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Dr. Pavani Mutupuru- Child Specialist and Pediatrics

Dr. Pavani Mutupuru is a well-renowned child specialist with 20+ years of experience. Dr. Pavani Mutupuru is the practicing pediatrician in Kondapur.

  • Pediatrics And Pediatric Surgery

By Janvi Kataria

16th Sept'22

MBBS, MD- Child Specialist


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Dr. Pavani Mutupuru is a well-renowned child specialist with 20+ years of experience. She completed her academics in the year 2007. Dr. Pravani Mutupuru completed her MBBS from  Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh in the year 2002. 


Later she completed her MD in Pediatrician from  Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh in 2007. She has been a consultant pediatrician since 2002. Dr. Pravani offers services like Infectious disease treatment, Development assessment, Born care, Growth and Development Evaluation/ Management. Currently, she is working at Blooms Children Clinic.


  • Dr. Pravani Mutupuru was a consultant pediatrician at the aware global hospital in the year 2013-2016
  • She was a consultant pediatrician at Disha Hospital from 2016-2017.
  • In 2017-2018 she was an asset professor of pediatrics at Kamineni Institute of Medical Sciences, IB Nagar.
  • From 2018 - 2022 she is a Civil asset surgeon in pediatrics, TVVP, Govt of Telangana. 




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You can contact the doctor if available to consult

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