Cost of hair transplant in India starts from Rs.35,000/- for level 2 FUE method | Final cost depends upon your baldness level | 1 PRP session and post treatment care is generally FREE | Per graft price for normal hair starts from Rs.30/- and goes as high as Rs.90/- per graft for body hair | Cost can be managed by the EMI payment facility | Up to 15% discount is generally offered on the final hair transplant cost in India | You can send your photos on our whatsapp number to get the approximate quote for your hair transplant treatment in India

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In this video hair grafts are being arranged under the guidance of Dr.Sagar in Mumbai

In this video a live hair transplant surgery is shown which happened in Mumbai

This video shows the extraction of hair grafts during a hair transplant surgery.


Non-routinize lifestyle, too much of work load stress and irregular sleeping patter are some of the unknown factor to most of us, which leads to unnatural hair loss. Unnatural loss could not only be disheartening and humiliating but also brings down the confidence in you.

We want you to stop worrying and understand that unnatural hair fall is a curable and reversible process.

There are instances where due to permanent scalp and follicle damage the hair growth becomes impossible. Thanks to the modern science and technology in India, which has made the hair transplant possible.

Growing hair is not the only thing that is important, one should also understand the outcome of the hair transplantation. The grown hair should look good and feel natural which is only possible by the expert surgeons. A bad hair transplant may lead you to loss of money, time and a regret for life time, thus to maintain a strategic distance from these factor, one must look out for proficient hair transplant specialist aid in India.

Hair transplant is becoming the latest trend for those who want to acquire an attractive look or want to alter their hairline for a different look. Hair transplant seekers are now travelling to different nations to get the best hair restoration treatment at affordable cost. If we talk about the best places in the world for hair transplant surgery, then the clinics for Hair transplant in India and Turkey hair transplant clinics are the most two preferred locations.

The rising cost of hair transplant all over the world has compelled patients to look for therapeutic help abroad, particularly in nations like India, Turkey and Thailand where hair transplant is accessible at significantly less expensive rates as compared to the western nations. Just as hair transplant, liver transplant in India also has high success rate. People from abroad who have liver failure also move inside the country to reap the benefits of liver transplant surgery at affordable cost.

Hair transplant cost in India is reasonably low, because India has a huge population, which helps in providing economy of scale. Since the number of cases of Hair Transplant in India is very high, experienced surgeons, who offer best hair transplant in India, can provide their services at an affordable cost.


The most common way to calculate the hair transplant cost in India is per graft basis. Each graft contains 1 to 3 hairs follicles, depending on the baldness level and natural hair units. Please look at the following image to know your baldness level:

Hair transplant in India
Hair transplant in India

If you are planning to go for a hair transplant in India, here are the few comparison statistics for you to look out between the high-end or standard hair transplant clinics and the other clinics.

It is impossible to estimate the exact cost, but just to give you a rough idea, the cost of the hair transplant in India depends on “per graft” basis, and on the baldness area of a person. The other factors which affect the cost are the location of the clinic and experience of the surgeons.

Below are the estimated price quote of clinics and hospitals which provide best hair transplant in India, as per your choice of premium or low cost clinics across various cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune etc.

Approximate Hair Transplant cost in India in High End Clinics.

High end clinics in India provide you with standard and premium packages which allows you extra facilities. Following are the details of respective packages:

Premium Package:

  • Approximate charges: for scalp grafting Rs. 89.00 and for body grafting Rs.169.00
  • New imported punch is used.
  • No lab charges/ Post care kit charges
  • Free pick and drop facilities are available depending on the location.
  • For No shave technique: no extra fees for lesser than 1700 scalp grafts

Standard Package:

  • Approximate Charges: for scalp grafts Rs 79.00 and for body grafts Rs 159.00
  • Sterilized imported punch is used.
  • Post- procedure care kit cost and standard lab test charges – Rs 5500.00
  • Free pick and drop facilities are available depending on the location.
  • For No shave technique: Rs 20,000.00

Apart from the cost of hair transplant in India, Rs 3000.00 to Rs 10,000.00 per session is charged for Individual PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) sessions.

