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Stem Cell For Chronic Kidney Disease( C.K.D) At StemRx- The Secret Of Bangladeshi Patient To Overcome CKD

Stem cell therapy is the most promising treatment for chronic kidney disease(C.K.D) due to its reactivity benefits and multiple targets. Don't believe it? Then do not miss reading our inspiring patient story.

By Simran Kaur

22nd Feb '23

Patient Name - Ruhi

Gender - Female

Age - 68 years

Native Country - Bangladesh

Treatment - Stem Cell Therapy for Chronic Kidney Disease(C.K.D)

Hospital - StemRx Bioscience Solutions Private Limited

Doctor - Pradeep Mahajan

 Let's read about Ruhi's journey to beat chronic kidney disease (C.K.D) through stem cell therapy!


Ruhi is a 68-year-old woman from Bangladesh. In 2008, she lost her sister. She could not bear the loss and started being a little depressed. She had high blood pressure, uric acid, and diabetes.

She used to visit doctors frequently for regular check-ups. She was anaemic and had to take injections to increase and maintain haemoglobin levels. In 2011, she found her creatinine levels were high (1.9). She had swelling in her feet. She used to keep a pillow under her feet to prevent swelling.

After all this, the patient and her husband reached out to ClinicSpots through our Q&A platform. After we came across their queries online, our Managers and Executives contacted them. Our case manager discussed all the information about the patient's health conditions.

After our esteemed and experienced doctor learned that the patient had Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), he suggested going for stem cell therapy. The patient's husband agreed to stem cell therapy and responded immediately. We alerted them to take action as soon as possible.

Our team immediately shared the Visa Invitation Letter i.e. on the same day. When we got their passport copy, within two weeks we handed over their Medical Visa. Soon after this, they travelled to India. We ensured their hassle-free travel and hospital stay. Our team took each detail of the patient and her husband, who accompanied her on this trip to India. They were happy with the care given by ClinicSpots' managers, patient coordination, and the executive team.

Our team members assisted them on their medical journey and cared for everything.

Once they arrived in India, Ruhi was taken to one of the best hospitals for stem cell therapy, StemRx Bioscience Solutions Private Limited. The case was allotted to Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, who got outstanding reviews for treating patients with the help of stem cell therapy.

Diagnosis Tests


Ruhi had anaemia, high creatinine, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Before starting the treatment, the doctor recommended many tests to understand the severity.

The tests were as follows: 

  • Blood test
  • CBC test
  • MRI test
  • CT Scan
  • BUN
  • UACR

Treatment Plan


Dr. Mahajan decided to take the treatment further by using stem cell therapy after the tests. According to the case, Ruhi required 21 days of treatment.

She took the treatment for 21 days, costing her around 6300 USD. During treatment, she missed eating just a bite of fish. She used to feel home-sick. Our managers regularly visited them and ensured they were comfortable, happy, and not homesick. After completing the treatment, they went back to Bangladesh.


Post Treatment Guidelines


All the provided facilities were up to the mark. Dr. Mahajan has an incredible reputation for treating patients with care and friendliness.

Dr. Mahajan gave the post-treatment guidelines in which Ruhi must take the food diet as prescribed. He also told her to take medicine on time and go for a walk and physiotherapy. Also, she was advised to take care of her sugar levels.



Ruhi visited India in July 2022 for a follow-up check-up. The doctors were happy to inform them that her Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is completely cured. She can now live a normal life. 

Ruhi's husband, who was with her on the trip, expressed satisfaction that they got a positive and quick response from ClinicSpots. They were pleased that ClinicSpots helped them from treatment to accommodation.

Note: We respect our patient's privacy, so the name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.

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