Why is India a Favorite Destination for Skin Treatments

Below we have discussed all the reasons and factors that why India is the best destination to look for skin treatments.

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By Ezaz Rahaman

Updated on 22th, June'23

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India is well-known around the world for its ayurvedic treatments and holistic wellness therapies. Scores of international tourists visit India/Mumbai to refresh their souls, mind, and body. They practice meditation, yoga, and go through beauty treatments that enhance their beauty and help them connect with nature.


Nowadays, many international tourists also come to India in search of various medical treatments for advanced skin diseases and cosmetic procedures. There has been an enormous boom in the healthcare sector in India. It has become the most preferred health destination in the world.


Factors which work in favor of India being the top destination for skin treatments:

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Exceptional medical personnel:

India has some of the finest doctors in the world. The skin specialists here are highly skilled and a have high level of expertise due to years of training. Especially the skin specialists or Dermatologists in Mumbai are considered the best in India as most of them have been trained abroad and many have the experience and exposure of working in developed countries. These skin specialist are also been trained to do liposuction. Therefore, there is a huge demand for Liposuction in Mumbai.


Renowned clinics and hospitals:

The private hospitals and clinics in India are equipped with the latest medical technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure. They monitor the international guideline in the matter of hygiene and many have international accreditation.


Affordable cost:

The treatments in India are available at a very reasonable cost as compared to developed countries. This is a major reason for the heavy influx of medical tourists visiting India. Many times they make prior bookings with the skin specialist so that they can plan their trip accordingly. Medical procedure packages are also available which have the cost of the procedure, transfer, flight charges, and hotel charges included.

The major locations



In India, there are many major cities that have a steady flow of international flights. Mumbai the “Gateway of India” is well-connected to the rest of the world and the international tourists prefer coming to Mumbai as they consider it is a safe and modern city.  As a large number of tourists visit Mumbai for business or vacation they prefer consulting the skin specialist in Mumbai itself for their treatment.


If you are staying in Thane or Navi Mumbai you do not have to worry. The major skin specialists in Thane, Navi Mumbai are at par with the skin specialists in Mumbai. The clinics of dermatologists of Navi Mumbai and Thane are well-connected by road and trains.


Skin treatments popular with medical tourists:

  • Acne: Acne is one of the most common skin conditions which may leave behind dark spots and scars. Having flawless skin is the desire of most of us and many treatments are available to treat acne scars in India.
  • Acne scar surgery for depressed scars: It is a minor surgery where the skin specialist treats scars which are very noticeable. During this surgery, the skin specialist tries to lift the scar and bring it closer to the skin surface so that it looks less obvious. Another procedure involves breaking up the scar tissue.  These treatments are best used to treat depressed scars. Choose the dermatologist in India who is highly qualified and trained to do these surgeries. There are many renowned and experienced skin specialists in Mumbai who offer this treatment.
  • Resurfacing procedure: This procedure is recommended to people with widespread acne scarring. This procedure involves removing layers of skin so that new skin replaces it. The skin specialists may use the following procedures to treat scars like dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, laser skin resurfacing, and chemical peels. This treatment is used to treat flat acne scars which are not too deep.
  • Skin fillers: Fillers are used to plumping up depressed acne scars. Most of the fillers give temporary results and last for around 6 to 18 months whereas some filler is permanent.
  • Skin tightening: The skin specialist tightens the skin using radiofrequency due to which the depressed scars become less noticeable. Several sitting are required to get the desired effect. This treatment is great for treating depressed acne scars.
  • Laser therapy: Raised acne scars can be effectively treated with laser or light therapy. To flatten a raised scar, minimize the pain and itch, and also diminish the color they are treated with pulsed dye laser (PDL). It works on all types of acne scars.
  • Cosmetic treatments:
  1. Botox: Botox is used to diminish the sign of aging and treat frown lines, crow’s feet, and is also effective for treating excessive sweating in the underarms.
  2. Chemical peels: Chemical peels are used to treat several skin issues like:
    • Age spots
    • Freckles
    • Uneven skin tone
    • Melasma
    • Fine lines
    • Some types of acne
    • Dull and rough skin

The skin specialists use some chemical solutions to eliminate the outer layer of the skin so that the new skin underneath is smoother, has even skin tone, and has fewer lines and wrinkles.


You may need 3 to 5 chemical peel sessions to get the desired effect. The result of the procedure largely depends on the skill of the skin specialists. If you are planning to have these treatments in India then consider consulting the best dermatologist in Navi Mumbai.


  • Laser hair removal: Many of you may get razor bumps due to shaving or are simply tired of plucking or waxing. Laser hair removal is the best solution to this problem. The laser for hair removal can be used on most parts of the body and is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted hair. You may have to visit the clinic a few times for this treatment. As Mumbai is a popular destination for advanced skin treatment, most of the popular skin specialists in Andheri is a pioneer in laser hair removal.
  • Tattoo removal: It is one of the most popular treatments for medical tourists. Many best skin specialists in Mumbai have an advanced booking from international patients seeking this treatment. Laser tattoo removal is the best and the most effective way to remove an unwanted tattoo. You may need multiple sessions to completely break down the tattoo depending on the size and color of the tattoo.

An intense light is injected into the skin by the laser which penetrates the skin and breaks up the ink particles which causes the tattoo to fade. The laser only targets the pigmented skin leaving the normal skin unharmed.



Many medical tourists come to India for various treatments. Though ayurvedic treatments are very popular with international tourists, many also prefer visiting skin specialists for treatments when they want quick and permanent results at a cheaper rate.

India is considered as the best country for medical treatment and scores of people are coming here for quality treatment at affordable prices. If you are traveling to India and have any skin issues which need attention then best skin specialists in Mumbai are your best bet as they are highly qualified and trained to treat all your skin problems.


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Question and Answers

I have problem of excessive sweat in my palms and leg

Male | 18

Consider using antiperspirants, prescription creams, iontophoresis, Botox injections, medications, or even surgery in severe cases. A few changes like wearing breathable fabrics and using absorbent insoles can also help.

Answered on 18th Aug'23

Dr. Manas S N

Dr. Manas S N

Hello, I have a wart/verucca for a few years now, a couple of days ago it was painful and i noticed that it was all yellow around, like it was inflamed, so i tried to drain it and i cut the inflamed part to the point where all 7 layers of my skin was gone and it left a hole, the dimensions of the area is about 1.5cm and it doesnt hurt anymore, should i be concerned or will it heal on it own?

Female | 18

Cutting or draining a wart at home can lead to infection and other complications. Since you've removed multiple layers of skin and created a hole, there is a risk of infection, scarring, or delayed healing. A professional can assess the wound, provide appropriate treatment to prevent infection, and determine whether any further steps are needed for healing

Answered on 14th Aug'23

Dr. Manas S N

Dr. Manas S N

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