No. of Scalp Grafts Premium Package (Approx. Rs 89.00 per graft) Add 15 % Service Tax Total Cost Standard Package (Approx. Rs 79.00 per graft) Add 15 % Service Tax Total Cost
500 44,500.00 6,675.00 51,175.00 3,95,00.00 5,925.00 45,425.00
800 71,200.00 10,680.00 81,880.00 63,200.00 9,480.00 72,680.00
1,000 89,000.00 13,350.00 1,02,350.00 79,000.00 11,850.00 90,850.00
1,200 1,06,800.00 16,020.00 1,22,820.00 94,800.00 14,220.00 1,09,020.00
1,500 1,33,500.00 20,025.00 1,53,525.00 1,18,500.00 17,775.00 1,36,275.00
1,800 1,60,200.00 24,030.00 1,84,230.00 1,42,200.00 21,330.00 1,63,530.00
2,000 1,78,000.00 26,700.00 2,04,700.00 1,58,000.00 23,700.00 1,81,700.00
2,200 1,95,800.00 29,370.00 2,25,170.00 1,73,800.00 26,070.00 1,99,870.00
2,500 2,22,500.00 33,375.00 2,55,875.00 1,97,500.00 29,625.00 2,27,125.00
2,800 2,49,200.00 37,380.00 2,86,580.00 2,21,200.00 33,180.00 2,54,380.00
3,000 2,67,000.00 40,050.00 3,07,050.00 2,37,000.00 35,550.00 2,72,550.00
3,200 2,84,800.00 42,720.00 3,27,520.00 2,52,800.00 37,920.00 2,90,720.00
3,500 3,11,500.00 46,725.00 3,58,225.00 2,76,500.00 41,475.00 3,17,975.00
3,800 3,38,200.00 50,730.00 3,88,930.00 3,00,200.00 45,030.00 3,45,230.00
4,000 3,56,000.00 53,400.00 4,09,400.00 3,16,000.00 47,400.00 3,63,400.00
4,500 4,00,500.00 60,075.00 4,60,575.00 3,55,500.00 53,325.00 4,08,825.00

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Approximate Hair Transplant cost in India in Low End Clinics.

It is not that other clinics are comparatively less competent than the high-end clinics but these clinics do not provide you the extra facilities provided by the premium clinics of hair transplant in India.

In following table, you can see the approximate cost of hair transplant provided by low cost clinics in India:

No. Of scalp grafts Cost of FUE/FUT surgery on lower side (Approx. Rs 30.00 per graft) Cost of FUE/FUT surgery on higher side(Approx. Rs 45.00 per graft) No of sittings required (1 sitting = 6 to 7 hours)
300 hair graft 9,000.00 13,500.00 1 sitting
800 hair graft 24,000.00 36,000.00 1 sitting
1000 hair graft 30,000.00 45,000.00 1 sitting
1200 hair graft 36,000.00 54,000.00 1 sitting
1800 hair graft 54,000.00 81,000.00 1 to 2 sitting
2000 hair graft 60,000.00 90,000.00 1 to 2 sitting
2500 hair graft 75,000.00 Lump Sum Price 1 to 2 sitting
3000 hair graft 90,000.00 Lump Sum Price 2 – 3 sitting
3500 hair graft Lump Sum Price Lump Sum Price 2 – 3 sitting
4000 hair graft Lump Sum Price Lump Sum Price 2 – 3 sitting

Overall, we can say is that the cost of hair transplant in India is not only cheap, but its best in quality too. As per you needs and convenience you can choose the centres wisely for your hair transplant in India.

Further, the clinics which provides best hair transplant in India, are all equipped with:

  • International standard clinical facilities
  • World best graft room with video assisted microscopes and huge range of trained technicians
  • Patient’s space with all amenities

Centre for hair transplant in India provides worthiness and it doesn't burn the pocket of anyone, and the cost-worthy decisions for hair restoration is satisfactory.

Comparison of Hair Transplant cost in India with Developed Nations:

Following table shows the per graft comparison for Hair Transplant in India, with other developed and developing nations:

TECHNIQUE INDIA cost per graft TURKEY cost per graft EUROPE cost per graft UAE cost per graft USA cost per graft SINGAPORE cost per graft
FUE technique $0.7-0.77 $3-4 $3-6 $8-6 $10-17 $11-14
FUT technique $0.77-0.85 $1.5-2 $4.5-10.3 $2.7-4.08 $3-5 $5-7

As you can see, the above chart shows that hair transplant cost in India is comparatively low and is the cheapest destination for hair transplant when compared to other nations.

