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Pigmentation alludes to shading. The shade of your skin is influenced by skin pigmentation issues. A shade called melanin brings about creating skin shading. Melanin itself is framed by extraordinary cells in the skin. At the point when these cells end up plainly harmed or undesirable, it influences melanin creation. Pigmentation issues may influence either your whole skin or just fixes of them.


How to treat pigmentation issues?

There are many alternatives for skin pigmentation treatment, but finding one that suits your skin type and has minimal side effects is critical. Kaya Skin Clinic is the best place to learn more about your skin.

Prior to the treatment, the earnestness of the skin issue should be examined. For each case, the treatment method varies. It is prescribed to do a follow-up for half a month with a specific end goal to monitor the progress.


Vitiligo treatment in Mumbai is mainstream because of the best quality of treatment and experienced skin specialists. There are experienced dermatologists in Navi Mumbai who give a wide range of treatments to skin pigmentation, the most famous among them is laser pigmentation expulsion.


Many dermatologists in Virar give superb treatment to hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Some of them are to a great degree well known in the locale, for example, Dr. Deepak Kharkar, Dr. Devendra Jain, Dr. Mahendra Jain, Dr. H.T. Vohra among numerous others.


Other than Virar, Malad is additionally a center for vitiligo treatment. The dermatologist in Malad West utilize propelled innovations and the most recent techniques to treat skin pigmentation. These dermatologists are persistently arranged and furnish wanted outcomes with the assistance of exact and exact treatment techniques.


Any range influenced by pigmentation can be dealt with. Laser treatment is exceptionally viable to expel skin pigmentation.


Give us a chance to talk about the malady in more detail,


What causes skin pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation is caused because of uneven creation of melanin. It might cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. In the event that an overabundance of melanin is delivered, it causes hyperpigmentation, and if less melanin is created it causes hypopigmentation.


Numerous interior components like hormones, endothelial cells, or natural conditions can cause white spots. Aside from that, there are numerous outer variables may likewise cause pigmentation issue like UV radiation, consuming, or contact with specific chemicals.


A portion of the basic skin pigmentation issue:

  • Melasma-In melasma, darker patches show up all over particularly on the temple, cheeks, upper lip, nose, and jaw. It is regular among pregnant ladies. After conveyance, the spots may blur away. Guys can likewise be influenced by melasma now and then.
  • Vitiligo-In vitiligo, the resistant arrangement of the body assaults the shade cells, bringing about white spots around the mouth and eyes or at the back of the hands. In some cases, it can likewise happen on the whole body. There is no cure for this issue, yet the condition can be enhanced by certain home cures. Yet, it might give you comes about after quite a while.
  • Albinism-Albinism is a skin issue caused by the nonattendance of melanin. The influenced territories are eyes, skin, and hair. There is no cure for this treatment. Those influenced by albinism will probably get sun harm and skin tumour.

Over the top melanin created by skin cells may make your skin get darker. Aside from that pregnancy, Addison’s malady and sun introduction may likewise make your skin darker. Then again, if your body makes too little melanin, your skin gets lighter. 


Vitiligo is a skin condition that brings about patches of light skin. Albinism is a hereditary condition influencing a man’s skin. A man influenced by albinism may have no shading, lighter than typical skin shading, or inconsistent missing skin shading. Disease rankles and consumption can likewise cause lighter skin. There are various other medical solutions that people are opting for skin whitening treatments in Mumbai to achieve brighter skin.


Melanocytes are particular skin cells creating melanin, which decides your skin shading. Skin shading is influenced by more than 150 qualities, so it is not in our grasp to take care of the characteristic pigmentation.

Fighting Hyperpigmentation

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The skin doctors in Mumbai propose the accompanying approaches to counter hyperpigmentation. An appropriate healthy skin administration ought to be embraced to keep dull spots from returning and recover a brilliant and appearance.

  • A hostile to dull spot treatment ought to be connected to the face and neck each morning.
  • Use UVA and UVB sun security to shield your skin from sunbeams. The sunbeams are an imperative factor in your appearance and intensifying your dim spots. Along these lines, the principal part of the treatment is to shield yourself from the UV beams. 

There are numerous methods suggested by dermatologists in Mumbai regarding dull spots, for example, lasers, peeling medications, cryotherapy, and so on. A skin authority can make an exact determination and offer treatment in agreement to the sort of dim spots.

These procedures or treatments work for the majority of people, but there are a variety of other factors that might damage or create scars on the skin, for which plastic surgery is an option. Because this will be a crucial procedure, the best plastic surgeons in Mumbai should be consulted.


Frequently Asked Question 

  1. How can I prevent aging skin?
    Your skin will lose its suppleness and collagen with time, and it will begin to seem sagging with fine lines and wrinkles. However, by following a good skincare routine, you can improve the appearance of your skin. Take care of your skin by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen and topical retinoid and antioxidant treatments to protect it from the sun's harmful rays. However, it would be great if one can consult and then take Anti-Aging Treatment for the skin.
  2. When should one consider skin treatments for pigmentation? And what are the best treatments available?
    It is recommended to begin therapy as soon as possible for any skin condition. The same can be said for pigmentation.
    Exfoliation, some laser treatments, and skin peels of varied strengths, in addition to the topical
    medicines mentioned, might help lighten pigmentation. There are a number of skin clinics and hospitals with the latest equipment and experts team of doctors that is why India is the favorite Destination for Skin Treatments.
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My father sufring from skeen problem. a big sore in back side plz suggest.

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please share pics for better understanding. 
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Dr. Sachin Rajpal

Unwanted hair removal price how much

Asked anonymously on 25th September, 2022 at 11:49 am
Laser hair reduction treatment is dependent on many conditions. All hair may not be responsive to laser. Pricing is depends on the body part treated, number of sessions required Kindly see a Dermatologist.
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Dr. Chetna Ramchandani

Carbon laser for skin whitening is available...and what is the charges ?

Asked anonymously on 25th September, 2022 at 3:06 am
Carbon (fractional)laser is mainly for skin rejuvenation, scars not mainly for whitening. For clearer skin we do carbon peel i.e laser toning with carbon. Depending on which body part is to be treated , number of sessions needed, Dermatologist can update you regarding the cost of treatment.
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I want my facial hair and neck hair removed .would like to go for lazer treatment. How much does it cost ? And how long will it take ?

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Hi Mam,
As mentioned I believe your age is 60. Mam Laser hair reduction works beautifully on thick dark coarse hair, if your hair is grey it might not be responsive to the treatment. Usually 6-8 sessions are needed, then it goes to maintenance depending on the response. See a Dermatologist.
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Sir my I am patient is epilepsy i regularly dose epilepsy medicine that is reason of my hair fall I libale hair transplant treatment Please reply

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Epilepsy itself and medications for the same are known to increase the hairfall, nevertheless medications need to be continued. As far as hairloss is concerned please see a dermatologist, get your scalp examined there are bright chances medical management of hairloss in form of lotions and tablets will help you. Also you need to be little patient as hair takes few months to revive back. Please see a dermatologist at the earliest .
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