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A 21-day Miracle: An Autism Patient Gets a New Life with The Miracle Called Stem Cell Therapy!

Are you or your loved one diagnosed with Autism? Then this inspiring story is sure to replace the darkness of despair in your life with a light of new hope and happiness! So, you can't miss this!

By Shalini Jadhvani

22nd Feb '23

  • Name: Jai Somani
  • Gender: Male
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Condition: Autism
  • Symptoms: Communication issues, avoiding eye contact, sensitivity to noise etc. 
  • Treatment: Stem Cell Therapy
  • Hospital: StemRx

This is the story of Jai, living in a small district of Maharashtra, India. Jai, meaning victory, lost all hope and happiness! 


Wondering why? 


Because he had lost the most valuable wealth called health! Yes, Jai was diagnosed with Autism, one of the most life-threatening and incurable diseases! He had lost interest in everything. He faced communication issues, avoided eye contact even with his close ones, preferred to be alone, and was sensitive to noise. His life was filled with despair and misery! 


But then things changed.. 

The darkness of despair in his life got replaced with the light of new hope, faith, and happiness in 21 days! 


Are you curious to know what happened in 21 days?  

The 21-day Miracle is called "Stem Cell Therapy"! 

ClinicSpots, a medical tourism company that is a bridge between patients and highly qualified medical experts, introduced Jai to this miracle called Stem Cell Therapy! 


ClinicSpots connected Jai to one of India's most renowned and experienced stem cell therapy doctors, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan of StemRX Hospital, Navi Mumbai. The doctor suggested Jai do some tests to qualify for stem cell therapy. The tests confirmed that Jai was eligible for stem cell therapy!


After receiving the green signal, the treatment began. Jai was hospitalized for 21 days at StemRx, a leading stem cell therapy hospital in Navi Mumbai. During his stay, along with stem cell therapy, he was given treatments like growth hormone injections, medications, and other therapies.  


The result? 

He saw a lot of positive improvements in his condition after the treatment in India. In fact, during the treatment itself, he could notice improvements. It has now been three months after treatment, and Jai is feeling a lot better, physically, emotionally, and mentally, thanks to Stem Cell Therapy! 


He is delighted with the treatment and is very grateful to ClinicSpots and the doctors at StemRx especially Dr. Pradeep Mahajan. They helped him have a smooth treatment journey and reach the destination of health and happiness by helping him win over the tide called "Autism"! 


Yes, finally, Jai stood true to his name and identity- Victory! He finally won the battle against Autism, thanks to the most powerful weapon called 'Stem Cell Therapy'! He not only won the challenging battle but also won back his happiness, hope, health, faith, and life! 


Note:  We respect our patients' privacy, so the name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.



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