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Hi Sir, I have been operated for an ectopic pregnancy 4 years ago. I'm now 35 years old. My hormonal profile and my husband's sperm analysis is normal. HSG showed a fimbria end block. What options should I consider for fertility?

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Dr. Shweta Shah


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Answered on 28th Aug '21

Have you checked the AMH level of yourself, and also the antral follicle count in Sonography?

Hsg is not the absolute report, probability of it being right is 60% since the patient is conscious and the procedure itself is painful, thus the report can falsely show positive/negative indication. The true status of the tube is better assessed by a diagnostic hysterolaparoscopy, wherein we put a telescope in your abdomen.

If in any doubt, then approach doctors from this page - Ivf doctors in India, or you can seek help from me too.

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