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Stem cell therapy for Autism in India: A 5 yrs old Autistic kid from the USA gets a ray of Hope with stem cell therapy At StemRx

This is the story of a little boy named John from the USA who was diagnosed with autism in childhood. Let's check out his inspirational journey from the USA to India to defeat all the hurdles and get cured.

By Aliya Anchan

22nd Feb '23


Patient Name- John 

Gender - Male

Country Origin- USA

Treatment: Stem cell therapy 

Hospital: StemRx

Doctor- Dr. Pradeep Mahajan

Symptoms: Unable to communicate and concentrate.


John is a 5-year-old kid who was unable to communicate. He struggled with verbal communication and concentration problems and could not walk. 

Which made him feel sad seeing other kids doing things normally, which he couldn't.


This hurt John's parents they started researching sources for his treatment.

In between all this, John's Mom came to know about ClinicSpots.

Where she got to know ClinicSpots is a bridge between patients and highly qualified medical experts and is also known for giving new lives of hope to patients globally.


Which gave faint hope to John's parents after learning the treatment of stem cell therapy for autism.


Let's learn their story in detail!

How John overcame the illness and started living a normal life like other kids!


John's Mom got connected in a call with ClinicSpots without wasting further time. Soon ClinicSpots executive got in touch with her.

After listening to all problems, our executive sent John’s profile and arranged the call with the most medically renowned and experienced stem cell, Dr. Pradeep Mahajan, despite different schedules in the USA.


John was suggested a line of treatments and an estimated cost of $9500, which included the hospital stay, medications, and tests during the period of the treatment.


Once everything was agreed upon, John’s parents applied for a visa, where the ClinicSpots executive helped get things done smoothly.

As soon as he got his visa, without any delay, John and his parents traveled to India on September 2022 for treatment.


During the treatment, John's bone marrow was collected, and he was asked to do some tests to qualify for the making of stem cell injections.


On the very first day, John was given a physiotherapy session which continued for 7 days. 

He was hospitalized for 21 days at the hospital, where sandwich protocol and other therapies were used for stem cell treatment.


The following test was done-

  • Blood test
  • CBC test
  • RFT test
  • Whole-body PET CT scan


Do you want to know what happened after 21 days of continued treatment?


As already said, the outcome of stem cell therapy is just excellent and unbelievable. 


The results


John had a lot of improvement right after the treatment; in fact, he started feeling better within the treatment duration of 21 days of stem cell therapy.

John noticed an improvement in communication and concentration after the treatment.


John is delighted, and his family is grateful to ClinicSpots for smoothly completing the treatment.

Yes, finally, he won the battle of autism and overcame his problems with positive results within these 21 days of a stem cell treatment journey in India.


John is in the USA, where he will take 3- 4 months to recover fully, and yes, he is very happy now.


So this was the story of John from the USA, who got a miracle treatment called stem cell therapy for autism, where ClinicSpots played a crucial role in giving a new life of hope to John and his family.


Note:  We respect our patient's privacy, so the name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.


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