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Kaya Skin Clinic – Prices & Services

Kaya Skin Clinic, a one-stop destination that solves all your skin and hair problems. Further, find precise information regarding different services & prices.

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By Farida Lokhandwala

6th Mar'20


Don’t be. 

As Kaya Skin Clinic prices are pocket-friendly and cater to people of all classes.

Within a short span of around 15 years, Kaya Skin Clinic has become a brand to be reckoned in the specialized skin care segment. They have transformed the lives of millions of people and put a smile on their faces with their unique and customized treatments.

The love and trust of their loyal customers have helped them grow. You will find their presence in 27 cities across India with over 100 plus Kaya Skin Clinics. Moreover, they have 21 clinics in the Middle East Region.

In addition, they have more than 130 skin bars that exclusively retail hair and skincare products for both men and women. These holistic skin and hair solutions have been formulated in-house by their dermatologist and beauty therapists.

Affordable Kaya Skin Clinic Prices make the customer’s experience here all the more enriching and rewarding. Holistic care, result-oriented procedures, and economical prices have made Kaya a leader in skincare.

Innovative Kaya Skin Clinic Services

Surely you must have got excited about the wonderful Kaya Skin Clinic prices.


Let’s discuss them in context with the services they provide so that they can help you in choosing the right treatments according to your skin issue and budget.

Here is the list of kaya skin clinic services along with their prices:

ServicesPrices start from
PigmentationRs. 1999
Laser Hair RemovalRs. 2499
Hair Loss & ThinningRs. 2490
Acne SolutionsRs. 2000
Expert Facials & BridalRs. 2000
Anti–Aging SolutionsRs. 3200
Hair TransplantRs. 39,999

*Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Top-Notch Skin treatments: Discover your beautiful self by availing of the latest and awesome Kaya Skin Clinic services which have transformed thousands of lives and have won accolades and recognition for the same.

  1. Rapid 360 Acne Clear
  2. Age Arrest system
  3. Pigmentation Arrest System
  4. Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch
  5. Beauty Facial
  6. Kaya Bridal

1. Rapid 360 Acne Clear

Everyone dreads pimples.

They not only spoil your complexion but sometimes leave behind ugly scars which are hard to remove.

But with Rapid 360 Acne Clear one of the top sellers at Kaya you are assured the best treatment for this persistent problem.

After a detailed consultation, the expert dermatologist will recommend a treatment option that is tailor-made for you according to the root cause of your problem and the severity of your acne.

The treatments are accompanied by medications and home care products. Further, the dermatologist will guide you regarding your diet along with your skincare routine.

Kaya Skin Clinic prices for acne treatment

  • Aqua Therapy – Approximately Rs. 11,400 for 4 sessions
  • Purepore Clear Skin – Approximately Rs. 4,000

Kaya Skin Clinic chemical peels cost may vary depending on the type of peel used.

2. Age Arrest System

How we wish to look young always. Unfortunately, it is not possible as with age we start looking older.

The first signs of aging are mirrored on our skin in terms of uneven skin tone, dry skin, fine lines, age spots, and sagging skin.

But all is not lost.

You can get the right treatments by opting for Kaya Skin Clinic services to fight back the aging process.

After the initial check-up, the dermatologist customizes a treatment plan for you where the doctor may use one or more treatment options like skin tightening, micro derma peels, and collagen-building to enhance your youthful look.

Though you may find the Kaya skin clinic prices for facial to be on a steeper side but be assured it is one of the best as it tones and rejuvenates the skin giving a firmer and smoother look.

At Kaya, they have formulated excellent anti-aging treatment options, keeping in mind the level of damage caused to your skin.


  • Youth Brilliance
  • Restylane Vital
  • Derma Regen Four Layer Therapy

In addition to the above treatments, the dermatologist may recommend fillers or PRP treatment to add volume to the area which has been affected by fine lines and volume loss.

Other than these Kaya Skin Clinic services, they have various in-house products that are researched and developed by their expert dermatologists to work wonders on your skin.

Kaya Skin Clinic prices

  • Youth Brilliance – Approximately Rs. 1,900
  • Derma Regen Four Layer Therapy – Approximately Rs. 4,500

3. Pigmentation Arrest System

Pigmentation, be it patchy skin, age spots, melasma or dark circles are issues that cannot be treated with only products but need specialized care and skin pigmentation treatment to arrest the problem and control further damage to the skin.

