagnosis. Following tests are carried out to understand the location and size of prostate cancer as well as the aggressiveness of cancer.

  1. DRE (Digital Rectal Exam)
  2. Urinalysis
  3. Urine Flow Rate
  4. PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
  5. MRI and CT scan
  6. Transrectal Ultrasound and Prostate Biopsy.
  7. Abdominal Ultrasound.
  8. Cystoscopy

After all the diagnosis the cancer specialist or oncologist prepares suitable treatment Plan. Treatment plans vary for every patient. The treatment cost also varies as par the advancement of cancer or the stage. So now let’s understand the stages of the prostate cancer.
So let’s comprehend the Different stages of Prostate cancer.

Here are the different stages of Prostate Cancer. The staging of the prostate cancer as per the pathological analysis of the Biopsy. These stages describe how advance the prostate cancer is. Following ways to stage the Prostate Cancer:

  • Stage 1(/A): At this stage cancer completely is invisible in Digital Rectal Exam due to its small size. There will be no evidence of cancer spreading. The results are identical to the person with the large prostate.
  • Stage 2(/B): In this stage, the prostate cancer starts to appear on the test report. The tumor size increase forms the stage 1. Still, there is no evidence of cancer spreading out of the prostate gland. This stage is mostly sound in Biopsy of Men having High PSA level in Blood.
  • Stage 3(/C): cancer has contaminated other healthy tissues around it.
  • Stage 4(/D): The Cancer has spread to other organs or into lymph region. After analysis of all the reports, a specialist decides the suitable treatment for the particular patient. A Specialist also suggests the best treatment options for the patient.

Want to get more Information about all the treatments mentioned in the cost structure above? And which treatments are available for prostate cancer treatment in India? Here is the Information.

Here I have listed all methodologies provided by best prostate cancer treatment Hospitals in India. Let’s take a look.

Various treatment facilities available for prostate cancer treatment in India

Indian medical organizations are now established as per global demand. Indian Healthcare Institutions are now capable to provide any of the medical treatment available in the globe. Hospitals are getting globalized and following the footsteps of international medical standards. Many Indian Hospitals are now equipped with state of the art technologies to provide an extensive and utmost level of quality.

Below Mentioned therapies and the surgery related to prostate cancer are now available in India.

  1. Radiation Therapy:In Radiation therapy, High energy radiation beam is used to destroy the cancer cells. It is widely and most accepted therapy for prostate cancer. There are two types of Radiation therapies used which are External Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) and Brachytherapy.
    1. In External Beam RT High energy radiation beam is focused on the prostate cancer from outside of the body.
    2. In brachytherapy small radioactive pallets which are of the size of grains is inserted into the body with the help of the needle. These pallets or seed are placed inside the prostate gland where the cancer cells are located. Because these pallets are radioactive they emit radiation is very less but it increases with the number of the pallets. Thus the combined radiation helps to destroy the cancer cells.
    Apollo Hospital, Delhi and Fortis Hospital, Noida are considered as best hospitals for Prostate cancer treatment in Delhi. The Lowest price of Radiation therapy with the paramount quality in the nation has been achieved by them to deliver the quality prostate cancer treatment In India.
  2. Hormone therapy: This therapy is mainly used to reduce the hormone level in the body. This is the reason this therapy is also called Androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) or Androgen Suppression Therapy. The purpose of this therapy is to stop male hormone (Androgen) to stop affecting the prostate cancer cells. Because of this therapy androgen doesn’t enter into prostate cancer which reduces the size of cancer or slow down the growth rate of the cancer cells.
  3. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is extensively carried out when the prostate cancer spared out of the prostate gland to the body. For Chemotherapy anti-Cancer drugs are inserted into the body either orally or through veins. The chemotherapy can be used along with the hormone therapy. In such cases when Cancer spread across the body then chemotherapy is the only technique remains for the treatment. The chemotherapy cost In India is very much less than worldwide. The cost of chemotherapy In India for one cycle is around Rupees 35000-100000($460-$1550) which is highly affordable compared to the USA.
  4. Cryosurgery: Cryosurgery or Cryoablation is used in the cases where the prostate cancer bounces back after radiation surgery. Under this treatment cryogenic fluid (Fluid below -0 degree) inserted into the prostate cancer with the help of cryoneedles to stop the growth of cancer. The temperature is such low that it freezes the cancer cells permanently. The specialist has to balance between the quantity and the temperature in order to save entire prostate gland from freezing.
  5. Biological and immunotherapy: “Provenge” is the authorized Immunotherapy technique used worldwide. Under this method of patient’s own Immune system is boosted for the cancer treatment. The dose of the medicines vary from person to person and it depends upon the stage and the size of the prostate cancer. The personalized dose of medicine is prepared to identify and fight against cancer. Immunotherapy treatment is provided under most experienced Supervision of Dr.suresh Advani at Jaslok Hospital and S.L Raheja Hospital which are considered as favorite hospitals to get best Prostate cancer treatment in Mumbai.
  6. Surgery: Radical prostatectomy is the surgery which is carried out to remove prostate cancer. During the surgery, Surgeon removes entire Prostate gland along with some healthy tissues around it. Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy is done by inserting a small tube with a camera and it cuts and removes the tumor and surrounding cells. The two major side effects of this treatment are urinary incontinence (Inability to control Urination) and erectile dysfunction (Impotence).
  7. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU): Under HIFU method specialist targets high-intensity beam of ultrasound waves to destroy the cancer cells in the body. When these high-intensity waves hit the cells it starts heating because of the concentration of waves. With the help of these heat cancer cells gets destroyed. This treatment is performed under normal anesthesia and no need for any surgical cuts. It is a quick treatment and there is no risk of blood loss.
    HIFU facility for prostate cancer treatment in India is exclusively available in metro cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.
  8. Robotic surgery: Automation In the medical field is booming nowadays. Under this surgery, a robotic hand which holds all the surgical tools performs the surgery with the precision. Robotic surgery is one of the most advanced surgeries for cancer treatment as there is low risk for human error while surgery. Robotic Surgery for Prostate cancer treatment In India is exclusively available In Apollo Hospital Chennai.
  9. CyberKnife treatment: Cyberknife treatment requires no incision. In this treatment, the patient lays still and the cyberknife connected to robotic arm focus the required amount of radiation on the tumor. The amount of radiation is decided after High-Resolution CT scan shows the size and location of the tumor. The treatment time for one session lasts for 30 to 90 minutes per sessions. This method takes very less time such that no hospitalization is required.
  10. Laser Surgery: laser surgery is among the top choices for the prostate cancer treatment over other therapies because of its flexibility. It requires no incision like cyberknife treatment. High energy laser beam is targeted at the tumor to destroy it.