We would recommend you avoid those clinics or hospitals who charges per follicle because charges as per follicle might be more confusing and complexed as to how many graft you are getting.

Cost of graft is generally between Rs. 30.00 to Rs.45.00 in India, depending upon the clinics or hospitals reputation and the technology being used for the surgery.


As per the statistics, you can compare the difference between the cost of hair transplant in India with the cost of hair transplant in western nations, it is about 20-25 percent lesser than the western countries.

Due to the minimal hair transplant cost in India, India is turning into being the most preferred destination for hair transplantation treatment across the world. The nation, is broadly known for financially savvy therapeutic strategies, which offers reasonable hair transplant surgeries and treatment choices.

Should the low cost of hair transplant in India be the only reason, you select this country for your hair transplant surgery?

We think the hair transplant cost in India should not be the only parameter for the competence, when trying to locate a surgeon for best hair transplant in India. Apart from the cost factor there are also several reasons which makes India a favourable destination for hair transplantation.

Following are the other factors that can be considered: -

  • India is best known the for its compassionate doctors, caring nurses and quality care across the world.
  • Consultation fee in most of the clinics and hospitals for hair transplant in India is FREE.
  • In these few years, the centres for best hair transplant in India have emerged drastically and are delivering promisingly positive results. Top centres for hair transplant in Indian cities are preferred due to their successful delivery rates and people favour travelling overseas for hair transplant in India.
  • Normally 1 FREE PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) session is provided during transplantation session.
  • You get world renowned hair surgeons and experienced doctor who are well known for the best hair transplant in India for a reasonable price and promisingly successful results.
  • In majority of the clinics and hospitals across India EMI facilities are also available.

These are the various factors that can be considered for hair transplant in India

  1. International Accreditations
  2. Most Advanced Technique used for Hair Transplant in India.
  3. Highly experienced surgeons
  4. Fewer Damage vs. Great Outcomes
  5. With sustainable hair roots, highest Grade of Baldness can be covered.
  6. Modular Clinics with the Advanced Facilities


  1. Country:
  2. Cost of hair transplant in India differs from the other nations in this free world market economy. You must be wondering, why is it so? Equipment’s, licensing, renting a clinic or a hospital, salaries and wages to the staff and labour, maintenance and other utilities cost are different in every country, which are directly involved in running the clinics and hospitals across the world which affects majorly on the cost of the hair treatment.

  3. Demand:
  4. Need among the people give rise to demand. Having said that, the need of hair transplant across the world is increasing day by day. As the world is leading toward modernisation so does the demand for the hair transplantation for the people to look good is also increasing.

  5. Expert surgeons:
  6. More the experienced the surgeons are, the more is the fees and transplantation cost is extracted from the customers. The well experience doctors have a high consultation fees across the world.

  7. Clinic/hospitals
  8. Big hospital charges more fees as compared to the other small hospitals or clinics. The affordability of the hospitals and clinics might depend on the number of operations they perform per day and their respective geographical location across the globe.

  9. The team:
  10. Every surgeon is surrounded by a highly skilled team which helps the surgeon during hair transplantation. To maintain and run a group of highly skilled and well experienced team the surgery cost also becomes expensive and less affordable.

  11. Advanced equipment and technique:
  12. In the present world, the health care industry is technology driven and the treatment is dependent on the advance equipment and technique that is being used. In some of the countries the treatment is done by automation which also leads to increase in price factor of the surgery.

  13. Package cost
  14. Healthcare industries are now facilitating the medical treatment along with the facilities like transport and accommodation along with the care and follow up examination. Patients who want to get treatment abroad in different countries opt for the packages provided by different hospitals and clinics across the world.

  15. Greed and black market
  16. Expensive doesn't forever mean quality. In medical business, there are also people who attempt to deceive folks and on the other hand there are some nations like India and Turkey which take lots of pride on providing well trained surgeons and groups that offer quality treatment and help lower the hair transplant cost in India and turkey

  17. The guaranteed success rate
  18. Big and well established hospitals have higher success rate and offer guaranteed hair transplant surgery, these hospitals having expert surgeons have low affordability. They have reasonably higher consultation fees due to its reputation and brand value they have created over the years.