Usually, skin pigmentation is caused by excessive exposure to the sun. Nevertheless, these problems may also crop up due to hormonal imbalance, skin issues, or pregnancy.

After complete diagnoses, the dermatologist will chalk up a treatment plan that is best suited to tackle your individual problem.

Kaya Skin Clinic services are customized according to the client’s needs.

Some of the best services for pigmentation are :

  • Deep pigmentation reducer peel
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Insta Clarity Laser with Q-switch laser
  • Dark circle reduction with glycolic peels and microcurrents
  • Lighten and De-tan facial

Insta Clarity Laser is one of the best Kaya Skin Clinic services that give instant results within 15 minutes. However, for more long-lasting results you need to take around 6 to 8 sessions.

Kaya Skin Clinic prices for pigmentation treatment are as follows :

  • Insta Clarity Skin Brilliance starts at Rs. 5,490 for one session
  • Lighten and De-tan facial starts from Rs. 3,000
  • Intense White Luxe Therapy is approximately Rs. 4,950

4. Kaya Hairfree Gentle Touch

Everyone desires to have smooth and silky skin always without having to think about waxing and threading.

In this fast-paced life where things are planned on the spur of the moment, it becomes difficult to keep up with your appointments with the beautician.

This is why more and more people are looking out for a permanent solution to this problem.

What better way than Laser hair removal which solves your problem in around 6 to 8 sessions.

Kaya is the best place for this treatment as they have a decade-long experience and more than 100000 happy customers.

Furthermore, they not only use US FDA approved Nd-Yag laser which is suitable to the Indian skin type but also the Laser beauty therapists here have to undergo in-house training before getting certified to practice at the Kaya clinic.

Apart from this, laser hair removal is a very personalized treatment as every individual is different from the other in the matter of skin type, hair type, and hair growth pattern.

At Kaya Skin Clinic they follow a three-step process to make your treatment safe and hassle-free.

The dermatologist will study your skin and hair type to customize the service for you.

After that, they will perform the laser treatment on a small area to check whether it suits your skin type.

Finally, under the supervision of the dermatologist, the certified therapist will provide you with the treatment.

Kaya Skin Clinic prices for laser hair removal

Kaya Laser Hair Removal treatment reduces your hair growth by 90% for approximately Rs. 2,449 per session. Kaya's advanced Laser Hair Removal technology has been approved by US-FDA and is considered very safe for Indian skin types. 

This service targets hair follicles to reduce them from the roots without damaging any surrounding skin. It is suitable for all skin types and kaya recommends a minimum of 6 sessions for better results.

However, the Cost of Laser Hair Removal may vary according to the area which is being targeted with the laser therapy.

Kaya Skin Clinic prices for Hair Transplant

At Kaya, you can get a Hair Transplant starting from just Rs.39,999. In Kaya, the process of Hair Transplant is achieved by removing grafts/follicles from the back of the head and placing them in bald regions of the head. Kaya provides two types of extraction techniques.

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT): In FUT Kaya's expertise doctors performs surgery to remove a strip of hair from the back or side of the head which is transplanted in the bald or thin hair density area.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): In FUE an instrument is used by Kaya experts to create a circular incision in the skin around the follicular unit separating them from surrounding tissue.

However, the Cost of Hair Transplant treatment is subjected to no. of sessions and the size of the area that needs to be treated.

5. Kaya Facials

It is always recommended to opt for facials on a regular basis after you cross the 30s.

Ever wondered why?

Well, the skin starts changing after we cross 30. There is a decrease in collagen production and the skin starts losing elasticity.

Also, it is constantly exposed to harmful pollution levels, sun rays, and the nitty-gritty of our complex life.

All this has an adverse effect on our skin and makes it look dull, tired, and undernourished.

Facials are a miracle treatment that helps to increase the blood circulation under the skin, deep cleanse the pores, exfoliate the skin and slow down the aging process.

Basically, it relaxes the skin and gives you a healthy natural glow.

But let us warn you that one facial does not work for all skin types.

For best results, you will need a facial that suits your skin type and addresses your individual issues.

Kaya Skin Clinic Services gives excellent results in regard to the different types of facials that are customized according to the customer’s skin type and requirement.

