Full body skin whitening and glowing how much cost

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We are aware of following options as far as skin whitening treatments are concerned:

  1. Chemical peel (Rs. 1,800-5,500): a solution holding alpha-hydroxy acid will be applied to your skin, which will peel the damaged upper layers of your skin and combat the melanin build-up, to expose healthy tissue beneath.
  2. Laser (Rs. 4,000-30,000): This method will make use of an intense light beam to reduce melanin content in your skin. It will make your skin healthier and brighter than before and will help you overcome tanning and dark spots as well.
  3. Injections (Rs. 6,000-40,000): they can detoxify the body, protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and improve your skin tone. It will utilize a dosage of glutathione, which can detoxify the body and serve as a barrier against harmful UV rays too, but however, they can be unsafe and may have severe side effects as well.
  4. Skin lightening products (Rs. 200-20,000: This option will provide you with a wide range of creams that have bleaching properties. These are good for instant gratification but may not deliver long-lasting results.

You may have to approach a highly experienced dermatologist to avail above-mentioned treatments, you can refer to our page - dermatologists in India, to get more information.