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Dr. Vinod Vij Reviews

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Rohit Kapoor



My friend, I underwent the procedure and was thoroughly impressed by Dr. Vij's professionalism and the amazing transformation achieved. Dr. I recommend dr Vinod Vij for liposuction in Mumbai.


Ritu aggarwal


Laser Resurfacing

Exceptional results and care by Dr. Vinod Vij during my treatment. I had a positive experience with laser resurfacing and praised Dr. Vij's expertise and dedication.


Seema Khanna


Breast Lift

Dr. Vinod Vij is truly exceptional! I had a breast lift with him, and the results were outstanding. Dr. Vij's expertise and care were evident throughout. He explained everything clearly, ensuring Reena felt confident. The surgery was precise, and Reena is thrilled with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Vij for his excellent breast lift procedures.


Rakesh Sehgal R



Dr. Vinod Vij is amazing! He helped my uncle, Mr. Saket, 45, get rid of his man boobs with such care. The whole process was smooth and his team was so supportive. My uncle feels confident now, all thanks to Dr. Vij's procedure.


priya sharma


Fillers Under Eye

Dr. Vinod is good Surgeon! He did my under eye filler treatment and I am so much happy with the result. The clinic ambience was very good and staffs were very helpful. He is a very experience doctor and I would recommend him to anyone seeking for similar treatment. Mrs. Priya Sen,


Jeenal Menezis


Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Vinod Vij is a genius when it comes to laser hair removal! At 35, I had hairy problems but Dr. Vij's treatment was fantastic. He explained everything clearly, made me comfy, and the results were mind-blowing. Now, at 40, I feel super confident—no more hair woes, and I feel like a new person. Thanks, Dr. Vij, for your magic touch! Highly recommended for anyone seeking hair solutions.


Anita Sehgal


Tummy Tuck

After two kids and hectic work schedules, I had gained quite a bit. Gym and diet were helping, but those stubborn areas just wouldn't budge. Decided to go for liposuction with Dr. Vij after reading about him on ClinicSpots. And am I glad! My body feels more contoured and I feel so much more confident.


Satyendra Narayan



I was always a bit conscious about the shape of my nose. Every time I looked in the mirror, it felt a little off to me. Finally decided to get a rhinoplasty. Dr. Vij was recommended to me by a close friend. I'm so glad I went to him. The results? Simply amazing. My nose looks so natural and exactly how I wanted.


Neeta Pal


Hair Regrowth

I never thought I'd be writing a review like this. 40 years of age and had some old scars on my scalp due to an unfortunate accident when I was younger. The scars not only reminded me of that traumatic day but also caused hair loss, which was quite noticable. I hesitated a lot, but then Dr. Vinod Vij came to my rescue. I heard of him through ClinicSpots. The way he treated those scars and helped with the hair growth, it's simply amazing. I can't thank him enough. If anyone's having similar problems, please consult Dr. Vij. The best decision I ever took.


Amit Tandel


Baldness Treatment

35 yr old & was losing lots of hair coz of male baldness. Got so self-conscious, avoided parties, outings & always wore caps. Frnd recommended Dr. Vij. After hair transplant, feels like got my youth back! Dr. Vij's a miracle worker. His team's pro & made me comfy all thru. Highly recomended for anyone with hair loss problems.

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