Kaya Skin Clinic prices for facial

  • Hydrate and Restore Facial approximately Rs. 3,000
  • Kaya Antox Ultrasheen Therapy approximately Rs. 4,950
  • Kaya Ultra Rejuve Signature Therapy approximately Rs. 4,200
  • De Pollute and Nourish Facial approximately Rs. 3,000
  • Kaya Clear Fresh Oil Control Facial approximately Rs. 2,100

Kaya Bridal

Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear on your wedding day.

And nothing can make a woman look more beautiful than the glow on her most special day.

Yes, that’s totally true.

Unfortunately, you may have noticed that many a time the brides look too bogged down and tired. This is natural due to the thousands of things she has to take care of and all that stress.

In all this running about she basically does not have any time to look after herself and her needs.

Here’s where Kaya Skin Clinic steps in.

No one understands your skin better than them. They have several special packages, especially for the bride. And the best part is that the Kaya Skin Clinic prices for bridal packages are highly economical.

Many times, they have offers and discount on various Kaya Skin Clinic services which further reduces the price.

What more, they have packages for various skin types where they target your specific problems like acne or tanned skin.

Apart from this, the packages are for different time duration starting from 15 days and going up to 60 days. This is so, as they can provide long-lasting treatments and you can choose from the best Kaya Skin Clinic services suited to you.

This really sorts your tension regarding your beauty regime and best of all you are pampered by professionals in a serene ambience.

Given below is the Kaya services price list according to the different packages:

1. Kaya Skin Clinic Prices for Bridal

Packages dealing with acne-prone skin

Express Bridal Radiance - 15 Days Package
Package PriceRs.6,850
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.6,190
Bridal Radiance - 30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.9,880
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.8,890
Bridal Radiance - 60 Days Package
Package PriceRs.15,980
Discount Price (15% off)Rs.13,590

Packages dealing with normal skin

Express Bridal Radiance - 15 Days Package
Package PriceRs.6,350
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.5,690
Bridal Radiance - 30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.8,350
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.7,490
Bridal Radiance - 60 Days Package
Package PriceRs.16,480
Discount Price (15% off)Rs.13,990

Packages dealing with tanned skin

Express Bridal Radiance - 15 Days Package
Package PriceRs.7,350
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.6,590
Bridal Radiance - 30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.10,350
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.9,290
Bridal Radiance - 60 Days Package
Package PriceRs.16,480
Discount Price (15% off)Rs.13,990

Bridal Glow Package

Bridal Radiance - 30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.12,150
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.10,290

Bridal Gold Package

Bridal Radiance - 45 Days Package
Package PriceRs.23,250
Discount Price (15% off)Rs.19,790

2. Kaya Skin Clinic services for the groom

Surely the bridegroom must be feeling left out.

Naturally, your wedding is the most special day for you, so even you have to look as radiant as the bride.

Worry not! You can also choose from the various Kaya Skin Clinic services that are planned to keep you in the mind.

Packages dealing with acne prone skin

30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.7,350
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.6,590

Packages dealing with normal skin

30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.9,850
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.8,890

Kaya Skin Clinic aims to make you fall in love with your skin and give you that inner glow that makes you feel special.

Apart from the bride and the groom even the family and friends want to look their best.

As a mother, preparing for the marriage of your loving child is a lot of hard work. Obviously, you do not have any time left for yourself. But it is necessary for you to look beautiful on that day.

Therefore, keeping you in mind there are special Kaya Skin Clinic services that help reduce your stress and pamper you in Zen-like ambience. This will eventually make you glow and feel wonderful.

3. Radiant Mom Package

30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.10,200
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.9,190

4. Flawless Mom Package

30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.10,000
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.8,990

5. My best friend’s wedding package

30 Days Package
Package PriceRs.5,550
Discount Price (10% off)Rs.4,990

Further, there is a special package for the Bridesmaids as they also want to look their best on this special day. Actually, everyone wants to look good and share memories on social media. For this, you can opt for this unique package.

Kaya Skin Clinic has its presence in all major cities of India. Get all the details of the clinic such as location, dermatologists, visit time and consultation fee from the links provided below.

Kaya Centres in India :
Major CitiesKaya Centres
Mumbai Mulund (West), Worli
DelhiPreet Vihar, Noida
ChennaiAnna Nagar
KolkataShakespeare Sarani  
PuneKoregaon Park, Camp Area 
GurgaonDlf Phase Iv
NagpurAmravati Road
NashikParijat Nagar

Get all the solutions to your skin problems from the best dermatologists available in the city. Avail these wonderful services for healthy glowing skin by visiting your nearest Kaya centre.

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