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Along with the advanced techniques, hair transplant surgeries have increased in recent couple of years and is rich in providing best hair transplant in India. Due to the increasing hair transplant cost involved in present day, hair transplantation methodology like FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) have also become costlier worldwide.
People favour hair transplant in India because cost of hair transplant in India is the cheapest when compared to other nations, which fulfils their needs and wants.
There is various permanent hair loss solution for baldness and experienced doctor practices best treatment for hair transplant in India.
Here are the various advanced techniques for best hair transplant in India, which provide you the treatment options as per your baldness level.


  • FUE technique is the mostly preferred for restoration of hairs in small cases for hair transplant in India.
  • In this method, follicular units are obtained one at a time from the donor part of the body usually from the back and sides of the head.
  • Small holes are made with the small punch of 0.8mm to 1mm on the affected areas and the follicular units are implanted.
  • The expert surgeons use micro surgical needle to punch the scalp area where the graft is implanted.
  • FUE technique are time taking which can undergo one long session of 6 to 7 hour or several small sessions of 2 to 3 hours.
  • Implanting 200 to 300 graft through this method might take couple of hours and 2500 to 3000 graft may take session that might stretch over 2 days.
  • The best part of this surgery is that, FUE technique does not leave the liner scar


  • In India, strip technique is mostly preferred for the people who have large area of baldness because it allows the surgeons to utilize the maximum affected area and deliver result consistently.
  • This technique allows the transplantation of maximum graft in a single session.
  • Scalpel blades are used in this process to remove the hair bearing skin from the donor area and it is stitched together.
  • The donor hair follicle is extracted by removing a small strip from the back of the head.
  • The strip is then divided into graft which contains 1 or 2 follicles and then gets implanted as FUE.


  • DHI is the most preferred technique for hair transplant in India, it offers faster and successful delivery rates.
  • DHI technique can be applied to almost all types of hairs and allows the transplantation without shaving the entire scalp.
  • Direct hair implantation (DHI) allows the hair follicles to be implanted one by one directly to the affected area that needs to be covered.
  • With the help of DHI implanter each hair follicle is placed in a specific direction, depth and angle, creating a natural hairline.
  • DHI procedure provides 100% natural results.
  • The procedure is painless with no scalpel blades, no stiches and recovery is rapid.
  • Full growth of the hair happens within 8 to 9 months and the visibility can be seen within 2 months, the growth of the implanted hairs is lifetime and it does not fall.
  • The hair growth is visible within 2 months and full growth of hair happen in 8-9 months. The implanted hairs continue to grow throughout a person’s lifetime and do not fall.


  • PRP therapy for hair growth is a non-surgical process in India, which involves the withdrawal of a patient's own blood and is treated by spinning down in high concentration.
  • The collected bloods are processed so that only the enriched cells (platelet-rich plasma) remain, and the processed PRP is injected it into the scalp area with the help of micro needle.
  • PRP contains the essential proteins that stimulate the natural hair growth.
  • PRP therapy treatment can also be combined with hair transplant surgery or medications such as Minoxidil and Propecia.


  • This is an old method used by the surgeons, and is rarely used in the present days.
  • This technique involves the use of a 4mm punch instrument, with the help of which the hair follicle from the donor area are removed.
  • When hairs are removed from the donor area the punching graft area holds 12 to 30 hairs at a time.
  • The hairs are placed in the recipient areas with the help of punching cylinder.
  • One thing that you will be surprised to know that after the surgery the holes in the donor area are left as it is to heal naturally, without being stitched.

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Here are some of the best-known doctors for hair transplant in India.


Mumbai is the cosmetic city in India. It has the cutting edge over all other cities. Advanced technologies are first tested here and then it is spread across India in other cities. Treatment standards and the awareness level is high in Mumbai.