All above-mentioned therapies & Surgeries are available all across India. Among all Apollo hospitals, one hospital has achieved excellence of providing facilities under one roof Prostate cancer treatment In Chennai.

Apollo Hospital, Chennai has become the first hospital to commission South Asia’s first Proton Beam Therapy centre for prostate cancer treatment in India and listed India into few country to have such advanced technology. With the help of this Investment of proton beam therapy center, Apollo Chennai is now able to deliver Proton beam therapy which is one of the most expensive and advance treatment at the lowest cost in India.

Now the question arises who performs these surgeries or prepare a treatment Plan?

Here is the list of different types of oncologist who gets involved in prostate cancer treatment as per different stages and requirements, right from diagnosis to complete care of the patient.

Now after the surgery what are the common Complications patient may suffer.

Steps to get Fastest Recovery after Prostate Cancer treatment

It takes a courage to undergo painful cancer treatment but after that period passed out, there are some guidelines you should follow in order to reduce the complications. Now we would like to tell you about the basic guidelines that will help you to recover fastest after prostate cancer treatment. Also, we would like to an emphasis on the point that these are the general Guidelines to consider. You should stay in touch with your specialist after the treatment for personalized instructions.

Incision Protection: There may be small pieces of steri-strips which remain after the surgery. It takes two weeks to remove it after surgery. After the removal of the surgery that spot should be kept dry for at least 10 days after surgery. You should avoid regular bath instead prefer sponge bath. Avoid going to swimming pool before consulting your specialist.

Painkillers: Specialist may refer you some painkiller relief tablets. You should avoid aspirin or the product consisting aspirin at least one week after the surgery.

Skin Control: The Incision site may turn into blue or black in some cases. But relax that will fade away after few weeks. You may feel insensitivity at Incision spot, Irritation. This is absolutely fine. No need to worry. In case of pain, you can have minor Pain relief tablets.

Workout: before engage in any physical activity kindly consult your doctor. Completely avoid lifting heavy objects.

Travelling: After the surgery, most men are able to drive vehicles after two weeks. Still, consult your doctor before driving the vehicles.

Physical relations: Consult your doctor before getting into any sexual activities. Your specialist will guide you on the right time to resume.

Enquire now to get more information on the cost of prostate cancer treatment in India and book Instant Appointment under the best Hospital for prostate cancer treatment in India.

To know more about prostate cancer kindly visit - Cancer.org

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