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What is the Laser Hair Removal Cost in India?

Lowest Cost (approx) $18

Average Cost (approx) $133

Highest Cost (approx) $624

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You must be pleased to know that laser hair removal cost in India starts from Rs. 1,430 ($18 only). The average cost of the treatment is Rs. 10,880 ($133 only), and the maximum cost is Rs. 49,607 ($624 only). 

This blog will walk you through a detailed analysis of laser hair removal cost and associated procedures. Read ahead!

To get a better understanding, in the table below, you will find the laser hair removal cost in India (per session) according to the city in which it is performed.


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Laser Hair Removal Price List in India:

ServiceArea coveredMinimum CostMaximum Cost


Upper LipsRs. 1,500 or $18.75Rs. 3,500 or $43.75
ChinRs. 2,000 or $25Rs. 3,700 or $46.25
Lower FaceRs. 6,000 or $75Rs. 8,500 or $106.25


Under ArmsRs. 2,500 or $31.25Rs. 4,500 or $56.25
Full ArmsRs. 8,000 or $100Rs. 13,000 or $162.50
Fore ArmsRs. 6,500 or $81.25Rs. 8,500 or $106.25
Upper ArmsRs. 5,500 or $68.75Rs. 7,500 or $93.75


Regular BikiniRs. 3,500 or $43.75Rs. 5,500 or $68.75
Brazilian BikiniRs. 4,000 or $50Rs. 6,300 or $78.75


Full LegsRs. 12,000 or $150Rs. 15,500 or $193.75
Lower LegsRs. 7,500 or $93.75Rs. 8,500 or $106.25
Upper LegsRs. 7,700 or $96.25Rs. 9,000 or $112.50


ChestRs. 5,000 or $62.5Rs. 7,500 or $93.75
AbdomenRs. 6,000 or $75Rs. 7,500 or $93.75
BackRs. 7,500 or $93.75Rs. 10,300 or $128.75
ButtRs. 5,500 or $68.75Rs. 7,700 or $96.25
Full BodyFull BodyRs. 30,000 or $375Rs. 47,000 or $587.5

*The cost may vary from clinic to clinic and is subject to change without prior notice.

No wonder, people from all over the globe be they young or old prefer to come to areas for laser hair removal in India.

Laser hair removal cost is calculated keeping the following factors in mind:

AreaAs you may be aware, treating larger areas like – the back, chest, full body, etc. will require more time as compared to smaller areas like – the chin, eyebrows, upper lip, etc. So naturally you will have to pay much more for full-bodymore laser hair removal cost in India.
Number of sessionsIt is obvious that the larger the area, the more sessions would be required to get the desired effect which would definitely increase the laser hair removal cost in India. It has also been noted that most of the clinics charge according to the number of sessions rather than charging for the whole treatment altogether.
Colour of skinGenerally, the laser is effective on light skin with dark hair. However, in India, people usually have a wheatish, complexion, so advanced laser equipment is needed to treat this type of skin tone. Since it takes more time and precision to treat darker skin it becomes obvious that the laser hair removal cost in India will also increase.
Type of HairIf the hair type is thick and dense, like on the chest and back then the cost would be high since it would take more time to destroy these hairs. Also, the total sessions required for the treatment would increase. On the contrary, the laser treatment for face hair removal cost in India is much less as the hair in that area is fine and thin.
Reputation of the clinicThe reputation of the clinic also matters. Here’s why! A well-known and certified clinic would certainly charge more as they would be located in metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi and would be visited by the best doctors. And above all they use the latest technology for laser hair removal in India.

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What are the pricing options for laser hair removal?

The cost of laser hair removal may differ based on the size of the treatment area, the number of sessions necessary, the clinic's location, and the kind of laser technology employed. Depending on these variables, the average cost of a single laser hair removal session can range from Rs.6600- Rs.24752 ($50 to $300) or more. Numerous clinics also provide multi-session package packages, which can lower the overall cost. It is advised to speak with a laser hair removal facility for detailed pricing information based on your unique needs and objectives.


Insurance coverage for laser hair removal cost?

In general, laser hair removal is regarded as cosmetic surgery, thus health insurance policies rarely pay for it. Because laser hair removal is considered an elective operation for aesthetic reasons rather than a medical need, the majority of insurance companies do not pay the cost of it.

If laser hair removal is done for medical reasons, such as the treatment of disorders like hirsutism (excessive hair growth brought on by hormonal imbalances), there may be certain exceptions to this rule. If a doctor determines the surgery to be medically essential in such circumstances, insurance coverage may be an option.

To determine whether there might be coverage in extraordinary circumstances, it's vital to contact your specific insurance company and review your policy information. To acquire accurate information about your insurance's coverage for laser hair removal costs, always talk with both your healthcare practitioner and your insurance provider.


As you are aware, laser hair removal is a very convenient way to get rid of your unwanted hair. This procedure is popular all across the world and is a great alternative to the traditional way of removing your unwanted hair every month.

India is the right place to get your laser hair removal treatment as it resides some of the most experienced and talented doctors are spread across the country. We have collaborated on a list of the best dermatologists in India and from Indian top cities- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Also, you will be surprised to know that the laser hair removal cost in India is much more affordable than in many other countries around the world.

Besides India, these kinds of cosmetic procedures are booming in Turkey. The affordability and quality of services are equally competitive in India. Turkey also has some of the most skilled doctors and employs the best in class technologies. Laser hair removal is a very commonly performed procedure in Turkey and tourists are pouring heavily every year The price of laser hair removal in Turkey is $150 to $1500(INR 11900- 119000 ) for laser hair removal in Turkey.

To prove the point, below we have compared the average per session laser treatment for hair removal cost in India with various other countries:

CountryCost Per Session In Rupees


Rs. 1,430 - Rs. 49,607


Rs. 4,500 - Rs. 65,000


Rs. 5,500 - Rs. 60,000


Rs. 6,000 - Rs. 1,15,000

Take charge of your health and your life. Contact us today!

Disclaimer : The above rates are for reference purpose only and may vary based on different requirements. To know actual rates, please contact us.

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