Anagen Hair Transplant Clinic
Dr. Prafful Shah
MBBS, MS, (hair transplant doctor), (hair transplant doctor)
Address :SVP Nagar, Mahada, Andheri West, Near Jankidevi School, Mumbai,India, Maharashtra 400053 - 022-26374000

Radiant Clinic
MBBS, MS, (hair transplant doctor), (hair transplant doctor)
Address :C/o Radiant Aesthetics 109, DLH Junction, Eversun SocietyShahkar Nagar, Andheri West,Mumbai ,India - 400053.
Contact no - 022-6541 4145

DNCC Clinic
DR Nishita K. Sheth
Address :opp.BandraTalao, S.V.Rd, Bandra(west),Mumbai ,India,Maharashtra ,400050 - (022) 26420655


As it is the biggest metropolitan city in India, you can findexpert surgeons and doctors who are well experienced and can provide quality hair transplant surgery.

Provelus Hair Transplant Clinic
Dr. Sharad Mishra
Address :Rajendra Place, Pusa Road, New Delhi, Delhi,India : 110008 - 011-45201001

Radiant Aesthetics
Address :Main VikasMarg,Opp Hira Sweets,Shakarpur,New Delhi,India 110046

Dr. Tushar,
MBBS, MS,(hair transplant doctor)
Address :1st Floor, Mayur Vihar, Delhi,India 110091


Number of world known doctors and hospitals is in huge number in Chennai. Hospitals are equipped with modern technologies and best surgery procedures.

Mr K.P. Giotis - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Mena Kampala Arcade, Sir Thyagaraya Road,India 600017


Dr.Santha Kumar - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :First Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Landmark: Near Pet World, Chennai,India 600083


Dr.A.Sivakumar - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Anna Nagar, Chennai Tamil nadu,India 600040


Hyderabad has many general, government, private, nursing and multi-specialty hospitals. The cost for major procedures is low and patients from other countries and central India travel to get treated in Hyderabad.


Address :Banjara Hills, Land Mark: Cream Stone, Hyderabad,India 500034


Dr Pallavi Naveen Reddy - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh,India 500034


Address :Kothapet ‘X’ Road, India 500068


Kolkata is one of the metro urban areas of India and is known for its chief social insurance administrations and most recent advances in the therapeutic field. The city brags of a portion of the best multi-forte healing centres which offer phenomenal patient care and have some exceptionally qualified and experienced staff individuals for giving master treatment for the most entangled issues


Dr.Rajib Roy - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Manisquare, Maniktala Main road,Kolkata India 700064


Raunaq Zaidi - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Jatindra Mohan Avenue, Lal Mandir, Kolkata-West Bengal ,India 700005


Dr SrinjoySaha - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Rawdon Street, Kolkata, India, 700017


Bangalore has made a unique stamp for itself in the human services space of India by continually being at the cutting edge for arrangement of clinical brilliance. With a no-trade off state of mind as to quality, the healing centre has increased for elevated for multi-disciplinary sicknesses.


Dr.KisalaySaurav - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Mother Teresa Road, Xavier Layout, Victoria Layout Victoria Layout, Bangalore Karnataka, India 560047


Dr. Sandeep Mahapatra - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Opp. innovative Multiplex marathahalli, Bangalore - +(91)-20-30136807


Dr.PrafullaG. K - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Old Madras Road, K.R Puram, Landmark: TVS Showroom Cross, Above Hero Honda Service Centre, Bangalore,India 560049


Hospitals in Pune provide quality patient care and services. Oncology and general medicine are the key specialities of the hospitals which increases the visit of the number of patients.


Dr.SonalShendkar - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Anjali Hospital, Dange Chowk, Thergaon, Pune,India 411033

Dr.AnaghaDudhbhate - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Vidyashree Apartment, Erandwane. Landmark: Behind Dashbhuja Ganesh Mandir & Opposite Abhinav Primary English School - 02024351535

Sukhwani Prestige
Address :Landmark: Opposite to Bank of Maharashtra ,India -022 3395 6993


The gardens of Chandigarh are visual treats for the tourists who come to the union territory. The hospitals in Chandigarh are well known for its special treatment and the surgery success rates.

Dr NavVikram - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Sector 35c, Chandigarh,India -160022 - +(91)-172-2601230

Dr Rahul Goyal - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :Landmark Hospital, Sector 33C,Chandigarh,India 160020

Dr AnkurSood - Hair Transplant doctor
Address :City Centre, Sector 34, Chandigarh,India 160034 172 - 2611126